First wave of Xbox One X stock is selling out across the globe, including on Amazon U.S.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft's next console. It's not only the smallest Xbox console ever made, but it's the most powerful, rocking 6 TF of computational power designed to facilitate 4K gaming and VR. We've been hands on a few times at this point, and it really does seem to be the real deal.

Many high-profile commentators have decried the Xbox One X's $499 price point, claiming Microsoft was making the same mistakes that it did with the original Xbox One back in 2013. We live in a world of $1000 iPhones now, however, and it seems that people are willing to splash the cash if they think the product is right.

The Xbox One X is selling out across the globe, with major retailers like Amazon US now listing as "Currently Unavailable" on their respective preorder pages. It's still available to preorder on the Microsoft Store in the US, however, so get in quickly if you're on the fence. The Xbox One X also debuted at the top spot on the Amazon U.S. Best Sellers list.

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The Xbox One X is still available on Amazon France and Amazon UK, but Amazon Germany has cleared out its initial allocation. Other US retailers like Target also sold out, but Best Buy US is holding firm for now.

Without hard figures, it's hard to gauge exactly how well the Xbox One X is going to do in the coming months, but these are undoubtedly positive signs. Microsoft has worked hard to demonstrate the value of the Xbox One X, that packs an insane amount of power into a relatively small package. With 4K Blu-ray, 4K Game DVR, 130 games with visual enhancements up to 4K with HDR, and more, Microsoft has put together a winning package that will hopefully resonate with consumers a little more than the OG Xbox One launch back in 2013. Time will tell.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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