Feed OmNomster - The Hungry Monster, one hyperactive arcade game

Feed OmNomster - The Hungry Monster is one of the more hyperactive games available in the Windows Phone Store. You are tasked with feeding the OmNomster trash that flies across the screen while avoiding bombs and other dangers that tempt the hungry critter.

Feed OmNomster is available for low memory devices and not a bad time waster of a game. You just need to make sure you have a firm grip on your Windows Phone.

OmNomster hungry, must feed OmNomster

Your main menu for OmNomster isn't very cluttered up with options to access the settings (sound/music), visit the gaming store where you can buy power-ups, view the About screen and jump into game play.

During game play you will earn golden caps that serve as currency in OmNomster's realm and you can spend the caps in the gaming store for power-ups that will deflect the trash bombs, arm OmNomster with plasma balls and a time warp token that slows the trash down.

Game play is spread out across five levels that require you to score a set number of points before advancing to the next stop on the game level map.

The goal of Feed OmNomster is to feed your monster trash that floats across the screen while avoiding the trash bombs that appear at random. Your score is in the upper left corner of the screen and your monster's health/hunger meter is in the upper right. Any power-ups you have available will be displayed at the bottom of the gaming screen.

OmNomster's movement is controlled by shaking the screen. The faster you shake your Windows Phone the more frantic OmNomster's movements become (hence the need for a firm grip). When you stop shaking the screen, OmNomster will settle to center screen to await the next food item.

The problem with shaking your Windows Phone too fast is that you really cannot see anything on the screen and the game becomes more of a game of chance than skill in dodging the bombs. You'll need to find a happy-medium on what's the best shaking speed and use your Windows Phone tilt sensors to dodge the bombs.

The game does give you fair warning when a trash bomb is about to soar across the screen by flashing an exclamation mark in the general area the bomb will enter the screen. However, even with the warning it is hard to avoid these bombs when your bouncing OmNomster all around the screen.

Overall Impression

Feed OmNomster - The Hungry Monster isn't a terrible game but not necessarily one that I can see myself playing day in and day out. It's a Windows Phone game that is nice to have in your gaming library to spend a little time with every now and then.

It will test your eye hand coordination in avoiding the trash bombs and your grip strength to avoid sending your Windows Phone sailing across the room. Graphics are nicely drawn-up and the power-ups do come in handy. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more levels of play and the scoring goals dialed down just a bit to help extend the game life of OmNomster though.

All in all, Feed OmNomster - The Hungry Monster is a nice game to have tucked away and while there are not many reviews, the game does score a 4 Star rating, which isn't too far of a stretch. If you take Feed OmNomster out for a test drive, be sure to rate the game in the store and leave some constructive feedback to help the developer get a feel for things.

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