Fitbit 1.7 hits the Windows Phone store with Mobile Run support and Mobile Badges!

Fans of fitness and health tracker Fitbit will want to head to the Windows Phone Store. Version 1.7 of the mobile app for synchronizing with your wearable is now live and ready for downloading.

Like previous Fitbit updates, this one is bringing some new features, some improvements and general bug fixes. We have the full changelog and a bit more, so let's take a look!

Fitbit v1.7 for Windows Phone


  • Mobile Run
  • Mobile Badges Support


  • All-Day Sync (Background sync) has much-improved stability. Now enabled by default.

Bug Fixes

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Mobile Run uses the GPS sensor on your phone to record and track the exact route of your run, as well as statistics like pace per mile, distance, and time. Just head into Track Your Exercise and tap 'Track' to start up the feature. Mobile Run can be used for a Run, Hike, or Walk and it should be a lot fun, even if you do not own a Fitbit wearable (and if you do have one, this will merge the data).

Additionally, if the user has SensorCore (found on some Lumias) and it is tracking steps using that Fitbit 1.7 can show how much the tracked activity has impacted your goals for the day.

Bonus: As a little Easter egg (hah!) this build also includes support for the next Surge software update. Once that update gets released for the Surge, users will be able to view their tracked bike activities. Finally, installs to the SD card have been blocked due to performance and stability issues, so main memory only!

Overall, this looks like a solid update. We have been using version 1.7 for a few weeks and indeed, background syncing is much better. It is still not 100%, but users should see fewer failure messages than before.

Download Fitbit 1.7 for Windows Phone 8.1

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