The first YouTube uploader app for Windows Phone 8.1 gets a nice update, more to come

Sending your video recording to YouTube on Windows Phone has always been a bit of a kludge, especially since Google doesn't play nice with Microsoft. Luckily we have some dedicated third-party developers to fill in the gaps.

'Upload to YouTube' is a relatively new app designed from the ground up for Windows Phone 8.1. Can you guess what it does? Being built for Windows Phone 8.1 gives is the ability to grab videos right from the Camera Roll for easy sharing to the app. That means you can just select your recording, share and fill in the details without any complications.

Version 1.1 of the app went live today, bringing with it some nice looking fixes and features, including:

  • New languages
  • More detailed status while uploading
  • Removed video length limit
  • Transparent tiles
  • Option to run under lock screen

If you had some complaints before, a lot of them should be fixed with this update, which just went live.

Upload to YouTube is a free, ad-supported app. But if you want to remove those ads, you can plonk down 99 cents to remove them and regain some screen space. The app has unlimited video uploads, whichever way you go.

Rumor also has it that a certain video editing app that is very popular right now will be interconnected with a certain YouTube uploading app, making it a one-stop edit station with a companion app powering the upload. Would such an integration interest you? If so, stay tuned as something may come about sooner than later!

  • Pick up Upload to YouTube for Windows Phone 8.1 here in the Store. Free, with optional in-app purchase to remove ads

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Daniel Rubino

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