Fix coming for Forza Horizon 3 HDR exposure bug on Xbox One X

Forza Horizon 3 finally received its Xbox One X enhanced patch this week, bringing along a true 4K experience for owners of Microsoft's latest console. However, following the patch's release, some gamers have apparently run into a bug that causes the picture to be either too bright or too dark in certain situations. Fortunately, there's a fix on the way.

In a new post on the Forza forums, a Forza community representative revealed that the team has identified what's causing the issue, and it is working on a fix.

We are aware of an issue with the new Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One X Enhanced update that went out on Monday the 15th of January. This issue involves improper exposure calculation in certain situations, which can cause the screen to be too dark or too bright. This issue affects players on Xbox One X. We have identified the issue and will be releasing a fix; stay tuned for more information.

There's no precise launch date available, but I suspect a patch fixing the issue isn't too far off now that its cause has been identified.

Aside from this lingering issue, the Xbox One X enhanced patch looks to have offered some significant improvements over the base game, which had already been lauded for its impressive visuals. On Xbox One X, the game runs at a true 4K resolution without employing checkerboarding or dynamic scaling. Shadow resolutions and texture details have also been bumped up in fidelity. Unfortunately, the framerate is still locked to 30 FPS, unlike the snappy 60 FPS action seen in Forza Motorsport 7. That likely comes down to Forza Horizon 3's open-world nature, which requires dedicating some of the console's horsepower to streaming in assets on the fly.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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