FIIL Diva Pro Review: The Bluetooth headphones from the future

Thanks to Apple's war on the headphone jack, wireless headsets are about to blow up in a big way – and the FIIL Diva Pro has the specs to stand out from the crowd. With touch-sensitive controls, active noise cancellation, 4GB of onboard storage and a stylish illuminated logo, the Diva Pro blends beauty with brains. (It's even smart enough to pause your music when you take it off your ears, and resume when you replace it.)

But at almost $300 before discounts, the Diva Pro is entering a space heretofore reserved for more established players like Bose. Does this futuristic headset live up to the challenge? Find out in MrMobile's FIIL Diva Pro review!


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Mr Mobile
  • So you are saying the future of bluetooh headphones is storage space to store music and turn it into a MP3 player like from the early 2000's?
  • Exactly what I was thinking...
  • But it's now Bluetooth enabled!! This is the future, get with the program. =P
  • Yeah, mix eggs with ginger paste, cauliflower, soy sauce and leave it in the oven for 5 mins. A new recipe is ready, like it or not taste it for yourself. That's how it is going?
  • No Salt?
  • Isn't this similar to that new technology apple invented for the iPhone 7 headphones? I'm 99% sure they stole this wireless idea from Apple to be quite honest.
  • I don't think they invented anything new. From what I understand, it's using a locked version of WiDi (aka wifi direct, which allows devices to effectively make a mini network between themselves without a central router). They call it proprietary because they locked it in a certain way (kinda like pre-registering the mac address of the new headphones in the iPhone, while pre-registering the SSID of the phone in the headphones ) so they can only pair with each that not the case?
  • I'll buy it!!!
  • Who in their right mind would buy wireless headphones, as if you need even more rf radiation frying your brain. Whats more wireless will never sound as good as wired anyway so you are not even getting a benefit there just an increased price tag for the wireless components. Even if I had an iPhone I would rather buy a converter to standard audio cable that go wireless.
  • I used to believe that too.  I mentioned the Bluedio T3's. I promise you, they'll change your mind.
  • Nah, I have v-moda headphones and they are great would highly recommend them if you are after great sound and rock solid build quality.
  • Those are nice. No APT-x or Active Noise Cancelling though
  • I will stick with my B&O H8 and H5 headphones. You can have all of the features you want. I enjoy great sound as well.
  • What phone are you using the H8's with? Do you get any sound cutouts?
  • I have a Lumia Icon. I will sometime get dropouts but only really outside. The key is to keep your phone on your right side. 
  • Fck Apple....iphone is for losers and posers...sooo outdated
  • And yet still lot more funcionality then even the best Windows Phone. Microsoft has really done a great job over the past year sitting on their hands.
  • So let me get this straight. It's a 4GB MP3 player for $300. I can buy a 16GB MP3 player at the dollar store for, you guessed it....$1. Pretty sure earbuds comes with it. If not, I can pick one up for, you guessed it, $1.
  • I like that tag line... "stay mobile my friends."  Anyway, the software looks pretty nice but its really hard to consider spending that much cabbage on such a subjective piece of hardware that manages sound from one dude. I'd much rather go with really good reviews like what you get from the Bluedio T3's and the Bluedio T3 Plus. They won't break the bank and if you like bass, you've come to the right place.  These are "man-weighted" headphones and not like a man wearing hair rollers. They sound great and they cost less than 60 bucks on Amazon plus the company stands behind them.
  • Am I the only one that finds it slightly silly to have this article force you to jump out of the Windows Central app just to click on a video?