Fitbit and Mint apps for Windows 8 both recieve minor updates - fixes login problems for both services

If you’re a fan of managing your health or managing your money, then there is a good bet that you might be using the Fitbit and/or apps on your Windows 8 PC. Some troubles over the last few days have prevented some users from logging in to either service from the Windows Store application, and a new update is here to fix issues for both.

While Fitbit and aren’t connected in anyway, they both received minor updates today for their respective Windows 8 apps. Apparently, a collection of users have had issues logging into both services, and developers scrambled quickly to get the issues sorted out.

Fitbit serves as a food and calorie tracking service that uses wearable hardware technology to help update your progress throughout the day. Users can utilize the Windows 8 app to check out their latest stats, check their sleeping patterns, and even sync their personal devices. Fitbit’s app has now been updated with the note that a new fix is included that gets rid of an issue that was “preventing some users from logging in”. also received an update today to version 1.01 and it is stated that the new patch “fixes a problem some users were having with slow or no login on app start”. The service allows users to easily track their spending habits and save money. Mint supports multiple bank account services, and just as the Fitbit app does, has a respective companion application that works on Windows Phone.

If you were having trouble with either application, you can head to the Windows Store to update each. To make things easy, you can click here (opens in new tab) to update the Fitbit app or click here (opens in new tab) to update the app.

Alright everyone, back to be healthy and saving money!

Michael Archambault
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  • Fixed my logon issue
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  • I don't even bother with the official fitbit w8 doesn't have a dashboard like the site does. Shame....hopwfully their official wp8 will be up to par to the IOS and android counterparts
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  • The WP8 Mint app also received an update today.
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