QuizUp is a very popular iOS quiz game that let’s friends compete against each other in real-time. Not only can you play against friends, but you can play against strangers and rank up points. Another great feature in QuizUp is that those games don’t have to be played in real-time. You can challenge a friend to a game, play and complete it, and they can play that same game later when they have time. We don’t have an official QuizUp app on Windows Phone yet, but we will have one soon thanks to Windows Phone developer Daniel Gary. He’s working on QuizIt, a QuizUp client for Windows Phone. Check out the video of the current state of the app.

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As you see in the video, the core game functionality is working. The demo he made shows off Quizit running on a Lumia Icon versus QuizUp on an iPhone. Gameplay is working fine in QuizIt, but he still has a little more work to finish before making the app available via a public beta. Sound effects and sound social features still need to be added to QuizIt on Windows Phone, after Daniel anticipates a public beta in 1 to 2 weeks.

We can’t wait to play. Anyone else looking forward to QuizIt on Windows Phone? 

Via: @danielgary