Feedback Hub gets new achievement page, makes sorting feedback easier

What you need to know

  • A few key improvements are comingto the Windows 10 Feedback Hub app.
  • Microsoft is making it easier to spot problems and suggestions with clear colors and icons for each.
  • There's also a new achievement page for browsing your badges.

Microsoft today announced a few improvements coming to the Feedback Hub app for Windows 10. Aimed at making the app easier to navigate, the changes aren't massive, but they should make browsing it a more pleasant experience for those who frequently file feedback and sort through suggestions and problems.

The first major change coming to the app is aimed at separating suggestions and problems. Each category will now have a clear icon and color when you're sorting through feedback, helping to sort them out visually. You can see and example of what this looks like in the image below.

In addition, the achievements page has been moved from your profile into a dedicated section of its own. There are also new features to categorize and better track your progress towards certain badges.

Finally, Microsoft is making a key change to how it handles similar problems reported within Feedback Hub. "With the new Add similar feedback feature, selecting a problem with symptoms that match your own will take you to the feedback form with the title pre-filled," Microsoft says. "You edit the title or add your own description to let us know exactly what was happening when you encountered the problem. We'll already have your category selected to ensure the right feature team sees your feedback, and in our new Similar Feedback section, the feedback you selected will already be selected."

These features are rolling out for Feedback Hub now.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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