First images of Audible app for Windows Phone appear [Updated]

Windows Phone users have been yearning for an official Audible app for Windows Phone for quite some time now. Recently, our own Rafael Rivera showed how it's very possible to make an app for Windows Phone using some aspects of the ancient Windows Mobile app of yore. Around the same time, we heard rumblings of a limited beta for an Audible starting to circulate, which gave us hope.

Now, some images of said app have appeared on Reddit by a poster who is reportedly in the closed beta program. He notes that the beta program will be going open in a few weeks and that he won't post the XAP file, so no hope there.

While we can't verify that these images are legit, we have reason to believe that these are indeed real. Hopefully we'll be hearing more in a few weeks.

Update: Confirmed. Paul Thurrott has just posted more screenshots, moving this from rumor to news.

Source: Reddit; via 1800PocketPC, Go Windows Go

Daniel Rubino

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  • Looks better than the Zune device UI. Looking forward to no more accidental squircle chapter skips.
  • It does not.
  • This app is one of the big fishes missing from the Windows Phone mantle. Looking forward to it.
  • What is it?
  • I was wondering the same thing.
  • Amazons audiobookplayer:) sorely missed and promised since day 2 of wp7...
  • Ok, thanks for the info!
  • Its not amazon
  • Amazon owns Audible, so it pretty much is.
  • I wish I had a nook app! Though, I might get into audible if the app is there.
  • Looking forward to this app as well!!
  • What does Audible do?
  • It lets you listen to audiobooks in the audible format.
  • *lifts up the corner of my rock and pokes my head out* To add my voice to the growing number wondering aloud, what the hell is Audible?
    (yes, I have been living under a rock...did you not read the first line?!)
  • Audible is an app that has audio books, basically books read aloud
  • Cool, thanks for the info. I could go for that...
  • it fur pepol thats don spel so gud
  • Better not be US exclusive!
  • Gmotagi: ha ha LMAO
  • Since Audible is a huge sponsor of podcasts (Windows Weekly for example) I'm hoping to hear lots of future ads saying, "Now available on Windows Phone." We need more app ads that mention WinPhone.
  • Finally!
  • Yep, definately real Paul Thurrott has just posted a load more screenies on his site :)  Not an audible subscriber, but this is definately something Ive been interested in, and gonna take a look. Yay!
    Only Instagram missing now for me really (but I can live without that)
  • You should update the post, a lot more screenshots are out on winsupersite:
  • My reaction is, "Oh my god!I'm so excited, I can't wait!" I can wait a little longer, but I have been missing Audible so much. I could still use my Zune, but I want to use my windows phone more. (^-^;;
  • Unfortunately, on my old BlackBerry, my 16GB SD card was too small to store even a single Audible audiobook.  If Windows Phones keep the small, non-expandable storage and/or Audible doesn't allow streaming or downloading sections of audiobooks at a time, I think it could be a moot point to have an Audible app.  Hopefully, things will change.
  • Perhaps you had other things taking up space on that 16G card in your old BlackBerry. A typical 700 MB CD has room for 80 minutes of uncompressed audio. I believe Audible on personal devices is in a compressed format. Even uncompressed a 16GB card could hold 30 hours of audio. Audible worked on old PalmOS devices which had way less memory than 16 GB.
  • I don't know what you were doing wrong, but most of my audiobooks are 100-200 MB. 
  • If you've never heard of Audible it's time to crawl out from under your rock. Audible boasts that they have the largest digital audiobook selection available - over 100k titles. Tons of books, including many best sellers and new releases. Magazines like Forbes, The New Yorker, Scientific American, Harvard Business Review.
    You can listen to Audible titles on virtually any kind of device, from PCs, Mac OS, iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry, and even dumb simple MP3 Players.
    I've always thought it was kind of embarrassing that you can get an Audible player for a freak'in Garmin GPS but not WP7.
  • Really, a single audiobook wouldn't fit into 16Gb? I'm very surprised to hear that. If there's one thing that annoys me about the Omnia 7, it's the limited storage available.
    Seems like 16GB would hold many books.
  • It's about time. I've been waiting for this app since I got my Arrive. When i get my Lumia 900 next month I can use my old Arrive as a music/Audible player for the gym. I don't understand the people complaining about lack of space on the phones. You don't need to carry your entire library with you. I typically only keep 2 or three audio books on my Zune HD at a time. One favorite and two new audio books. Thanks Amazon. Now we just need an Amazon cloud app.
  • This is great news!!! I wish we could also get Instagram. Eventhough there are substitute apps for it, nothing beats the original. I hope Nokia can "somehow" convince them to make one.
  • Jeez 30 comments and no one mentions that Rafael was damn close to reverse engineering/developing an audible app himself all of last week? 
    The this all, very interesting.
  • The Kindle app STILL isn't available in Norway. This probably won't be either. There is no excuse for this INSOLENCE!