Find Joe, get a look at IE9 Mobile

Microsoft is set to launch Internet Explorer 9 tonight with a big bash at SxSW.  According to a Tweet by Joe Marini, Windows Phone Web Platform Program Manager, you can at least get a glimpse of the mobile version as well.  He will be packing a WP7 phone sporting the new browser and invites attendees to check it out.

Though it is widely thought that the new browser will be rolled out as part of the highly-anticipated Mango update, we could see it much sooner.  For more detailed info on what to expect from IE9from Marini himself, check out our previous coverage.

Source: Joe Marini; Via: Liveside

Seth Brodeur
  • Anyone from WPCentral going to be there? Can we get some hands on and some vids or something?
  • I hope they roll out IE9 sooner rather than later. IE9 desktop is not perfect from a web designers point of view but it is a step in the right direction.The biggest flaw in WP7 is the browser, the IE7/8 hybrid they launched with is just awful and it is the integral part of the OS for me, I don't use phones as phones as weird as it may sound, but as mini PC I can carry around in my pocket.Also trying to design mobile friendly websites is no fun when trying to take WP7 into consideration, I like to build sites that scale across various platforms but WP7 at the moment is a chore.Roll on this elusive update!
  • What is so awful about IE in WP7? I browse sites with no problems, what issues are you seeing?
  • Hmm, I've had no problems with the WP7 browser besides lack of flash. But I guess HTML5 is the future, so getting a new browser with the latest future-proof tech built in is nice.But the browser is DEFINITELY NOT the biggest flaw with the OS.
  • Not perfect from a web designers standpoint? I thought IE9 was supposed to be the most compliant browser ever made and the most developer friendly. Which is better?
  • My brother is a web developer(no, he doesnt call himself WolfHook) and while I can't speak for specifics, I can say that he's expressed grief over having to develop webpages for IE in the past and now. MS tends to throw a lot of proprietary features in their browsers. BTW, he prefers Chrome over FireFox and IE. He's never once mentioned Safari lol.