Fenix Furia for Xbox One Review: Dying is just part of the fun

When you think of 2D platformers, you probably aren't thinking about games available for current generation consoles. After all, we've all gotten used to stunning graphics and stories that steal our breath away. Well, Fenix Furia is a frustratingly fun new platformer built for today's modern gamer.

You have to jump through obstacles, destroy dozens of enemies, and through it all try not to die. Keep reading to check out this nostalgia driven platformer!

Bright colors everywhere

Ice Caverns

The graphics in Fenix Furia may give you flashbacks to old school consoles like the Sega Genesis. That's because it's filled with bright, oversaturated colors in every environment. Enemies and obstacles alike are painted vividly, and each world of levels has its own set of colors and environments.

From icy blues in the Crystal Caves, to deep browns and reds inside of the Red Fores, each environment has a distinct color palette that look striking. You don't get jaw-dropping graphics; instead they are suited to a platformer. Bright and simple graphics have you paying more attention to staying alive than taking in the view.

The time for vengeance has come

Fenix has had a bad day

Fenix Furia starts when tragedy strikes the protagonist Furia's villiage. It's destroyed in a single moment, and he is the only survivor of the tragedy. Well, not quite the only survivor. A strange figure named Oktarus survives the carnage as well, and the game continues as Fenix attempts to hunt him down.

There isn't much story after that. You get further tidbits as you complete each world, but for the most part there is very little in the way of substance. That is, until you beat the last level in each world, where things progress a bit.

You live, you die, you live again

Level complete

The gameplay in Fenix Furia is fast and frenetic. Each level has two simple objectives, a primary and a secondary. Your primary goal is to get through the level to the shiny blue box; once you reach this, the level is completed. The secondary goal is to go a wee bit out of your way to collect the cookie for extra points.

Each level is filled with a combination of enemies, pitfalls, and obstacles. You have to jump around the enemies, because there is no way to attack them. Meanwhile there are obstacles like ice blocks that you need to run through. You also see pitfalls such as energy walls that will kill you as soon as you touch them.

Even once you're used to the tricks tossed at you on each level, things don't get much easier. In fact, as you progress the levels become progressively trickier. At times you need to plan out how to get to the end carefully, or end up with triple digit deaths before you complete it.

When you do get taken out, you automatically respawn back at the beginning of the level. It's really fast, which means depending on the level you can accidentally die immediately after you spawn. While this can be pesky, and frustrating, it means that you never have to wait to keep playing.

There are four different realms filled with levels, and each one has different pitfalls that you need to learn to navigate through. Each realm has its own theme that you get used to. You also have access to multiple different difficulty levels. Several of them are locked when you get started, but as you play they will become available.


Fenix Furia is a frustratingly fun game that makes you work for each level.


  • Fast paced
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Tons of levels and difficulties to roll through


  • Levels can be frustrating to complete
  • Getting constantly killed becomes aggravating

If you've been looking for a game that is fun and simple, but still offers a substantial challenge, then Fenix Furia is right up your alley. It features fun and fast gameplay, with vibrant graphics and plenty of substance. That's why we've decided to give it 4 stars. It's available now on the Xbox Store for just $14.99.

This review was conducted on Xbox One using a copy provided by the publisher.

Jen Karner

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