Far Cry 3 Classic Edition lands for Far Cry 5 season pass holders

Far Cry 5 is finally dropping its first goodie for season past holders, and its a trip to the past. Ubisoft announced today that Far Cry 3 Classic Edition is available for all season pass holders on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Far Cry 3 originally landed in 2012 for the last generation of consoles and PCs. The game puts players on a remote island in a battle to rescue your friends. However, it's not that easy, as the island is crawling with violent warlords who are ready to stop you in your tracks.

It's a wholly different environment compared to Far Cry's latest installment, which is the series' first set in the U.S. However, Far Cry 3 is a favorite among many for its main villain, Vaas. That said, it's not entirely clear what's new or improved for the "Classic Edition" of the game.

If you bought the Gold Edition of Far Cry 5, or the game's $30 season pass (opens in new tab), you should be able to snag Far Cry 3 Classic Edition now as part of the pass. The standalone game will be available starting June 26 for everyone else. Pricing has yet to be confirmed. And if that doesn't strike your fancy, the first, proper DLC for Far Cry 5, which takes players back to the Vietnam war, will be available June 5.

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  • Finally, they should have released it in March with the FC5 game.
  • Why is Ubisoft releasing the Vietnam DLC the day before Operation Para Bellum, I wanted to play all the Vietnam DLC when it came out
  • It's pretty good too.
  • ....I don't know, I'm playing good old Far Cry 2 on my Xbox One, and now I'm at 70% of progress......
  • Do you have to access FC5 to play it? I was waiting for this since I bought on PC & never played. I would just buy the season pass to play it, but wondering if possible on Xbox1, or if gated behind FC5 menu?