Facebook's 'Safety Check' lets you tell friends you're safe during a disaster

During a major disaster, many people turn to social networks to check in on friends or loved ones to make sure they're safe. Facebook knows that, and today has announced Safety Check — a new way to let your friends know you're safe, and to check in on those that may be in a disaster area.

With Safety Check, you'll receive a notification if you're in the area of a natural disaster asking if you're safe. If you (or one of your friends on your behalf) check "I'm Safe, your feed will be updated accordingly so anyone checking in on you will know your status. You can then see what friends in the area have also marked themselves as safe, and you'll receive notifications for them as well. Everything is aggregated in the Safety Check section so you can see all the latest updates for the local disaster.

It's a great new feature from Facebook, albeit one that we hope you should never have to use.

Source: Facebook

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  • For all countries or just for Europe?
  • Hope not to see it.
  • Why an iPhone
  • Yes, it's my question also...
  • Need Facebook app by Facebook inc. For WP
  • +1030,1530
  • +|
  • Why would they when MS does it for them for free?
  • Coz they don't care about us here in Windows
  • All the app demos are shown in iPhone. 
  • By saying you hope we'll never have to use it, are you saying you hope we aren't safe when a natural disaster happens? Will this pop up when Waitrose runs out of the ham hock and camembert crepes I love so much?
  • Well this can't happen that you will never see/hear a natural disaster.
  • I'm sorry, pardon?
  • My bad, wrote in a hurry..
    What I meant was that hopefully no disaster occur.
    P.S: Pardon me as well because English isn't mine first language.
  • He say it clearly. He hope we don't have a chance to use it. Since for us to use it, we need to be located near/within disaster perimeter. Means, he hope we don't even have any disaster so we don't need to use it. :3
  • This is a really smart feature, and I'm sure we'll see it in the Windows Phone version by March of 2016.
  • On the Beta perhaps :D
  • Perhaps
  • You could say, a feature one don't hope to see, and never will? :)
  • Check out HelpBridge app from Microsoft. Add real friends/family to group. 3 taps sends I'm ok or need help message to all of them along with your location (just in case you're not where they'd expect you to be). Also has database of volunteer and donation opportunities.
  • In WP in the next two years, soon...
  • I wonder why a windows phone central post dares to show an image of an iPhone instead of a windows phone! :P
  • Well, even MS does this haha. Every time I'm about to log into OneDrive, An iPad and an iPhone appear in the promotional image. Then I think "Shouldn't they be a WP and a Surface"? Same with the Qik promotional images... an iPhone.
  • If Lumia recognize something not me...
  • I would rather have a decent Facebook App on WP! Chances are this won't work properly on WP. The "I'm safe" message will in all likelihood appear sometime after the event by which time everyone important in your life will have been contacted via traditional means ie phone or message.
  • so if you dont check in as safe, will facebook say so and so is not safe?
  • If you don't check in Facebook automatically posts an " I'm Dead" message on your timeline
  • LOL
  • Let me guess.... Is in Beta for Windows Phone, or Lacks some key features :/
  • Um, what if, and I know this a huge What IF. During the disaster, the cell towers are knocked off the grid, and your nearby wifi has the same issue......
  • Richard-Indy
    Jou had the same idea and typed faster.
  • Nice thing but what if during a disaster also the cellular coverage is down. I am not sure but I guess that during the last tsunami also the cellular masts and the electronic grid was down.
  • An iphone? Seriously?
  • Well, you know they're getting it first. Not surprised. Besides, it wouldn't make any sense for WPCentral to superimpose the image onto a Lumia Icon and falsely advertise it as a feature coming soon to WP.
  • I don't want that people get harmed but ...... If something happens it rather be a iPhone owner and not a windows phone owner.
  • Good point
  • What a weird thing to say. What if a member of your family had an iPhone? Would you still wish harm to them rather than a windows phone user. Why the hell would you even say that. It can't even be classed as a joke, coz jokes are funny.
  • yeah it will be great, if the dissaster doesnt mess up with the internet, electricity and cellphone networks. 
  • How long before this gets used preemptively and someone ends up dead because people thought they were fine?
  • Off topic: Since most of the good app here in WP are beta... Microsoft is cooking a phone name Lumia Beta (sarcasm)
  • so is this an app or is this already inside facebook ??? do we have to sign up for the service ???
  • This would be great to use very soon for us here in Bermuda as we are about to be hit by hurricane Gonzalo in the next 12 hours for a duration of 26 hours. We are all getting prepared for a long session of abuse by monster storm with 155 knot winds.
  • Cause I'm gonna be on facebook during a disaster? but good idea