While we have been hearing for sometime now from developers about writing apps for Windows Phone 7, one of the biggies, Fandango has also thrown their hat in the ring in agreement.

In an interview with ComputerWorld, Darren Cross, head of business development at Fandango had this to mentioned that they  "...built a WP7 app from the ground up with two internal developers and outside contractors over a three-month period".

He also noted that it took about the same time to develop the app as it did for Android, but no surprise, Android is proving difficult with all the different devices and UI overlays--something with which WP7 will avoid due to its strict uniform hardware requirements.

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Having been using the Android version for awhile now (it just hit 2.0) and also recently having played with the Windows Phone 7 version in NYC (see above picture), I have to say that Fandango has great ideas when it comes to mobile and users should be quite happy with the final app.