First patch for Astroneer is rolling out to Windows 10 and Xbox One

Astroneer is a space exploration and crafting game, which takes players into a universe of procedurally generated planets. Players can reshape terrain, mine for materials, hunt alien plants for research, and build base modules to expand their crafting and exploration capabilities. It also supports Xbox Play Anywhere, syncing progress across Windows 10 and Xbox One with a single purchase.

As cool as Astroneer is, it's quite buggy. But a patch rolling out to Xbox One and Windows 10 should improve the experience immeasurably.

Here's what budding space explorers can expect from this week's Astroneer patch as detailed on the game's forums, which could take up to December 24th to roll out fully to Xbox One and Windows 10.

DECEMBER 22nd, 2016 - 0.2.10109.0. - XBOX ONE/WINDOWS 10 STORE

  • Fix deadlock causing freezes on many people's machines, especially those with dual core CPUs.
  • Fix 10 different crash issues affecting save reloads, multiplayer joins, and general gameplay.
  • Decrease performance impact of distant objects.
  • Fix certain performance problems that appear after loading a save.
  • Optimize tether networks to significantly improve framerate performance.
  • Tethers now go dark when disconnected from their sources.
  • Fix invert Y for gamepad applying to cursor motion.
  • Controls screen accessed from pause menu now correctly displays controller buttons when using a controller.
  • Fix host's gamepad cursor becoming bugged when a client joins.
  • Fix ability to pick yourself up while in a seat, and being unable to leave the seat.
  • Fix bug where after loading a save, unplaced dropships would freak out.
  • Add ability to enter seat even when it's detached from a vehicle.
  • Add ability to sit in a dropship while mounted on a vehicle.

The Windows 10 and Xbox version of Astroneer is slightly behind the Steam version, which also picked up a bug fix patch this week for several gameplay-breaking issues. We should see those changes on Microsoft platforms soon.

Either way, Astroneer should now perform much better with these latest fixes on Windows 10 and Xbox One, particularly with improvements landing for tether placements. If you're interested in trying out the Astroneer, take a look at our guide below!

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Is there a possibility to reset the demo timer ? Many people installed the win10 tryout version and it crashed immediately after launch :(
  • Try resetting your BIOS time while disconnected from the internet.
  • no buy the game for 20$
  • Is it now running on laptop? Mobile GPUs weren't supported.
  • This is a fun little game. Especially for kids to explore and learn about resource management. And survival!
  • So wait, if the Steam version is different to the Win10 one, does that mean they are not compatible for multiplayer?