First wave of Xbox One X stock is selling out across the globe, including on Amazon U.S.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console. It's not only the smallest Xbox console ever made, but it's the most powerful, rocking 6 TF of computational power designed to facilitate 4K gaming and VR. We've been hands on a few times at this point, and it really does seem to be the real deal.

Many high-profile commentators have decried the Xbox One X's $499 price point, claiming Microsoft was making the same mistakes that it did with the original Xbox One back in 2013. We live in a world of $1000 iPhones now, however, and it seems that people are willing to splash the cash if they think the product is right.

The Xbox One X is selling out across the globe, with major retailers like Amazon US now listing as "Currently Unavailable" (opens in new tab) on their respective preorder pages. It's still available to preorder on the Microsoft Store in the US (opens in new tab), however, so get in quickly if you're on the fence. The Xbox One X also debuted at the top spot on the Amazon U.S. Best Sellers list.

See at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

The Xbox One X is still available on Amazon France (opens in new tab) and Amazon UK (opens in new tab), but Amazon Germany (opens in new tab) has cleared out its initial allocation. Other US retailers like Target also sold out (opens in new tab), but Best Buy US is holding firm (opens in new tab) for now.

Without hard figures, it's hard to gauge exactly how well the Xbox One X is going to do in the coming months, but these are undoubtedly positive signs. Microsoft has worked hard to demonstrate the value of the Xbox One X, that packs an insane amount of power into a relatively small package. With 4K Blu-ray, 4K Game DVR, 130 games with visual enhancements up to 4K with HDR, and more, Microsoft has put together a winning package that will hopefully resonate with consumers a little more than the OG Xbox One launch back in 2013. Time will tell.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • YOU CAN'T SELL A 500 DOLLAR CONSOLE!!!     Idiots...
  • Yep I agree no one flinches at paying crazy $ for an iPhone but whine about $500. Placed my order yesterday time to pass my Xbox one on.
  • Um....apparently you can, given the hundreds of thousands of preorders that have already hit along with Amazon showing the Xbox One X as the highest in sales for the day. :)
  • @terrokkinit: That was his point. He was mocking all the naysayers who came out of the woodwork back when the pricing was announced.
  • Sigh....sarcasm hits me once again and I'm blind-sided ;) I blame my blonde, sheltered upbringing for my density lol
  • Yeah, sorry. Just realized I didn't add any indication to tell that I was quoting idiots instead of calling people who bought it idiots. 
  • Don't you just hate when it happens? 😀 
  • No - of corse, it much better to buy a PC for $1500 or $2000
  • There are enough hardcore fanboys to sell out the initial launch of a console. If anything things this proves it will be a success clearly knows nothing about the gaming market. Even consoles that have sold poorly sold out pre-orders. If one thinks they are selling out millions of pre-orders are going to be disappointed when the numbers are released.
  • Negative Nancy confirmed. Why can't you be positive and happy that a new product is selling well at the moment? And if you don't like the Xbox, then why are you commenting in this article?
  • I have an Xbox. I'm just being more realistic instead of saying "I told you it's going to sell."
  • @Jay True or False?  A successful product always sells out during launch.
  • False.
  • If One X success it will be good news for next Xbox, because they can target better spec with $500 price for next-gen(unless you go dumb with something like Kinect again lol, but i doubt it), no need to limit it for under $400.
  • $400 is totally fine but $500 is over the moon? That's ridiculous. $500 is absolutely appropriate for a console that will last about 4 years. How long does a $1,000 iPhone last? I doubt it's more than 2-3 years, and it's double the price. People would easily pay a grand if there was a freaking Apple on the Xbox One X.
  • This is an 8 Core CPU, 12GB ram, 1TB HDD, and a graphics card = to a nVidia 1080. A  PC 1080 graphics card is $500 by its self.  you couldn't build a gaming PC for $499  $500 is a STEAL.  2.  depends on how you treat it. i see people trying to trade in 7 year old iPhone 4 from 2010 because it got updates up to 2015 and still worked.  that means if you treat your $1000 phone well, it will last a Long time. My iPhone 7 is 12 months old and in Mint cond.   
  • Phil Spencer even stated that at this $500 price point Microsoft is making no profit at all from selling the Xbox One X. This is a more than fair price for a console of this power. Heck, people trying to build a comparable pc at this price have been unable to do so. When they announced this price at E3 I was actually shocked. I was expecting it to be at least $600. Any complaints about the cost of this are based completely in either ignorance or jealousy.
  • And you believed him... Ahahahahahahahah
  • I agree. A monitor alone is about half the price if your building a desktop. If you include a mouse, controller, keyboard any price advantage has disappeared and we haven't added the processor, video card,motherboard, memory, hard drive, case and power supply into this.
  • You shouldn't add a monitor to the comparison because gaming consoles also require a display device.
  • Right but most people already have a tv in their house that they can hook up the console to. It's highly unlikely that people already have a monitor already and if they do have one its prolly not a gaming monitor. When I built my first PC I had to purchase a monitor. When I buy a console I can just hook it up to existing tv
  • These days PCs don't require a monitor. You can easily hook the PC up to TVs. People are going to buy the TV or monitor they want anyway in addition to the buying the device. Like they already do with the sound system or the control devices (keyboards, mice, controllers, etc.) We are talking about the device itself, not the display device or controls. It's silly to try to compare the two when talking about peripherals.
  • The X is a steal at $500. It would cost around $1,000 to build a PC with comparable power and functionality. Ive noticed that when most people attempt to cobble together a PC comparable to the X for around $500 they always omit the 4K UHD Bluray drive, and the vapor chamber cooling. Their build basically ends up being a mess of used, traded, or cheap components that would fry within a few months.
  • I plan on getting one after the holidays. I need to pick up a 4k TV first.
  • Switching back from a PS4 after having a 360 for years.  Really excited about this!  With the sale of my old console and accessories, I should only pay about $100 for the difference.   Cant buy a new PC for $500 with this power, let alone a phone.
  • got my 2nd X off Amazon as well. Great deal with 5% cash back with Amazon VISA. $475
  • some1 is jealous and downvoted you :p haha
  • thanks emma0, cant see the downvotes, on Android now.
  • Hilarious; 'How dare you save money - boooooo!"
  • I learned my lesson with the Project Scorpio pre-order. I preordered one with Best Buy THE MOMENT it became available. I want this...more-so than any other console I've ever seen. ;)
  • I was lucky enough to snag a Scorpio edition during Gamescom. Got a new 4K HDR screen, new soundbar, and a new 4TB external hdd that I'm going to switch with my 3TB, then use my 3TB for storing game videos for editing. Does anyone know if the Game DVR on the X will render HDR? I know that currently Chromecast is the only way to render HDR video.  
  • Yep, you bet it can.  It does 4K with HDR for all DVR recordings! Saw it here:
  • Thank you for helping me out with that. As of right now I can only find 3 channels on youtube with a very small selection of gaming videos rendered in 4K HDR.
  • real question: why is it MS never releases pre-order units? I always take articles of MS product preorders with a grain of salt
  • It's a really old marketing trick. They produce very low quantities to make them sell out quickly. That way, when fanboy sites or fake news report "it's selling out everywhere!" it creates a sense of urgency in the people who were thinking about buying it later. People will unconsciously feel that, because it's selling out, they won't be able to buy one later and so they must hurry (even though logical thinking tells them otherwise).
    This is to get people to pay the overpriced tags of products in order to make as much money as possible before the free market lowers down the price of the product to its realistic value. (Apple does this constantly, LEGO did this with the new UCS Millennium Falcon, Microsoft does this etc etc)
  • Well there's peope online who have done the math on the xbox one x pre-orders and the guess is there was about 250k in total. It's not to complicated to get an idea of the numbes they had if you ask a cleark at most retailers. Let's not forget the One X represents a jump from 720-900p all the way up 1440-2160p. It a large bump in performance and basically a next gen bump in power. So there's ALOT of incentive to get it. More so if the Xbox is you home entertainment HUB which it is for most owners. It does dam near everything.
  • Actually DJCBS it is very basic supply chain management.  You only want to produce as many as you know people will buy.  You don't want unsold units sitting on shelves because that is wasted money for the company.  So they make an estimate based on their current manufacturing levels.  They offer them up for preorder.  If they sell out then they ramp up their manufacturing capacity.  If those sell out then they repeat this process until they get to the saturation point.
  • I don't believe this is an overprice unit. I am not sure what other consumer device with these specs you can buy in the $500 price range and it won't be shocking if Microsoft later raise the price in order to make a profit if not just to break even.
  • xbox fans deserve this console.  It is powerful and hopefully will live up to what it is capable of which I hope it does then it will be great for gaming.   
  • Meanwhile, STILL waiting to place a Project Scorpio preorder here.
  • Doubt there will be more as it is a limited edition. Maybe check amazon after shipment date.
  • This is great to see. That said I'm not getting an Xbox One X now. The family already has multiple Xbox Ones that we're happy with. Since games and accessories will be common and all but one of our TVs is sub 4K (and there's a One S hooked to that) we're going to hold out for a bit and upgrade hardware later.
  • designed to facilitate 4K gaming and VR? Xbox Germany replied on a Facebook Comment: "At the topic 'VR', we are focusing on the PC as a platform, on wich using VR-Gear is more handy. But on the hardware side of things, the Xbox One X would be powerful enough for VR!"
  • I hope developers will use this console to bring games and take advantage of it....
  • Quantity of units available? Oh it's not disclosed?
    Yeah, that's what I thought. Let dumb fanboys fall for this trick. iSheep sure do as well.
  • Obviously it's more units than PS4Pros have sold this year, which is nearly over btw.
  • Obviously you have absolutely no way of knowing that. Then again, I wasn't expecting you to use facts or logic so...
  • "No one will buy it at that price". Say hello to the middle finger.
  • Traditionally when consoles have had higher prices they've also had other factors at play that drove off consumers. The PS3 launched late, didn't have a good launch lineup and multiplatform titles performed poorly. The Xbox One was less powerful and had Kinect along with negative feelings from the reveal. The OG Xbox was out too late and competing against very established competitors and the Gamecube lacked third party support and had a wonky controller.  I can't actually think of a time where we had a company well established in the market launch a console more powerful for a small price premium that has no other downsides to offset. 
  • I think this is fake news. They probably didn't produce millions and millions of them so it was easy to sell out with initial run in of a few hundred thousand. 
  • No one has ever said that they have produced millions and millions of consoles........ but the point is what they have produced is selling out. that's a good thing
  • For this kind of power, this is a steal of a deal. Considering that some of the latest smartphones are selling at this price range and up to $800 not including accessories this is a whale of a deal. 
  • but if xb1x was the size of a smartphone it would probably be much more expensive.