Fix for Samsung Focus SIM/MMS trouble

Should you be experiencing issues with MMS on your Samsung Focus then this small fix may be just what you need. WPCentral Reader Seth has located a quick solution for his MMS problem, which occurred post-updating to Mango RTM (leaked ROM). He reported that the fix does indeed work and was tested on a Samsung Focus attached to AT&T.

Here are the steps one must take to greatness:

  1. Enter 40*047#3 in the diagnosis app.
  2. AutoSimSetting will be reported as now enabled, restart your device.

We're not currently aware of this fix working on the Omnia 7 handset or with unlocked devices. Let us know in the comments what outcome you get should you perform the above.

Source: XDA Developer Forum (opens in new tab) (post (opens in new tab)), thanks Seth for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • This fix does NOT work at all for unlocked phones. UGH! I LOVE my Samsung Focus, but I cannot tell you the fustration I have over trying to get MMS to work on my phone. I am currently with West Central Wireless (I would got with ATT, but they have terrible coverage where I live) so I had to unlock it to get on to West Central Wireless. But now I can't get MMS, and I rescue dogs, so it's really important that I have it in order to send pics of the animals to other rescues. I don't know what to do. I love this phone and I don't want to give it up, but I'm starting to believe I don't have a choice...! Any suggestions??? I've been trying to get this fixed since last May! Any help would be appreciated.
  • Go to the "Samsung Zone" section of the marketplace and download "Network Profile". Go into the app and switch your network. Mine was T-Mobile. After you do this then go into the phone app, dial ##634# and then enter the number shown on this fix. Tap OK and it should work.
  • I have an unlocked Samsung Focus (Mango) on T-mobile and downloaded "Network Profile". Changed to "T-Mobile USA" and I was able to receive picture messages.
  • Since Friday Oct 28 2011 I am not able to send pictures via mms. 1st error was "can't send media content"2nd error was "can't send" I have called ATT - they did some basic troubleshooting - power off the phone 2 times, clear my history, last thing they wanted me to do was remove the person I had tried to send the mms from my phone and manually type in that persons phone # to send a mms. (I still not sure if that is a fix.) Receive mms - yesInternet - yes Send to myself as a fowrard mms - yes Just cannot send mms to anyone in phone list Tried the steps above in this article - that didn't fix. Samsung Focus with Mango
  • This fix also did not work for me.  I have an unlocked Samsung Focus using straight talk.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.
  • Did you get the mms issue resolved?
  • I dont see teh "samsung zone" in my market place??? , my phone is also unlocked and i am using it on straight talk.. regular texting and phone calls work wonderful.. just cant get pic messages or send them =(
  • I got mine unlocked but it wont catch signal for simple mobile idk why HELP PLZ