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Facebook for Windows 10 updated with Jump List support

Facebook recently began rolling out an update to its Windows 10 app that, along with some general improvements across the board, adds support for Jump Lists (via WindowsBlogItalia). Along with Jump List support, the update brings some improvements to contact and group searching, along with "improved access to Messenger."

To recap, Jump Lists allow you to access commonly used features of an app by right-clicking its icon on your desktop. If you have the Facebook app pinned to your taskbar or your Start menu, you can right-click the icon for quick access to write a post or upload a video or photo. Facebook's options also include a one-click option to start broadcasting live video right from the Jump List.

Jump List

It's a small change, but convenient nonetheless. The update recently began rolling out, and you should have access to the Jump List so long as your on app version 140.1118.22941.0. You can grab the Facebook app for Windows 10 from the Windows Store now.

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  • They need to add contact sync from WP.
  • Fat chance of that now...
  • Actually, jump lists have already been available for a few builds
  • I also see some UI tweeks here and there
  • Still one of the laggiest and poorly done apps. Facebook needs to try harder.
  • I miss the Windows 8 version of Facebook so much.
  • What they need to do is make the app start ALOT faster. Takes like 4 minutes for that crap to open all the way until it's usable.
  • Probably one of the last few updates. Soon Windows will be dead in the eyes of app developers. No mobile. No future. Repeat after me. No mobile, no future. No mobile, no future.
  • "Mobile" and "Phone" are 2 completely different things. There will never never be a phone, but they will have mobile devices
  • Blabla, do you still believe this? After he twittered that they tried so hard but they couldn't get apps.... It means they totally GAVE UP. A small Surface device is something that only a few people want when there are no apps for that screen size with touch input. Windows is DEAD. Only Microsoft is not aware that they committed suicide by f*cking up mobile. Nutella should get fired as soon as possible. It will be slow, but in 10 years you will see the effects even on the enterprise market.
  • BS...tried so hard? They didn't even develop a Linkedin app lol for their own platform, but they paid money and developed for others? That story smells bro
  • Swell, my Surface is a mobile device, as is my 8" Nuvision tablet. Lots of mobile devices they can continue to make. None of them fit in my pocket and make cell calls and text
  • That's because the ARM devices haven't been released yet
  • It's lagging behind now in terms of features that the website has and the app versions on android. No tabbed posts, no new posts on friends lists, no rounded avatars, messenger still doesn't message reactions. It is very slow to open, whoever is responsible for updating the app needs to pull their finger out and get it up to scratch.
  • dont see the point of this, the web client works... fb should pull it, start a retrenchment of win apps.
  • Can the Office team please bring Jump List functionality back to the desktop version of Excel?! I think OneNote is the only desktop app (oh wait, so does Outlook), to show anything helpful when right-clicking. I just want to see recently opened docs...