Firmware updates available for original Surface Pro - fixes Touch and Type Cover issues

If you are the proud (or disappointed) owner of a first generation Microsoft Surface Pro, then you might want to check Windows Update for a new firmware updates that are available today. The new updates for the Surface Pro improve compatibility with the second generation Type and Touch Covers.

The new firmware updates, numbered and, fix issues in which the newer Covers being used on the first generation Surface Pro caused stability issues. There should be no more worry about inaccurate typing or less than perfect touchpads after you load up the latest patches.

If you don’t feel like waiting for Windows to automatically grab the update for you, feel free to grab it yourself via the Windows Updated. To do so, simply open the Charms Bar [WIN+C], select “Settings”, select “Change PC Settings”, and then select “Windows Update”.

Let us know if any of the firmware updates have fixed issues for yours Surface Pro and Microsoft’s high-tech keyboard covers.

Source: Microsoft

Michael Archambault