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Finebits launches free, ad-supported version of Sonca media player

If you're in the market for a new media player on Windows 10, Finebits has released a free version of Sonca you can check out. In exchange for dropping the regular $10 price tag, however, Sonca Lite (as the free version is known) is supported by ads.

Originally launching in October, Sonca became one of our favorite media players for Windows 10. The app is designed to work with any local music, movies, clips, or audiobooks you have stored on your phone or PC. It automatically organizes tracks and their information, helping to bring some order to your collection. In addition to local storage, however, Sonca goes a step further by connecting to cloud services where you may have music stored, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Sonca runs across PC, HoloLens, Surface Hub, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Mobile. Further, the app supports Windows Timeline and Continuum.

If you want to give Sonca a shot, you can grab Sonca Lite for free at the Microsoft Store. The paid version is also currently on sale, dropping the price down to $1.

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  • Finebits developers are really very talented. Despite the lack of UWP support from Microsoft, they remain 100% committed to the platform.
    It's the kind of developers we have to support. thank you for all your efforts if you read this comment. I hope that in the future they will be rewarded.
  • I agree with you.
  • Doesn't offer Genre and Composer tab; worthless.
  • Does anyone know the full nature of this app's access to OneDrive? Is it full and unfettered? I don't want to do that! I'm sure they are a fine company, but we must be careful these days.