Find what you're hungry for with Recipes by Ingredients for Windows Phone 8

Recipes by Ingredients is a Windows Phone 8 app designed to help you find a recipe based on key ingredients, allergies, calories, cooking time and meal type. It's a nice app to help you with your fitness goals by eating right and avoiding foods that may present health issues.

The user interface isn't the smoothest around but the recipe selection is on the large side with over 175,000 recipes for meals ranging from breakfast to dinner to snacks.

The main interface for Recipes by Ingredients calls for you to add the menu variables such as key ingredients, allergies, and quick options that include the type of meal, servings needed and calorie restrictions. Recipes can be sorted by preparation time and when all the variables are entered, just tap "find a recipe" at the bottom of the screen.

A list of potential recipes will be generated with thumbnail images (when available) of the prepared dish. Just tap on the listing and the full recipe will be displayed that includes all the ingredients and preparation directions.

At the top of all the Recipes by Ingredients screens you will find a back button to help you navigate around the app and a menu button. Menu options include viewing the full cookbook, add a recipe to the cookbook, return to the main menu, login/logout options, and links to contact the developer and share the app. To access the full cookbook or add a recipe you'll need to create an account with Recipes by Ingredients (free) or connect through your Facebook account.

For the most part, Recipes by Ingredients comes across as a nice recipe app for our Windows Phone. The user interface seemed a little cumbersome with the mixture of text fields and pop-up menus. The app also lacks the ability to share recipes. Neither are deal breakers and the more you use the app, you get used to the interface.

Recipes by Ingredients is a free, ad-free app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • Before it lays eggs
  • I wish more developers would read platform-specific UI guidelines before they rush a cheap port of an app from another platform. Even setting aside the poor graphic design, why would someone put a back button on a WP app when WP has a dedicated back button? This actually seems like a useful app but as it stands now, I would rather use the browser than this.
  • I wish Microsoft store responsibles would read them :)
  • The Big Oven WP app has had this for a couple of years now.
  • Hmm, don't see a vegetarian mode. Are there really so many possible options for recipe apps that devs can justify omitting this every time? 
    This form breaks my browser's spell checker. Joy. And apparently pasting over highlighted text doesn't work. Progress, well done. Obviously the benefits of allowing users to make bold posts outweighs these detriments. Who doesn't love bold posts?
    Oh good I can switch back, but it uses cookies to remember my preference. Speaking of which, where is the EU's mandatory cookie warning?
    There may be spellign errors in this post.
  • Jesus, so ugly.
  • Why is this on WP Central? It's a terrible app.
  • +1000000!!!  Terrible terrible app!
  • Hello,
    As a part of the mobile development for this I must apologize. The verision that went into the appstore was a mistake as there were a few errors on it that needed to be updated. We updated and were waiting on Windows to certify it. This was a test for us as part of a larger dream and we wanted to see if it was worth making something for windows users. As for the UI, our goal was to make this an application that people could use on any deivce and know how to use it. We have been putting it on iOS, Android, Crome, WIndows Phone, Windows Desktop, Blackberry, and the Firefox OS. Becuase the application has cloud back-up which allows a user to create a recipe, add it to there cookbook, and then view it from any device we strove to try and keep conformity across all platforms so a user would know what to do regardless of device. We understand now that Windows users want something unqiue to there platform and are very proud to have there applications look and feel different then other platforms. Something we will take into account as we prepare for up major update in the coming months. Thank you again for the comments and If any of wish to provide feedback to us please do so by emailing us at I look forward to hearing from you.
    Larry Addles