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Imaging enhancements and more come to the Lumia 1020 in latest firmware update

The Lumia 1020 is still king of the hill for Windows Phone until the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 officially arrive in the hands of consumers. The beastly 41 megapixel phone launched in July, but hasn’t seen too many updates. It already came preloaded with GDR2 and many users put Update 3 on it through the Microsoft Developer Preview Program. Today, some users are reporting an update for their Lumia 1020. Let’s check it out.

The update so far is appearing for Lumia 1020’s in the UK and Portugal, but not here in the United States. If you do check for updates on your Lumia 1020 (settings -> phone update -> check for updates) and see an update for your 1020, do let us know your region.

The update we’re seeing will bring your phone to firmware version number 3030.0000.1338.1001. According to the Nokia support page, these are the changes by this update:

  • Imaging enhancements
  • Touch functionality improvements
  • Performance and stability improvements

Fairly vague descriptions, but play around in those areas and let us know if you notice anything specifically different. So far, we’re not seeing noticeable differences.

Source: Nokia Support, Via: My Nokia Blog

Thanks for the tip @MMFF77

  • I think you mean 1020
  • Hopefully this fixes the blurry images with the camera app
  • Not for ATT Lumia 1020, we will probably have to wait till 2014 for this the way ATT sucks at updates.
  • Atta boy Nokia.. keep the updates coming!  Make the 1020 king of the world
  • Nice, but they should not forget the entry levels too... my 620 is in dire need of "Touch functionality improvements" since the Amber :(
  • I got it yesterday here in Australia. Unlocked 1020
  • 1520=1020 in the First sentence
  • Yeah it was fine in the first draft, but I switched it up. Fixed and thanks :)
  • The version is 3050.0000.1338.1001 not 3030.0000.1338.1001 This update also updates the Radio software version to 3.2.04034.1
  • No problem, happy to oblige :)
  • AT&T is holding it up!!!! Had to say it! *smiles
    ...AT&T has probably figured out a way to block this update even when a user has GDR3 in the US.
  • Haha, exactly. ATT users will get this next June!
  • FYI some updates have been delayed because of Nokia. Just saying.
  • Nokia needs to fucking release this thing direct and stop this carrier ass kissing.
  • I hope at some point, they provide an update that changes the pic after opening up the taken picture.  The picture always looks super clear, sharp, and as i saw on screen and then once i open, it slightly smoothes out and then turns slightly yellow. 
    Hopefully at some point, just let us take the picture and see the picture as we saw it on the screen.  To me, that picture looks great. 
  • Yeah, that's so annoying. They should definitely change that.
  • Once we have RAW support (coming with Lumia Black) it won't matter anymore... Just open the RAW on your PC in Lightroom and have fun... (^_-)-☆
  • i dont think me having to go to a PC to get the picture that is already good on my phone is a great solution.  Let the picture on the phone be the pictures that we saw when we took it, i've never experienced this except for lumia devices. 
    I think most people that take pictures with lumia's expect the picture to be what they took and not "processed".  At the same time, probably dont want to go through the hassle of going on  PC to see that picture and want to access it immediately on the phone.   
    I dont see why nokia has to do this, i think and i believ emost people from teh posts in the forums think that initial picture we take is already great and the processing after ruins it. 
  • This is true, but the reason it looks "softer" is the compression when it gets turned into a jpeg... This is what RAW shall fix...
  • JPEG has come a long way, and also is totally adequate for showing sharp images.  A preview of a 38MP image on a 768p screen is not going to be effected by JPEG compression but by whatever scaling is used.  And even if, in 2013, the raw output of, say, a dSLR has marginally higher vertical and horizontal resolution, how do you propose you share that?  JPEG.  What can you do with the raw file that won't require it to be turned into a JPEG for all practical purposes?
  • Yes, I understand that completely, but at least with RAW image data, I can choose the level of compression that is forced upon the image when I export it, as well as having the option to NOT use JPEG if I so desire. Plus I get a lot more freedom in regards to editing the image in RAW then what is afforded to me even with a 38MP JPEG.
  • Right, raw gives you maximum PP latitude.  Also, given that these phones don't have a processing ASIC like dSLRs, there is probably room for improvement.  It's not JPEG's fault, but maybe that wasn't your original point.
  • Correct... ;) Glad we agree on that. But having just played around a tiny bit with the new update, it appears the "softening" isn't quite as severe... Still need to do a real test though...
  • What I hate the most is that Microsoft and Nokia employees don't read our comments. Everyone doesn't want the stupid smoothening and yellow tint applied, but they don't give a damn, they just advertise as the best camera phone, that actually sucks in real life. Now after gdr3, I lost the yellow tint, especially on Nokia camera app. But the smoothening is there, and I hate it. I wish I can just keep the image that's there before what ever the hell that happens, happen.
  • You assume a smaller number of picture enthusiasts than I believe to be the case.  And you assume that the number of people who think the 5mp pictures are "good enough" will STAY in that category.  I think the expectation of Nokia and Microsoft--an expectation I believe is actually bearing fruit--is that many, if not most, are growing to expect uber-quality pictures.  We have these powerful devices in our hands now, so why shouldn't we expect that? 
    The single most significant driver of PC advances can be attributed to games.  The demand for faster processors, more storage and, most of all, fantastic graphics capability all came from the explosion of video games.  On smartphones, I believe the camera and image processing/enhancement/sharing are one of the bigger drivers.  I hardly hear of anyone talking about how great the games are...on ANY platform.  But most of the people I know do two things A LOT: take/process/share pictures and take/process/share videos.  These things are the social device of choice---not the multiplayer gaming platform of choice.  Speaking for myself, I've gotten WAY more into understanding better photography and videography because of two things: scuba diving and my smartphone.  I'm no longer content to have "good enough" pictures & video precisely because I CAN have BETTER.  And, frankly, every time I show off one of the amazing pictures I've taken with my Lumia 1020 I get nothing but awe from people around me.  So, maybe you'll never be someone enticed to no longer settle.  But I'm betting you will be in the minority in the not too distant future.
  • I can't help but say it. Raw is not an acronym, it's simply, raw.
  • Well I can't help but say it, RAW is not an acronym, but is still spelt with capitals.
    "The camera’s factory default configuration is set to deliver immediately-usable JPEG images without need for additional menu settings. Picture Style presets applied to a RAW image can be revised with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software." (Taken directly from Canon's 5D MkIII Webpage)
  • Ok so here's the deal with that.  What you're seeing on the Canon site is a reference to the file extension.  Like when you how a Microsoft Word document file is called a DOC or a DOCX.  Short for document.  File extensions are always in all caps.  Simlarly, a raw file would be referenced to as RAW.  So i guess for arguments sake you could say, "Well in this article they were referencing a file type."  But I'm not holding my breath.  Point being, raw is often referred to incorrectly.
  • Not quite correct there... There are many different kinds of raw image files... The one being referenced throughout this discussion is a very particular one, RAW. So yet again, I have not referred to it incorrectly.
  • Yeah you're correct on that.  However, that being the case, it makes "RAW" even less likely to be correct.  Because unless you happen to be referencing specifically a .RAW file then the statement is inaccurate if typed "RAW".  So even though Canon cameras use a raw file format it's actually a .CR2 extension.  Therefore, in all cases except when specifically referencing a file with a .RAW file extension, typing RAW in a sentence is inaccurate.  So saying, "I'm using Canon's RAW format", is inaccurate.  "I'm using Canon's raw format" is correct since they use .CR2 files instead of .RAW files.
  • RAWRrrrr.... There. See I fixed it. No need to get hyper about it. ;)
  • Hi there. What is this Lumina Black you speak of? Is that a 1020 update that will allow Raw?
  • Ummm.... Really? Are you trolling...?
    It is the future firmware update for Nokia Windows Phones.
  • "Lumina Black". Probably trolling.
  • Either that or its yet another Autocorrect fail...
  • Why would I be trolling? The guy said this "Once we have RAW support (coming with Lumia Black) it won't matter anymore"
    I simply ask what is Lumina Black? Excuse me if I dont know all of the code words for Nokia firmwares.
  • I updated sometime a couple of weeks ago (on 02 UK) I'm now at Firmware Version :3049.0000.1330.1002  Update 3
  • yep, I've had this update a while too.
  • I got an update a few weeks ago (on Vodafone UK) I'm at Firmware Version : 3050.0000.1338.1001 on Update 3
    so weird lol.
  • Yep I updated over a week ago also.
  • No update for me yet. Philippine variant. 
    Edit: This is probably the update that will correct the camera issues that some users experienced from the last update?
  • Will this firmware update show if I updated to gdr3 already?
  • Yes. Some users had Update 3 and received this update. 
  • cool! thank you. I'll be on the lookout
  • My firmware is sitting at 3049 0000 1330 1001. . Is this the latest. Uk three .
  • I just got my update 10 minutes ago on Htc 8x
  • 0_0
  • 3050. 0000. 1338.1004 here in Australia
  • Just my two cents here, but the 1020 is still the king I wanna pick up after my 920. Past a certain point a unnecessarily large screen just isn't worth it. Again, just my own thoughts...
  • nothing in Canada.
  • 925 please :) updates always welcome. Thx Nokia.
  • GDR2 and Amber killed photo and video quality on the L920. So much noise!
  • Nothing in Sweden., but who knows, maybe the servers responsible to push the updates have blown away. (severe weather over here)
  • I got it on Sunday. Updated to firmware 3050.0000.1338.10230. I have Tele2 but the phone was purchased through UK.
  • Hmm, then its safe to assume its something talking to the phones regionally. Still nothing here, mines a preordered one in Sweden.
  • Had the update last week and am on 3050.0000.1338.1001. Unbranded carrier free 1020 in the U.K. I am also still on GDR2 because I couldn't be bothered with updating to update 3
  • Hopefully it fixes the transitions and lag. I have a 920, 8x and a couple of WP7 devices and none seem to jitter this much. Not sure if it is just my device so I am going to take a look at the girlfriends 1020.
  • Any timeline on Telus getting the update for us Canadians.
  • No update in the uk, Orange carrier...
  • I got the update few days ago.
  • Then you should have told us ;)
  • I was going to send a tip, but then I forgot.
    I was too busy enjoying this Lumia 1020, I got the phone 4 days ago.
  • There were a few threads in the 1020 forum since last week
  • i have 3045.0000.1325.0001 in California
  • What carrier do you use?
  • Same here on AT&T.
  • Ditto here in Jacksonville. FL
  • Me too in Jacksonville, FL
    3045.0000.1325.0001 Why are we always the last to get the updates???? (AT&T in the U.S.) I thought AT&T was their "premiere partner"???
  • 3045.0000.1325.10132
    Att unlocked in Brasil gdr3 developer edit.
  • I have at AT&T unlocked also with GDR3 developer preview and have a similar Firmware version. Instead I have 3045.0000.1325.0001.
    What is not clear to me, the phone still shows AT&T as the carrier. Does that mean that I have to depend on AT&T for future releases?
  • Hopefully this firmware will make my 1020 as stable as my previous Lumias!
    I can't tell you how many times a week the phone crashes, Pro Cam crashes (yes, I did upgrade to Nokia Camera), Store crashes, not being able to see my PC or vice versa when I tether, one and on.
  • +1 my 1020 crashes a lot. Never happened with the 920
  • Mine hasn't crashed once. It sounds like you need to take yours back. I use the hell out of this phone. I stream radio 2 hours/ day with Nokia Music, take tons of pictures ( I sell home improvment products), I have 6 email addresses coming to my phone, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This phone handles everything like a champ. I do get the glitch when scrolling horizontally through an app, but hopefully that'll be fixed with an update.
  • I've already had the phone replaced, and factory reset it several times, tried not restoring my backup - noting has helped.
  • Nothing in Australia yet
  • I'm downloading an update for my HTC 8X right now. My phone is currently running the gdr3 developer preview.
  • Yeah, me too! Will report version after that.
  • Firmware revision number: 3030.0.34101.401 > 3030.0.41201.401
    Radio software version: 1.17b.32.19.14_15.62b.32.19 > 1.20b.32.19.04_15.67b.32.19
    Bootloader version: 0.0.3030.0(173542) > 0.0.3030.0(175731)
  • The same!
    Also I've got GDR3
  • Still nothing on AT&T in the U.S. (just checked 2 seconds ago)
  • Lumia 1020 in Ca, U.S.A. No update for me ...i got 3045 firmware
  • Nothing on O2 UK
    Current firmware: 3049.0000.1330.1002
  • I got update 3 days back but cudnt notice anything wasnt gdr3... In united arab emirates
  • I don't understand about update 3... On my Lumia 1020 I downloaded the preview that was available before official launch. Am I supposed to get the official now? How do I get official? Please help D:
  • You already have it. It is the official, you just got an early access to it and this they named "preview".
  • Thanks!
  • And I've checked my update tab under settings and it says no updates, I even clicked it manually just in case, to check for updates.
  • Update 3050 in Canada.
  • Wow... those numbers on the update seems to be very random comparing comments...
    Unlocked from Brazil (bought directly from Nokia store): 3049.0000.1330.1001
    No updates, got the phone last week.
  • We received this update in Finland couple of weeks ago. Now indoor shots taken with a flash have much better white balance than before.
  • that's weird my firmware revision number on my 1020 is 3050.0000.1338.1003.....
  • My version is 3050.0000.1338.10230
    I'm in the UK got an unlocked 1020 and received an update last week. No further updates available at present.
  • China here. Just updated my 1020.
    And now with 3050.0000.1338.1002
    Well there is some noticable improvements.
         The camera performance improved.
         *1. Before I updated 1020, the picture I took would turn slightly green or yellow when I saw the picture in the album.
          And now, it's already turned slightly green or yellow before I see it. So I can't see the process but it still turn green.
         *2. Before I updated 1020, sometimes, the middle of the picture was a little green or pink when I took a photo of a piece
          of white paper. This didn't happen after I updated 1020.
          The phone performance may improved.
           *Seems a little more smooth when I open or quit "people hub" or "picture hub" or whatever system apps.
    And no other noticable improvements now.
    OH!!  WAIT!!! The camera imorovement may come with the NOKIA CAMERA...
  • 3049.0000.1330.1001 - Norway - Telenor
  •  Region : Middle East (Qatar) , I had the update on my Lumia 1020 yesterday.
  • Mine in India is as below,
    OS Version: 8.0.10328.78
    Firmware Version: 3049.0000.1330.1003
    Now where do I stand???
  • 3050.0000.1338.1004 13 minutes from Malaysia but currently in germany. ive changed my region here.  
  • from Malaysia also, got my firmware update just now but currently in Egypt. 3050.0000.1338.10230
  • same here, from Malaysia. Got the same number too. But no close app in multi task, no driving mode, no screen rotation lock or watsoever which is supposed to be on GDR3. Weird~~