FCC: 750 is good to go

The FCC is always a wealth of rumor-y information. Today's no exception, they've posted documents detailing Treo 750 approval (opens in new tab).

It used to be that the FCC leaked like a sieve. Things are different now - one of the PDFs at the FCC site is a document from Palm explicitly asking that certain other submitted documents be kept confidential for 45 days. Theoretically, I suppose that could mean that Palm intended for these (relatively non-interesting) documents to get out. Theoretically, that could also mean we're in the beginning of a 45 day time period before they announce the Treo 750's availability in the US.

Theoretically, it'll be awesome when it is finally officially here.

Treo 750 passes FCC muster - Engadget

WC Staff
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