The first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is out for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

One of the most popular games in the world, the sandbox game Minecraft, finally has a spin-off title. Developers Mojang and Telltale Games have released the first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $4.99.

The game offers up a narrative set in the blocky and retro-graphics world of Minecraft. The first part of the five-part series features an impressive voice cast, including Patton Oswalt, Paul Reubens and more. Here's a quick description:

"As Jesse, you'll embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld, through the Nether, to the End, and beyond. You and your friends revere the legendary Order of the Stone: Warrior, Redstone Engineer, Griefer, and Architect; slayers of the Ender Dragon. While at EnderCon in hopes of meeting Gabriel the Warrior, you and your friends discover that something is wrong… something dreadful. Terror is unleashed, and you must set out on a quest to find The Order of the Stone if you are to save your world from oblivion."

You can also go ahead and purchase access to all five episodes now for $24.99 online. There's also a Season Pass retail disc version that can be purchased for $29.99 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms that will be shipped on October 27.

Pre-order Minecraft: Story Mode Season Pass disc at Amazon / $29.99

John Callaham