Facebook officially arrives for Windows 8.1

Facebook on Windows Phone has been a hit and miss experience since it first launch a few years ago. The early versions of the app were riddled with performance issues and an overall lack of features. However, the Facebook Beta and subsequent updates to the official Facebook app have improved it tremendously. For the past year, Windows 8 hasn’t had a Facebook app either. That’s all changing with Windows 8.1 as the official Facebook app has finally hit the Windows Store. Details below.

Windows 8.1 is just a few short hours away from being officially available to the general public. We’re going to be seeing a lot of new apps designed for Windows 8.1 hit the Windows Store. And it looks like Facebook for Windows is one of the first.

The links are still rolling out and we haven’t been able to download it yet, but The Verge did get a chance to play around. So far they’ve noticed the ability to status, photo, and check-in updates. You can manage friend requests, check your inbox, see notifications, and much more.

You’ll need Windows 8.1 RTM to find the app in the Windows Store. User on Windows 8 or the Windows 8.1 Preview won’t be able to install the app. Now if only Flipboard would show up soon in the Store...

Want Facebook for Windows 8.1? Head to the Windows Store to grab it. Tell us what you think of it below!

We’ll have a hands on and impressions of the app once the links work go live for us.

Source: Windows Store, Via/Image: The Verge

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Sam Sabri