First Far Cry 5 art shows off its characters in dark take on The Last Supper

We're still a couple of days away from the full reveal trailer for Far Cry 5, but Ubisoft is ramping up its drip of teasers with the first piece of promotional art for the game. The art (via IGN)not only gives us a look at some of the characters we can expect in the game's Montana setting, but there's a hint at some of its darker themes here as well.

Far Cry 5

There's an obvious allusion here to da Vinci's "The Last Supper" — something we're sure won't cause any controversy at all. Gathered around the table are presumably some of the baddies we'll see in the game, their leader, and enough guns and ammunition to stock a (small) militia. Behind the group are some burning buildings among the mountains, foreshadowing the action to come.

Oh, and as if the religious overtones of the presentation weren't enough, we see a man tied up with the word "sinner" scrawled across his back.

Our first look at Far Cry 5 in action will come on May 26. Until then, you can stoke your hype with the teaser below, released earlier this week.

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  • so... it will be "westernish" which i hate so.. a saved 60bucks. Nice.
  • Still can't tell if you're really that dumb, or just a really good troll.
  • A sad troll
  • you left out the "attention seeking"
  • No, looks to be modern day.
  • Hipster beards equals Westernish? Are you from Mars?
  • Note in the backfield, how they fly their 'black cross' flag, above Old Glory. Also note on the table. Those are not stars on Old Got, but more of those stylized crosses. I'm getting a Waco/Jones Town vibe here. This should be fun.
  • Arkancide. Would love the main antagonist to be an unhinged older fem in a pantsuit.
  • As always... Looking forward to it. Despite what the whiny b!tches say... Everything they've released-to-date has been gold. Can't wait!
  • Except Primal.
  • Did you play the whole story?
  • Hopefully the plane means that there will be flyable planes in the game. Bee cool to strafe a base before capturing it.
  • So, we get to shoot a lot of conservative Christians? I might actually enjoy this game:-)
  • Exciting. I've been replaying 3 lately.
  • Doesn't look any darker than the original painting.
  • This should be an interesting theme. This type of problem is somewhat true I read a report on how local law enforcement and FBI are supposed to consider these militia groups as domestic terrorists. Anyways should be good fun!
  • Yes those darn radical Christians, so violent, clearly the big problem in the world today. The Frenchies as usual are complete cowards afraid to take on the real religious radical problem in the world. Ubisoft, grow a pair! Targeting middle-American Christians is cheap and easy. So original and edgy mocking the Last Supper. Pathetic company.