Finebits updates 8 Zip, Torrex, and Metro Commander with batch of handy new features

Developer Finebits has announced a load of new features are rolling out to its lineup of apps. In all, Torrex, Metro Commander, 8 Zip and Files&Folders have all received some manner of handy new features that make each just a little more useful and easier to use.

Here's a look at what's new for each app:

  • Files&Folders Pro and Metro Commander Pro: Each file manager can now launch EXE files on desktops, laptops and tablets.
  • Torrex Pro and Torrex Lite: Now support launching on startup and shutting PC down after downloads finish.
  • 8 Zip and 8 Zip Lite: Can now restore files' creation and modification date during extraction from archive. Creation and modification dates were previously lost during extraction.

None of these features will set the world on fire, but they're handy additions to an already handy set of utilitarian apps. If you want to check out each of the new features, you can pick up the latest versions of each app on the Windows Store now. Finebits also notes that it will be running a sale on the Pro versions of its apps on April 28, so you may want to wait to pay for each if you're new to the apps.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • These guys are just awesome. I love their apps and will support them in any way I can. Appreciate them still supporting the OS.
  • send them money
  • Or buy their apps 😁
  • I do
  • Great apps!
  • I LOVE when I see such a support 😍
  • We've finally solved a number of important problems of UWP apps, which were technically impossible before, because of system restrictions. As I know nobody had implemented these functions in Store yet. Also, Torrex background downloading on Desktops was improved. What new features do you wish to see in our apps?
  • When is the NEON support coming on these apps, especially 8 Zip?
  • Ok, 8 Zip will get it first :)
  • I always use Torrex Pro, great app. I see that background downloading is improved, was a real problem. Start on windows startup and shutdown will complete this. Love you can customize the background. Just one suggestion, please add customized view where you can show information you want? 
  • Nice idea, I've added it to our backlog.
  • My only problem is that Torrex Pro uses the background audio process for background downloading on mobile, so I can't listen to music while I also download something. But I guess it's a system restriction 😀 And yeah, I almost forgot. Throw in the Bing image background for 8Zip while you're working on implementing neon, please 😀 I love that in Torrex 😊
  • For many users is crucial if app has only those permissions which are needed to its work and nothing else.
    In this case app should have permission to access Internet to dowonload picture from Bing,
    but for core functionality 8 Zip doesn't need Internet. In the same time Lite version has this permission in order to show advertising.
  • Windows Hello secure login perhaps?
  • You can unpack encrypted archives with Windows Hello.
  • Cool I didn't know that feature was available! will try it out. Thanks again, like I said, great support from Finebits once again!
  • Already got all the pro versions (except Metro Commander) for free during their promotions, probably from myappfree. :D
  • I have all the pros as well, but it wasn't free. 8Zip was a dollar when I bought it, Metro Commander was 10 cents, and I felt almost guilty, and couldn't wait for a sale, so I bought Torrex for full price 😁
  • 8 Zip will get NEON first :)
  • I`ve bought Torrex pro and 8zip, they are great although Torrex isn`t the fastest client for downloading I`m familiar with the UI and love the bing image wallpaper capabilities as my Edge browser, Wallpaperme app for lock screen and desktop are all synced with my L650 and XB1, great support too! it would be nice if Torrex on all 3 devices could sync with Onedrive to show content across all (hint)
  • Yes, cloud sync is a great feature, we will definitely work on it.
  • These guys show to people out there that Windows can have apps that work 101% good. I wish many developers follow their paradigm
  • Any good free torrent apps?
  • Torrex Lite, but it can't download in the background (this is why I bought pro).
  • Are there any alternatives?
  • For phones, there's wptorrent, but it's an 8.1 app.
  • "Each file manager can now launch EXE files on desktops, laptops and tablets" Oh my god, finally 😁 I bought Metro Commander Pro while it was on extreme sale (it cost me ten cents, literally 😂), but actually never used it, because this was going on my nerves. But now I'll revisit it, I think 😊
  • Apps by Finebits are good, but my problem with "8 zip" is that i cannot delete the history and with "Files&Folders" is that it lacks an app lock.
  • 8 Zip is able to clear recent archives list, it has a button Clear list in Recent Archives pane.
    Please, ensure that you use the latest version of 8 Zip. Files&Folders doesn't have app lock since this function doesn't have any sense in this context.
    Our app doesn't encrypt you file system, it simply allows you to use and see your files and folders,
    app lock will be a fake protection and will not prevent any other app to use you file system.
    If you would like to protect your device you should use more usual means, for example, set a PIN on your device.
    If you wish to protect your data files, I would propose you to save this data in archive and protect this archive with a password.
  • del
  • How do I delete downloaded torrents from Torrex lite in my xbox one?
  • Select all torrents and click "Delete" button or Click "Delete all files" button in the App Preserences