Facebook might ban or suspend Oculus users who use a fake name

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What you need to know

  • Facebook might ban or suspend people from their Oculus content if a person uses a fake name.
  • Using a fake name on a Facebook account is against the Facebook Community Standards.
  • New Oculus users will have to use a Facebook account starting in October.

Facebook recently announced that people will need a Facebook account to use an Oculus device. Now, Facebook states that people who use a fake name on their Facebook account could be banned from accessing their devices. Details of the new rules are outlined by Road to VR, which received clarification on the subject from Facebook.

When Facebook first announced its requirements to have a Facebook account to use an Oculus device, many people suggested creating a dummy Facebook account to continue to use Oculus hardware. That strategy won't work, however, as using a fake name is against the Facebook Community Standards. Facebook states that violating those standards, including using a fake name, could result in people losing access to their Oculus content.

Road to VR reached out to Facebook and received a statement on how violations of the Facebook Community Standards would affect Oculus headsets. A spokesperson for Facebook states:

If you log in using your Facebook account or merge your Oculus and Facebook accounts and violate the Facebook Community Standards, Conduct in VR Policy or other terms and policies on any of our platforms your access to or use of Oculus products may be impacted. If your account is fully disabled as a result of this violation you may also lose access to your [games and content]. We are committed to keeping all of our platforms safer.

Road to VR reports that permanent bans will be reserved for the most egregious violations of the Facebook Community Standards. Smaller infractions could result in temporary suspensions, which could prohibit people from accessing Oculus content for up to thirty days.

Facebook would not specify to Road to VR if suspended accounts will be able to play Oculus content offline, stating that details are still being worked out.

Facebook will reportedly share more details on the matter in October, which lines up with when the company will require Facebook accounts to be used on new Oculus devices.

Facebook states that people can use a pseudonym alongside their VR activity and keep a list of VR friends that's separate from a person's Facebook friends list.

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