Flipboard showdown: iOS vs Windows Phone


Flipboard is a very popular app that grabs content from several sources and presents them in a magazine format. There's a social networking aspect to as well since it lets people curate and share content as their own magazines that others can follow or subscribe to. The app has been available on iOS and Android since 2012, and you might have heard that the Windows Phone equivalent has just been released. We happen to have an iPhone 6 Plus lying around, so let's compare Flipboard running on iOS with the recently released Windows Phone app. The results may disappoint you.

Flipboard. Flip. Board. It's supposed to flip, right? On iOS, the pages flip like a page in a magazine. On the Windows Phone version, there's no flipping. This may not be a big deal to many people, but Flipboard without flipping feels like eating "peanut butter and jelly" without the jelly.

When you open both apps, the iOS version displays the topics you 've selected during setup. For example, my account shows Cover Stories, Technology, The Shot, Photography, Soccer, and Top Stories in Travel. Each topic has a thumbnail. The Windows Phone app takes a different approach. When you open the app, it shows one story from Cover Stories. Scrolling down displays more stories.

After selecting a topic, this is the part where the Windows Phone version of Flipboard visibly lacks a few things compared to the iOS version. On top of the iOS app, you can tap a topic to view sections. For example, you can specifically look at Apps, Gaming, Mobile, or Science under the Technology topic. That option is not available on the Windows Phone app.

With the Windows Phone app, there are 4 icons below every story. They're for flipping stories into your curated magazine or sharing with others via email, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also like and comment on a story. The iOS app takes a different approach. There's a plus sign under every story for flipping stories. Tapping and holding a story, brings up a menu to share stories, save to camera roll, or copy link.

If there are other topics you would like to see, you can tap the hamburger button on the top right corner of the iOS app. The search icon on the top right corner of the Windows Phone app has the same function. You can search for topics or select from the list provided. The iOS app has an upper hand because they provide subsections for topics. If you see a topic you like, just tap the badge icon next to it. On Windows Phone, you need to tap the topic first, tap the three dots on the lower right corner, and then the follow button.

Another difference between the iOS and Windows Phone versions of Flipboard is video support. It's surprisingly not available on the Windows Phone app. Either stories have a big white space where the video is supposed to be, or you a see video player, but with the error that it "cannot load video."

We're glad that Flipboard is finally available on Windows Phone, but it still has a lot of work to do. They're definitely not on the same level. Being able to select sections from topics should be high on the priority. The flipping animation and video support would be nice, too. Have you played with Flipboard on your Windows Phone device? How do you like it?

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Quite disappointing so far, but it will get there.
  • Broke my heart *sob*!!!
  • Change the name to iScrollboard sounds appropriate.
  • It's fair!... MS refuses to market WP properly.. As a result any issue with WP is a direct result of improper marketing, and awareness for the platform. Always blame MS if there is any issue with the platform.. That's the only way we will ever get anywhere❗
  • No disrespect to your Rodneyej, but marketing has nothing to do with half *$$ed released apps when the developers releases it more than a year after the leading platforms and because it was a more completed product on the others, should have given them more time to focus on the WP app. And lets not forget that Microsoft's developed also are available to work with them
  • Wrong❗ Marketing has everything to do with poor support from developers.. WP's lack of sufficient marketing is the reason why it is just now getting Flipboard, and the reason why WP has poor app support.... It all goes back to MS in one way or another....
    Let me say it once again for you. Marketing is WP's biggest Issue... It is the root cause❗ ... So while you want to put the blame on the developers,, remember that they have other platforms to develop for that have organizations that know how to boost market share for their platform, and devices, by properly creating the necessary hype, influence, and popularity that it takes to attract customers, which is what attracts developers.... You might get mad at the quality of this app, and think "what about us" but "us" really is lucky to even have this app in the first place because we are practically NOTHING❗
    Don't be a blind WP fan and thing just because we have some of the best hardware, and a perfectly capable OS, that anyone is going to care... MS's money, resources, image, shareholders, and reputation is on the line here, they are at the top of the pyramid here, and it's their responsibility to make sure that WP is successful.... The fact is that it's not about this app not being as good as iOS, are we really surprised?... This is a common issue, so its time to seriously look at the root cause, instead of bothering developers who don't care, or can't really afford to care yet......
    Marketing, awareness, and market share are WP's core issues, and will lead to many other issues if not where they need to be... And, MS is center stage when it comes to fixing that...
    Root cause people❗ .... Blame MICROSOFT❗
    One more thing.... While we're looking at the reality of the situation, as mature WP fans, let's put one thing into perspective..... If MS hasn't been able to make WP successful in 4 years, wasn't very successful with W8 the past two years, then what are our expectations for Nokias device division?...... I'm the biggest WP fan IN THE WORLD, but I'm not stupid. And, I refuse to let MS get off so easily while others take the blame.. If you guys want more for this platform then you better start preaching ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ all that❗
  • Marketshare is an issue for Windows Phone but not because of marketing, because of apps. It doesn't matter how much Microsoft markets Windows Phone. Once someone buys it and sees it can't do all the things a similarly priced iPhone or Android phone can do, it'll go back to the store. It's a chicken and egg situation. There's no point in knowing about Windows Phone if that knowledge simply leads to disliking it for not having the apps you want. Look at BlackBerry. You can't say no one knows about them. Didn't stop their sales from being shit.
  • Completely wrong in almost every point of your argument... Awareness is horrible.. In relation to iDroids popularity nobody knows about WP.. It's not a household name yet, and not even the sorriest idiot would disagree with that..
    Once WP receives the proper amount of effective marketing, and everyone, including your grandma, knows about WP, what it has to offer, and the value it has, then we can say marketing is sufficient... And, at that point if market share still doesn't rise, and developers still refuse to give WP proper support, then we can use that old ass lame chicken/egg argument.....
    But, until at least 8 out of 10 average consumers can admit that they know about WP being the other good option besides iDroid, and what a live tile is lol, then I'll accept that sorry Chic/egg excuse... Until then I'm not buying it, and yiu shouldn't be so naive to fall for that BS either.. Market share is the way to developer support, and it's a proven fact that more people stick with WP, than those who give up on it, and that's seen time after time with its satisfaction rating... The problem is that those people don't come in large enough packs, and quantities to make any significant difference because MARKETING IS NOT ADEQUATE❗ ..... We must keep in mind that iDroid isn't stagnant, and iDroids market share is constantly on the rise, so MS's marketing, and awareness tactics need to increase, and become more effective 10 fold if they want to see some gains..... The egg came first G. Damnit❗
  • Saying that something is wrong without giving reasons is pointless. I used BlackBerry as an example. They're not hurting for popularity. The fact remains no one buys a BlackBerry handset, because they're not cheaper than the competition, and for the same price you get a lot more features from other platforms. It would be immensely foolish for Microsoft to spend billions on marketing when they don't have feature parity. The areas they can compete (emerging markets and low end devices) are where they're focusing. Making your phone a household name is useless when that household names reputation is garbage. Let's use the tech enthusiast websites as a yardstick. These people obviously know about Windows Phone; they review Windows Phones, attend Microsoft events and check out all the features on the device. Are they recommending Windows Phone devices in droves? No. Because unless you really have a boner for Live Tiles, there isn't anything you can get on Windows Phone that you can't get on other platforms. Until we have a reason for people to buy our phones besides price and Microsoft fanboyery there is no point in getting people to "know" more about them. I for one believe that the level of exposure Windows Phone has right now is sufficient. Sure Microsoft could spend more on marketing, but unless they're marketing the cheaper phones for people that can afford them (kids, people looking for spare phones, or older people) they'll simply be wasting their money.
  • Not giving reasons?... I don't need to give reasonS.. There's only one reason.. MARKETING! You can make up excuse, after excuse, all day long, and it still won't change the fact that marketing is WP biggest issue... Sorry. When that changes, and it still doesn't help WP then I'll jump on you guys pitty wagon... Until then, I'm putting the blame where I know it belongs, and that's with MS❗
  • hold on!! say MS has done excellent marketing like advertising crazy all over TV ,NFL games, bill boards, and movies and other commercials...sure that would capture the attention of many but ultimately if they are going to decide to buy that awesome phone being used by some celebrity or some brand ,it is natural for them to compare it to the top tier OS i.e ANDROID & IOS at which they come to know about the lagging & lacking app gap in terms of quality and quantity...then its the usual 'MEH' ...it ultimately comes down to the fact which platforms the developers support ,of course most people dont download more than their daily social networking and photo editing apps, etc but it matters to the ecosystem that it can support those....until then  WP is "MEH" to anyone who shows interest in it.
  • I agree, while the platform has its merits it still has some gaping holes in it. It is pretty solid but leaves you with the feeling that you cannot customize it enough. After so many years it still doesn't have a file manager. Talk about freedom... Notification center/drawer is good but it needs more options in there. The fact that you cannot just transfer a clip or movie on your phone and just play it again sucks big time. Especially for someone not savvy enough to know what to do. I am watching also some how Android develops and what features the new phones have there and am astounded at how many options and whatnot those have compared to WP. At least these should be solved. Probably many more that I cannot remember now. As I said many times before the ghosts of past management's mistakes will haunt them for many years.
  • 100% correct!  Rodney is way off base on this one.  I know he likes to blame Microsoft, but Microsoft isn't the one hiring the employees at the TMobile, AT&T, Verizon, and or Sprint stores (US).  When the employees at those stores push the iPhone and all things Androids and out right down play or speak negatively of WP it's criminal.  I speak of experience.  I have visited these stores and many if any at all know how to use a WP device.  I have been asked "Why do I want to see a WP device?". My reply because it has the better OS.  And why would any one of those carrier stores want to push WP?  They've spent millions on trying to obtain the iPhone they need to do everything within their power to sell Apple phones.  And it's the carriers who tells Nokia/Microsoft/HTC/Samsung, etc which phones they want and the configuration of said phones.  So, when a phone comes to market and it doesn't have this or that in the US it's because the carriers didn't want this or that.  Normally they go for basic when it comes to WP or so it doesn't compete with the upper tier phones.   I wish Microsoft would also sell phones directly to the public.  This won't solve everything but they could certainly sell higher spec devices on line if it's not sold in carrier stores.  And back to the original thought.  I put the blame squarely on the app developers.  For Pete's sake they can hire someone in their company that has a passion for WP and let them create the best possible app.  But they don't.  It seems like their efforts are afterthoughts.  It's like they say we'll throw the WP users anything and if they don't like it tough. 
  • I can see how you would think to point the finger at the ones you do, but it's not the root cause of the situation, and doing that will get the platform nowhere....
    Those organizations push iDroid because the makers of iDroid had terrific marketing, which was the catalyst for others to jump on board... Success always starts with what you do, and you will never get anywhere blaming others for your failure... If MS adopts your pitiful way of blaming others, and feeling sorry for themselves, then WP is DOOMED❗ We must blame MS, and they must hold themselves accountable, and work hard to change all of the things that you mentioned.. But, that change is only going to happen if one company makes a move.. Who should that company be? What company has to be the one to force change? Awnswer that❗
  • Android caught on for a singular reason: The iPhone could only be bought on AT&T for the first 5 years of its life. There was a demand for an iPhone type device on other carries, and Android filled that demand completely. The marketing came AFTER, to let people know that if you want an iPhone like device on your carrier, well now you have options. And because people looking for a modern smartphone on other carriers bought Android developers looking for a bigger market went there. Windows Phone showed up too late, with none of the same features and NONE of the demand. Telling people there's a new phone in town when they neither want nor need it is a waste of time and money. We're getting closer to feature parity, and Microsoft is betting that with universal apps spreading developer reach across Windows devices and Windows Phone devices we will finally get a semblance of app priority. When this happens, when you can be sure that whatever app/game or cool new service you're looking for will be found on Windows devices because of the sheer amount of people buying them, Microsoft will/should start pushing the marketing hard. Apple didn't start aggressively marketing their Macs until they got the Intel architecture and a good amount of developer support. For the first time since their comeback one could actually buy a Mac without any risk. If you missed Windows, Bootcamp will set you straight. There was no point pushing their devices if a lot of people looking at them were only going to find that they couldn't use them 90% of the time. Honestly if you wish to argue this, bring up salient points. It is useless to drop pithy phrases and say things like "Microsoft has to do something!" or "Marketing!" Christ you literally said: "I don't need to give reasons". If you cannot give reasons to support your point, why bother engaging in discussion? We might as well just shout "I'm right!" over each other's heads.
  • Are you hard of understanding?... I don't give a flip about your stories, and excuses.. All I care about is the root cause, which is marketing.. Sorry that you can't see that, but like I said, don't expect me to over look the reality of the situation.... Marketing is WP's biggest issue, and MS is to blame... At our age explaining why is stupid.. You know why. Quit acting like you don't.. Sorry I can't appease you, but I'm not going to agree with you unless you give me a direct root cause that I think is more impactful to mine..... You never even list a root cause.. You just keep blabbering about all the obvious issue that everyone knows... I'm past that. Come with something meaningful..
  • And don't you get it, your argument is BUNK, JUNK, CRAP!!! It makes zero sense to me. You can say it a million times and it still falls flat. :)
  • I get it.. Still doesn't change the fact that Marketing is WP's biggest issue.. But, I understand you don't. It's ok, dude...
    As long as you don't shit your pants like this Johnlvory dude, whoever he is, it's all good! We can't agree on everything..
  • The root cause of Windows Phone's problems is being too late to market. Simple. The only way to solve this is to offer something your competitors don't that people actually want, whether it's cheaper phones, or more features, or better apps, and so far we've only done one of those things. Spending more money to tell more people that you have a product that doesn't compete equally with your competitors' is.... stupid. I have asked you to explain why marketing is the root cause of WP's problems. Give examples, data. Are sales higher in countries where Microsoft markets more? Do the local markets in those areas get better, higher quality applications? Do they get priority from their devs? Apparently asking you to back up assertions with well reasoned arguments is "shitting my pants." It seems the only way to talk to you is to simply shout "MARKETSHARE!" or "MARKETING!"
  • Being to late was the past.. I'm talking about the root cause now!
    You're right, having a differentiator is a must, but it doesn't matter how good your product is if nobody knows about it.... As a matter of fact, you can have a crappy product and be successful if you know how to sell it... A good salesman can sell anything to anyone anytime.... I would say that Apple, and Samsung, are good salesman... You guys are so clouded by the product.. The product, what it has to offer, how great it is... BS❗ A GS4 is not better than my 1520, but it sells more because nobody knows about the 1520.. I don't think some of you understand the severity in the scale of nobody. Maybe you don't really understand how bad awareness for the platform really is... IDK, but I've already explained why marketing is horrible to another person above, and you shouldn't need me to explain it to you, and why it's the root cause.... Christ man, open your eyes... Get a group of 10 people and ask them what a 1020 is, then ask the what a GS2 is.... And, you don't blame MS?? Ok.
    And, I didn't say you're shitting your pants... I said you shit your pants... Lol❗❗❗❗
  • I don't blame MS. They did a great job advertising the 1020. The salesman is the person actually selling the product. That's those actually in the stores. If those in the brick and mortar stores told customers and recommended the 1020 sales would be higher IMO. Those selling WP devices do not know or care enough to sell it vigorously in the carrier stores. But they sure sell the heck out of Android and the iPhone because that's what they know and like.
  • If MS did a great job creating awareness for the 1020 it would've done way better.. But, they didn't... If they did then even store associates would even be sold on WP devices.. Lol!! You guys just don't get it.. Lol❗
  • Fact that I did know quite a lot about 1020 did not make me buy it. I wanted it badly but it was way too expensive for me. The camera is important in a phone but not that important that many people will shell top bucks. That is why its called niche market. So bringing 1020 as an example is not feasible here. And then what's the point of having a great screen on a 1020 if you cannot just tranfer some movies on there and play them away??
  • Hi all, I think MS is also to blame to a large extent for WP not being popular even after 4 or more years. I am no expert but this is what I feel. Nokia was the only gaint in mobile industry and Symbian was the only complete and mature OS. But the stubbernness of them not to yeild to the market demands has brought them to this point. Most common complain for Symbian was 'slow, old fashined, boaring' etc. But it still had each and every feature all other smart phonse in the marked now advertise as new. It also had all the developers to it's side. But it still shrivelled fast after the introduction of android and iOS. Why? Now MS is doing the same. Their WP7 was so incomplete and had so many complains. They had a chance when they aquired Nokia to learn the Symbian OS and put WP8 on it's shoulders. Even now WP lacks so many basic things that Symbian offered. Togle for data connection, USBOTG, complete file manager, WiFi direct, DLNA, HDMI out to name a few. When they launched, they should have launched it full flaged and not few things now, few later and few never. People do not want to wait forever and 3 years time is a lot now a days. Even now there is no option to share mobile's net to other devices via WiFi, or share computer's net via data cord. Still can not make personal albums to gallery directly. I mean these things may look small or useless but old symbian had them and now other OSs have them where WP lacks. Also the extremely restricts access to WPs core system should be making it very difficult for 3rd party developrs to make smooth apps for WP. Now why should flipboard not display videos? because WP implements video handling in a restricetd way so they find it difficult and wiered. Whay Whatsapp can't share audio files on WP? because of the restrictions again. Now you can safely say that the developers are morons and need to dedicate and learn WP passionately. I think why the hell should they. Why make things so complicated for them in the first place so they need such a  long time to learn WP? Whatsapp was quivalent to android and iOS on symbian. Now it's no way near on WP still after 3 years. It's not even getting any updates on WP while it still gets updated frequently on Symbian. To whom should we laugh at? Think. There are so many other app those are cripples on WP and work great on each other OS. Still we blame their developers for not making good app for WP? There are so many other things. Wp is more fluid, good looking, fast,  I agree but no one's going to get it unless it does a great job in doing basics which the masses use. It cant even remeber the date and time after resetting, every other phone does..lol.
  • Microsoft would never have gone with Symbian because it would mess with their vision of merging Windows Phone and Windows. They are a software company; using another company's software would be the death knell for them. Features don't spring up overnight. Microsoft has started afresh twice in the past 4 years in mobile, first with WP7 and then with WP8. It takes time to push out features when you're working with a fresh codebase, multiple devices and carriers breathing down your neck for very specific things. I honestly don't think they had a choice in either case and I really don't see how things could have turned out any different. The moment Microsoft let Android take their slot was the moment they were set irreparably set back almost. We'll see if their universal app strategy would help get the market talking about them again. I certainly hope it does.
  • Hello JohnIvory. I didn't want MS to go with Symbian as it was already outdated. I wanted them to atleast know what Symbian already had and take it to go further with WP8. As such they built WP8 from scratch. What was the harm in keeping which already was there and multiplying it with newer advanced features. I mean features and not the code or programming stuff. Instead they just started with all new without even seeing what already was there with them and what others now have. Smallest thing is file manager. How could they miss it? After making a lot of noise by consumers, they finally added it. They should have done it at the first place. I know OS keeps evolving and it should. But this is not the excuse for leaving the most obvious stuff for evolution. Now the implementation of WP is such that third party file managers are also crippled as they do not have access to the core of WP. Android and iOS have file managers. Symbian had most usable and full flagged file manager. MS should have atleast a look around. Even with universal app strategy, MS implementation of the OS should be better. Consumers should not be kept waiting for every small thing. They finally came with action centre which can not cleat single notification, does not have data toggle. They updated 'photos' and still a user can not make own albums. Multiple selections are now made available. Custom ringtones ware not available for long. Still doesn't have smart dialing. There are n number of things which were straight forward and simply skipped or missed I don't know out of negligence or arrogance or what. Hope you understand. Now they are talking about Windows 10 and WP10 but many part of world does not even run WP8.1 Cyan. I know it's operator dependent, but still.
  • Good God, will you shut the hell up you stupid twat and move on. Nobody gives a damn about your shitty opinions or your obvious trolling.
  • Yes, trolling.. Sent from my iPhone6+...... Lol❗
    Sure doesn't look like nobody cares.. It looks like a pretty hot debate to me... Maybe we just have a different opinion about what care means....
  • Selling phone directly to customers will build enthusiast goodwill, I'll give you that, but without carrier subsidies or approval few people are going to buy them. The Nexus line is not best selling on Android. And you're right, for a lot of developers Windows Phone is an afterthought. It's the sad truth. Until we have a market they're looking for we are going to be ignored. And that market won't come until people buy our phones in droves. I'm hoping, and I believe Microsoft is betting, that universal apps will change this. By allowing Modern apps run windowed they've vastly increased the Windows Store market, making it more attractive for devs. By making it easier than ever to write code that runs on all form factors with minimal change it would be easier to get more apps on their phones. The strategy may not work, but I think it's Microsoft's best bet now.
  • That is exactly why MS has opened, and continues to open, MS stores as quickly as it can. MS fed up with having to HOPE that 3rd parties will fairly sell and market their products. That covers everything from tablets, to phones, to xbox. Phones were especially needed. Now customers in the US will get direct support and marketing of MS products. Customer can buy the phones and setup their service all at the store, cutting out the carriers. So anyone that is worried about MS' market, keep in mind that the MS stores are part of that push. It drives a local, grassroots campaign that lets consumers see and hear about these products first hand. That proccess is not instant, but it is a winning formula. Apple proved it with their stores and MS has seen the same positive trend with their own stores.
  • Thank you. That's what I'm talking about. Having stores are great. Every time I have the opportunity to visit one I do. And yes I agree that's one of the best ways to get your message out. Well put!!!
  • But, how do you get more people in those store❓
    Clue.... Ma..........
  • And, I actually think that's a good idea.. That's a form of marketing.. They definitely need more stores.... Nevertheless, MS needs some strong marketing campaigns to make those stores more effective... Basically MS needs to outsource their marketing efforts because they just suck at it, and can't do it.. They just can't.. Lol!
  • It is because of marketing. The strategy is incorrect. App developers do not develop apps for a platform because they love it, they develop aps because of revenue. They are not altruistic individuals but small and medium sized enterprises. They make investments and expect a return. MS have never understood that. MS has billions in its kitty. Rather than spending billions in advertising, take that money and pay app developers for their time and effort. Once you start this, you will have a snowball effect. By paying, that is not to say that everyone who develops an app should get paid. Just the key app developers. The calculation is simple. Call a meeting with all the leading app developers. Ask them for evidence of their revenue stream from Apple and Android apps over a year. Match it, and add a little sweetener. Pride has no place in shareholder return. I'm sure the shareholders of MS would rather see increased profit margins than have MS's executive telling them what a wonderful platform they have. Do this and you will see a seismic shift in Windows and Windows phone, and it will probably be cheaper than throwing good money after bad in pointing out how wonderful Windows is, how much better Cortana is than Siri, etc. It is clear, the market isn't buying this!
  • Very good.. Addressing current issues that affect WP performance might help, vs saying the same old arguments... "WP was last, It's the carriers fault, consumers just refuse to buy it"..... That all sounds like a bunch of crybaby, sorry, excuses to me... The bottom line is that WHATEVER the issue it's MS job to come up with a plan THAT WORKS to fix it....
    That's why I say that the root cause is marketing, and we should blame MS because they made the damn platform, and now it's there job to put it in peoples hands... They are responsible for making OEM's want to build phones, they are responsible for getting carriers interested in WP, and they are responsible for public perception of THEIR products... Lets remember that MS literally makes over 90% percent of WP devices in peoples pockets..... You have to be drinking stupid juice if you don't want me to believe that it's not their fault, or responsibility, for WP's success...... Quit being pathetic WP fans and be for real... Wow❗
  • I see you calling other WP fans pathetic, which is going too far, when they make legitimate claims. Marketing does help, no doubt about it, but to ignore the other issues is irresponsible and unfair. Just as you yell at anyone that makes a different suggestion, they should be yelling at you for ignoring their points as if they carry no weight. Plus, let's get specific here. What type of marketing do you want to see? The stores represent grass roots marketing from the local level that grows best via word of mouth. Do you want more TV ads? What kind of marketing exactly would satisfy you?
  • I've already touched on that with another fan.. It's to much to keep typing over, and over.. Read on.
  • It actually is all about marketing because Samsung and apple are dominating the market.  By doing what?  By marketing. Simple as that. If people don't know what phone is. They will just think its slow desktop windows on the phone. It's the truth.Nokia make great ads on their YouTube channel but the whole world won't know about it if it isn't marketed. 
  • Exactly.. It's as simple as that.
  • You are ignoring the fact that iphone offered and experience that no other phone was offering at the time. THere were smartphones from Nokia very nice and sofisticated but for the average Joe they could come as too complicated to operate. iPhone brought that fantastic "at your fingertips" feeling about thier product. Ignoring what they've done wouldn't help WP in any way. They invested only a fraction in actual advertising. The product was so "cool" that even people aloof of technology new about it in third world countries in less than one month from its launch. PS I see a lot of people here mistake marketing for advertising. They are diffrent things. Marketing is a complex mechanism and it contains advertising within it but there are at least 3-4 steps more apart from advertising.
  • Nobody's mistaking anything for anything... We know what we're talking about... Get up to speed with the conversation, and stay on topic.
  • So what you want is more TV advertising then? Simple enough and I hope MS tries more of that. Nokia has done some nice TV ads, so its a start. MS just needs to build on that. MS already has some nice commercials that run on youtube and other places online. They could just take some of those and push it to TV. MS is already on the right path for local marketing/advertising with the stores, so if they push more TV wise, it might help a lot.  
  • Let me just touch on the scale of marketing that WP has yet to hit... And, this should be at the bare minimum for a platform that is critically to a companies image, and success..
    WP has yet to have a 60 second long superbowl commercial.. Both Samsung, and Apple have... That's just one of many examples of how WP's marketing, and awareness, campaigns are seriously inferior to Droids....
    It's not about how good a single commercial is.. Its about how often, and long, they are show... WP marketing comes, and goes, in waves.. Nothing is ever consistent enough to really stay in consumers minds.. The quality hasn't always been best either... But, WP ads are never over, and over, and over, and over until people get it... Like iPhone commercials MS has to wear people out with them.. Pound it into their minds.. Make WP commercials a part of the publics viewing experience, like we've grown to expect from Apple commercials... It has to be everywhere, all the time... What these guys don't understand is that consumer greatly influence what sales people suggests for other consumers to buy.. I've had numerous store associates say that they push the products that they see consumers asking for.. It's an easy sale.. Store associates are also consumers as well.. They need to be bombarded by relentless amounts of advertising to go to work, and push devices..... Everything is affected by marketing...... MARKETING❗
  • cool, so they need more tv ads, as I said. glad we are in agreement. Hopefully they do more of that. I will say though, drilling it into people's heads might not go over so well. There is a built in hate for MS that results in MS not getting the same positive results when using the same tactics of other companies.
  • Not only tv ads, but that's a big part of it... Marketing is everything from having more devices on more carriers, to putting MS lounges in airports that feature WP devices... Here at DFW airport we actually have Samsung lounges that have screens that play Galaxy commercials in between shows... Galaxy is all over the airport, and Samsung obviously has a huge advertising deal with Clear Channel.... MS needs those kinds of long term relationships with advertising companies, and venues.. Apple has the same with whoever manages large spaces on the sides of sky scrappers.. This isn't a temporary ad that MS usually does for a week at most, rather every iPhone since the 4 has become a part of the Dallas skyline almost permanently...
    One thing I do disagree with is the fact that people have hatred towards MS.. That's wrong.. They might not view MS as where it's at, but the AVERAGE CONSUMER doesn't hate MS... That's just another excuse, and like I said,, until a super strong marketing campaign fails, then I don't want to hear any other excuses... But, I see your points.
  • How can you honestly not blame Flipboard in this case? Microsoft/Nokia have been pushing them to develop an app for well over a year, and it's somehow Microsoft's fault when the developer just doesn't put any effort into their product? Microsoft obviously wants apps for Windows and Windows Phone. We mustn't forget how, for a while, they were literally /paying/ people to make apps for Windows Phone. Also, more recent incentives such as $20 for a lifetime developer license. Microsoft is also trying to market it, but the public just refuses to accept it. Everyone is still butt hurt over Windows 8, I feel. Not to mention the idea of Windows on one's phone scares people because they BSOD, viruses, sluggishness, etc. While I do agree poor marketshare can be a reason for developers to not want to support Windows Phone: This is just pure laziness. Just like Swarm, or any of the web wrapper apps. It's nothing but lazy and lackluster, and I'd actually prefer they ignore the platform completely than push out half-a$$'d work. Microsoft is not to blame in this. It's all of Flipboard: They decided "Windows Phone only has a 4% global market share, so we only have to put 4% of our effort into it." It painfully shows, considering how piss-poor it is compared to the iOS version. Laziness, pure laziness and refusal to support the platform.
  • How can I not blame flipboard? The awnswer is in your second sentence....
    MS has been trying to push them? They need to focus on pushing themselves, and when they push themselves as hard as they should the rest will most definitely follow....
    Look at the root cause... You say MS is trying to market... Trying? Do you see Apple, Samsung, and Google trying?.. No, they DO IT! .... For example. TV. I'm not going to even explain that because you'd have to have been in a coma to not see how inadequate WP marketing is compared to the iPhone.... Also, here at the airport we have "Samsung lounges", and billboards with Samsung devices everywhere.. Samsung has the airport taken over, and MS could do the same with WP, but they refuse to....
    Another example is the huge iPhones that literally are the size of a skyscraper on the sides of two buildings downtown Dallas, and have been their for years... MS pulls stunts, but maybe for a day, or two, nothing lasting, nothing permanent to instill "culture" into peoples minds... MS needs to do BIG things, and stick with it... I mean, at least do the tv gig right.... Why would the average consumer buy into something that is nowhere, when other things are everywhere? MS has the resources to do just as much as SApple, period, point blank.... If you don't see that Marketing is the root cause of WP's issues then I don't know what to tell you, but don't expect me to be just as unaware, and naive... Open your eye, brother❗❗❗❗❗
  • Yes, Microsoft is most definitely not pushing themselves, as evidenced by the serious effort they've been putting into completely shaking things up within the company for the better, listening to consumer feedback, changing their business model, and providing valuable resources for developers for cheap or free. I see Microsoft ads all the time, all over the place, so not entirely sure what you're talking about. However, Microsoft doesn't get all the free advertising Apple and Samsung get, granted, but I'm still frequently seeing ads (especially those Siri vs. Cortana ads). And what do you mean by Google, Apple and Samsung "do it?" Microsoft can't just suddenly go, "Oh hey, you know what, we shouldn't be trying to market our product to people, we should just /do it/," and magically sell devices in the millions. It takes time for public opinion to change. No, Google, Apple and Samsung don't have to try, because they're already at the top. They're not "doing" anything special, they just already rest on high laurels of public opinion. As for Samsung being everywhere: They /still/ aren't as profitable as Apple in regards to phone sales. Samsung is a brand built entirely on copying the competitor (for phones and tablets, anyways), then turning right around and mocking them. If that's the price of your supposed "success," then no thanks. And this is all dodging the problem at hand: The lazy developer. I don't see how it's "naive" to see Flipboard doesn't give two shits about Windows Phone, and so they're doing this to just say, "Leave us alone." At least Google has the decency to admit they don't care about Windows Phone and Windows 8 in the slightest, and as such, won't support it. I agree Microsoft has a marketing problem, but that doesn't change the fact Apple can literally break records selling any new iDevice, nor the fact people will continue to buy Samsung just to spite iOS users, nor the fact people still LOVE Google with all their heart and soul (and in fairness: aside from the some of the "evil" aspects about Google, they actually are a pretty awesome company!). Public opinion isn't something that can magically change, /THAT/ is the "root problem." Even when Microsoft releases fantastic ads, people still hate on it just because. Every company suffers from that to a degree, but damn, Microsoft really feels it to an extreme the other aforementioned companies don't. Almost as bad as Blackberry. So I conclude: This is laziness on the developer's part, because of the "root problem" that is people just love to hate Microsoft and everything with it, and they can't "just do it" like Apple or Google or Samsung, because they don't have the advantage of being loved and adored by the public. Honestly, Apple and Samsung aren't doing anything way too special compared to what Microsoft does in the way of advertising. Apple generally has more quality, while Samsung says screw quality and goes for quantity (that seems to be how the entire company functions, actually): Microsoft still has a pretty decent balance. However, Apple and Samsung are more successful simply because both have hordes of crazy passionate fans who make them successful. It's a chicken and the egg scenario: The company's success makes them successful, really. So, Flipboard doesn't give a shit about Microsoft. No one does. That's the problem: People. Not Microsoft, people.
  • Pointless excuses.. Try one more time..
  • What the fuck?! That was such a dick move, that comment... You've completely gone off track from your argument to just simply being condescending. That was uncalled for. I know my tone in my comment wasn't exactly purely Rogerian, but you have opted to drop your argument and just immediately jump for the moral high ground. Yeah, no. I did see some your validity in your points, but you just lost all credibility in my opinion. What the fuck? Honestly.
  • I lost credibility in your eyes.. Ok. Still doesn't change the fact that Marketing is WP's biggest issue.. You can get mad, upset, and your feeling's hurt all night for all I care, but don't expect me to hold your hand.. The same way you shouldn't expect the carriers to hold MS's hand.. It's MS fault WP is at 4% market share, and it's your fault you're getting all mad over there... Deal with it.
  • And that's exactly what I mean: You're an asshole. Ny feelings aren't hurt, don't you worry, so there's nothing for me to "get over" other than you mindlessly spewing how Microsoft is ruining everything, and just ignoring everyone else's counter arguments. You are the great rodneyej, so I guess you don't need anyone else's opinion, oh great wise one.
  • Lol❗ I'm an asshole.. Even me being an asshole doesn't change the fact that Marketing is WP's biggest issue... Did you think it would :-)
  • I agree. Samsung spends billions of dollars on advertising and if HTC spent as much as Samsung and Samsung as much as HTC, HTC would be number one and Samsung would be in second place. 
  • HTC is one thing, and maybe they have an excuse, but this is MS we're talking about... Now, as vital as mobile is to a company like MS in 2014 to drop a billion on advertising W10 in 2015 doesn't seem out of the question. But, that's the problem.. They will not beat Samsung, or Apple, at advertising.. Marketing is WP's biggest issue by far.
  • What's the difference between marketing and advertising? 
  • Pretty much the same thing.. Depends on how you look at it.. I guess marketing would be more along the line of product placement, and advertising would be like tv adds... But, I'm using marketing as a general term for both.
  • If marketing is the car advertising is the wheels.
  • It is not laziness. Those developers do what they are told to do by their bosses. And the bosses allocate resources to meet the bottom line. That is all that is to it.
  • I have no idea what you're referring to when you say marketing.  Most everyone I know, knows what a Windows Phone is.  They know it exist.  They know the commercials.  They know about the tiles.  But they still don't own one.  Why don't they own one?  Many factors but it's not about "marketing"!!!!!  They want an iPhone or Galaxy because that's what they see everyone else has.  And why is that?  If you've ever step foot in a retail or carrier store you would know and see the sales person recommending iPhone or Android device.  Where do people get their phones?  Most people walk into the stores.  They ask what do you recommend?  The sales person doesn't show them a WP device.  Sorry, but I'll have to disagree on your entire arguement.
  • Most everyone knows what WP is❓❓❓
    You are delusional, a blind WP fan, you live online in tech forums, or you're the best comedian to walk the earth, because that literally almost made my spleen rupture I laughed so hard..... Lol❗ Really?
    You live in Italy, or something?
  • Apple and Samsung has better ads than Microsoft. Their high end phones are available on every carrier. Microsoft is behind on those two points.
  • Good point.. Having your devices on store shelves is all part of marketing... MS has the power to do it... We should expect more❗
  • Sounds like a direct marketing issue to me.. Any idiot can see that.. Yet these guys say that Marketing isn't WP's biggest issue.... Ok
  • I'll quote myself correctly.  "Most everyone I know...". Yes, most everyone I work with.  My friends who have lunch with me every so often.  My retired old friends.  Not to mention family members.  Here's an example.  I'm on TMobile.  I use a Lumia 810.  My wife has an HTC Radar 4G.  The Lumia 810 is by no means the best WP device TMobile carried.  They also carried the Lumia 925, but that phone wasn't for me because it didn't have an SD slot.  However, had TMobile carried the Lumia 1020 I would have been all over that phone.  That camera trumps all for me.  That had nothing to do with "marketing" it has everything with availability.  People bemoan "exclusives" but the truth is if TMobile wanted that phone they could have received it.  Simply put.  If the carriers wants it, Microsoft would give it to them.  The carriers are the one's who controls this ship.  You can call it excuses.  But those are the facts as I see them.  Microsoft cannot force anyone to sell their products or the products of their OEMs.  My hope is that when Microsoft finally releases the McClaren (or whatever itteration) it is so special all of the carriers won't be able to resist.  And before the cancellation it had looked that way.  But even with that, if I recall correctly they were already talking about how some carriers would have better specs than other networks.  There are many factors why WP devices haven't exploded on the scene.  Namely at this time people just like static icons on their phones.  Lol!  :)
  • Dude, a WP device being on the store shelf is part of marketing.... Really? IDK what it takes to get you guys to understand that it's all about marketing, whether it's a store associate pushing the platform, or a television commercial, or a billboard on the side of the highway. Once that device leaves the drawing board it's all about marketing to get it in your pocket! What is so hard to understand about this? This is MS sole responsibility! The carriers don't care, OEM'S don't care until MS makes them... Now, MS has made some moves to appeal to carriers, and they are doing a great job... But, as far as the consumer, developers, and carriers, are concerned it's all about marketing and awareness.. And, it might not seem fair to you guys, but that non just has landed in MS's lap.. Too bad, that's what happens when you make a platform, and expect for people to use it.... What are you guys hoping for? What are y'all dreaming for to happen? Magic? Stop dreaming and start looking at MS, MS, MS, all day long.. It starts with them.
    Marketing is the root cause of WP's issues❗
  • Bravo! Exactly. I would love to hear MS's response to your post.
  • You're a friggin' idiot, and if you think anyone is going to waste their time reading your insipid, long-winded posts, you've got another thing coming. You're wrong! End of story. Now crawl your ass back to the Apple or Google site from whence you came.
  • Who are you talking to?
  • Sorry but you're just not right. It's two things. Their late to the market with their smart phone and there has not been as much development in WP as iPhone and android.
  • Facebook was late, google was late, the iPod was late.  Look at them now. 
  • Exactly... Late is a stupid argument.. 10 years from now there will be something new, and it will be successful... There's no such thing as being late in technology.. Technology is a ever evolving thing... You can suck in the time that you introduce your technology though... Mainly if your product is great, and the average consumer is not forced to buy it..... Hence Marketing, and awareness❗
  • BS argument... How many years are you going to say that? Where is that getting WP, using the same bs excuses year, after year.. Stop supporting WP not succeeding by using stupid prerecorded lines... BS❗
  • I agree with putting presure on Microsoft but not in the advertising department. They have to adjust their marketing mix from designing the product and features, implementing them, distributing products and advertising, gathering data and searching for improvemnts and re-designing again. During last year they seem to have done exactly that and that is a good sign. Look at the pace at which they release new improvements/updates, converging platforms, opening parts of codebase etc. The competition is ferocious and it wan't be easy to gain any share though.
  • You don't agree.... Ok. Not my fault.
  • Amen Brother.
  • TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! ... Oh, and on-(your)topic: there's no way you'll market a brand which people for some unexplained reason seem to hate from the depths of their hearts. If marketing was the answer to everything, HTC (for instance) would have done a much better job recent years... And lots of fun to you sir, displaying your high level of debating skills and intelligence. Now crawl back up Tim Cooks ass please...
  • Unexplained reason... The average consumer doesn't hate WP.. The minority, which is nerds like us, speak negatively online about WP.. Lol. You need to wake up and realize the the average consumer still doesn't know about WP.. Until we're sure that WP is a household name then we can't start to blame anything other than market for is snail pace growth, and insufficient app support...
    And, who's the troll here? I'm the biggest WP fan out of any of yall.. You don't know what you're dealing with here.. You need to kill that troll stuff... Tell me what device you have, and have had in the past.. ❓❓❓
  • I don't mean to offend anyone or to take rodneyjr's side but I think Microsoft really has to focus on marketing more. 1) They weren't the last in the mobile space. They where the first (remember Win mobile?) yet, Apple came and pushed iPhone with a lot of marketing. iOS didn't have many features (unlike WM) yet a lot of people heard about Apple's new phone, and very few about windows phone. 2) The average user don't know very much about OS features. They see a cool phone and they want it. If marketed right, you could sell a phone with not so many features to the average customers simply because they might never need it. Average customers don't use WiFI direct or sideload apps. 3) There are a lot of people out there that think about BSOD and viruses when they hear about Windows Phone. If only they would know that WP is the most secure OS out there, a lot would consider buying one. 4) Judging from our perspective (of more than average users), the OS would need a lot of improvements. So to get a lot of advanced users, Microsoft would need to add more features, but we are few, the most users out there are average and to get them Microsoft needs to market better the OS strenghts. 5) Also Marketing has to be done right (and more brand awarness for MS) that's why the announcers called the Surface an "iPad like". Because it had so much marketing eveyone knows what's an iPad and it's already being to be synonym to the word tablet. I recently saw an add for a game, and I was like "nah, I don't care", then I saw it on a news site and I thought I would try it maybe. Next day I saw a friend posting on facebook about the game, I downloaded it and I spend some money already in it. It's not an awesome game, still it was the one I heard about. If I were a game expert, I would probably knew there's another one like this with more features and better graphics. Anyway ... Microsoft's strategy was to deliver the best software and don't relay on marketing (unlike apple), so we can't really blame them for not delivering the best in the marketing department. @rodneyjr ... you are talking about marketing yet you don't know how to market your own comments Have a great day you all !
  • I've already listed the reasons why for years.. All of the points you made are not revelations.. I don't go around stating the obvious anymore because we already know what's wrong... I sum it up by saying that it is generally Marketing.. I can't explain what marketing is a thousand damn times everytime someone doesn't understand... Lets see you type all that stuff, that nobody really wants to read, over and over... Lol. I can't be brains for all your buddies... Lol!
  • Hardly fair. They took the time to make a wp app. If you are taking the time to make it, at least do it right. If you half ass it, the users will know and not use it as much. What's worse is how long they took to release it. Hell, they should have just hired Rudy to do it. He would have done it quicker and it probably would have cost them less.
  • Lifes not fair, especially in business.. It's first come first serve, and companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google, are smart enough to always get a good seat at the dinner table, while companies like MS are still outside eating sand....
    I'll tell you what you should do as a WP, and possibly a MS fan... Go to every MS user voice page and request that they either hires someone to do their marketing, and make consumer want their products, or they learn how to do it themselves.... If you want apps like this to release, and be as good as iDroid versions then you should be asking for more market share, my friend...... Start examining the situation by searching for the root cause of the problem..
  • Not going to argue with you on whether Microsoft can do better at marketing, they obviously can. However, bad product is a bad product and if Flipboard wanted a new customer (I.e. Me) then they should have done a better job creating this app. I am new an their bad performance isn't going to stop me from using WP, but it is going to make think twice about using them. We have to stop letting developers off the hook on this issue. If you don't have the resources to go after my business, then don't. I bought my phone as a communication tool first everything else is ancillary at best and a distraction at worst from the main job communicating with others. So developers that half-assed the job to get whatever bribe MSFT offered, can keep their focus on other platforms; others who take the time to appreciate the spot on my phone and the ability sell their ads to me get my respectful assessment and possibly continued use of their app.
  • The truth is that as big as iDroid is FB doesn't need you as a customer.. You're just a project to them... You said it yourself, and what you said applies to every similar app situation with WP...
    Listen to yourself: "If FB wanted a new customer they should have".... That should tell you something, and they aren't the only ones doing it.... You guys are using the same old theory to point blame... It hasn't worked because it's not the root cause... Look deeper, and blame MS.
  • Rodney always appreciate your passion and do not really disagree that MSFT can always improve their marketing, but to excuse FB of not producing a good product because MSFT is not marketing well is a slap to all the other developers who have done their best to support the platform. Your argument works for bringing apps to the platform, but once the developer arrives he or she us own their own to capture my attention. This model is no different than the cable TV market and if FB wants to be like the Lifetime channel that I never touch then so be it. Doesn't mean, I am going to stop buying Comcast. Yes, I know that Comcast has the huge share, but if FB is like any other channel or show trolling for eyeballs and they get only one chance to make a first impression and they failed. I am not offended that FB didn't want my business, I feel sad that people who were looking for the arrival are disappointed, but I am not going to lose sleep over FB. All these apps are a dime a dozen especially now as they all struggle to find the second pony in their one trick world. MSFT is better served continually improving the OS and hardware, marketing those innovations to end customers and not stressing any more about what app of the week started on IOS. Just like MSFT us going to win the day having their services on all major OS, those apps that do the same will succeed.
  • Why are you guys even responding to this fool? He's not here for any reason except to troll and to post BS. The idiot has never even seen a WP, much less used one.
  • Just because you're a WP fan doesn't mean you have to be a pathetic sheep, like you obviously are...
    I have a 920, and a 1520.. Grow up!
  • ... /sarcasm?
  • You can't market a platform with terrible apps.
  • YYou can market with the apps that aren't terrible.(nextgen reader, mytube, metro tube,  6tag, Viber, WP central, halo, XBOX games even though they should really update the app for them) it's that simple,  if you don't advertise well,  you don't win.  Samsung and apple are a perfect example of this. 
  • The average consumer really doesn't care about apps as much as you think... And, WP has enough apps, a a good enough quality to make the cut.. The problem is marketing.. It's not apps.
  • I salute rodneyej for being a tough guy. I actually see his point, but I also understand other people's thoughts. It is like McDonald's story thingy, it goes like anyone else can definitely make a better burger than what McDonald's is selling. But why are they so freaking successful??? That is a proof that the success of a product does not entirely rely on its quality but on how it is being marketed. For those people who believe in quality [like I do], it is kinda a sad truth. But that is how the ["Marketing"] world goes. And guys, I hope you see rodneyej's point. And I hope by now you see that he will not bend no matter what you say so long as it is not about pro-marketing stuff, okay? Let's just agree to disagree. I just hope he lessens himself from saying "Blame Microsoft". It's kinda becoming his catchphrase now. :3
  • Lol!!! I'll always blame MS because it is ultimately their products, their platform, and thier shareholders that need to be pleased... I don't just say things just to say them, although it does sound repetitive at time.. Nevertheless, I'm 100% convinced that marketing is WP's biggest issue, and the point that you made about perception over quality is exactly what I've been saying... We have to look at the reality of why Samsung, and Apple, are successful... It is because those companies have relentless, RELENTLESS, marketing campaigns... MS does market, but it is in no way near, as aggressive as the others.... When MS markets WP seriously aggressive for years, and that doesn't make an impact, then at that point I will be willing to admit that marketing isn't WP's root cause for being unsuccessful.. But, until I see that then I'm sticking with the obvious... Like I said a good salesman can sell ANYTHING to anyone, anywhere, anytime... What we're dealing with here doesn't have to do with the product,, its the skill of the salesmen..... And, MS have just not been good salesman of the great product they produced.... Now, that's a shame. SMH Lol..
  • Seriously disappointed... Hopefully it does improve!
  • I think I will stay with the Magnify news reader client. It's much closer to Flipboard as we know it. Have installed and uninstalled Flipboard for Windows phone already... It's almost like they gave a junior the task of making this app.
  • Pretty lame attempt at coding an app.
  • Pretty lame username....
  • Thanks!
  • LOL❗❗ ...Look at that ⬆⬆ ... I wont let up, NIST❗❗
    I stand firm in what I believe in, and never steer off course...
  • But where are you going?
  • I don't time for your shenanigans tonight, NIST.. Lol❗
  • Shenanigans is tomorrow night. Tonight is all tomfoolery and riff raff.
  • Lol!! Now, I'm thirsty for some beer❗❗❗
  • Lol!! This swim guy called me an asshole.. Now, is that true, NIST?
  • No love
  • Now this fool up here is saying I'm a troll from some iDroid site... SMH... What a stupid WP sheep.. No better than a pathetic iDroid clone..
  • Shut up you are so annoying
  • Then why don't you just scroll down and ignore it?.. Is anyone making you upset yourself?
    So, wait... You're saying that I should stop having this conversation because it annoys you?... Ok
  • Hey everyone, Rodney thinks msft's issue is marketing in case the 54 messages above didn't make it clear ;-). I agree Microsoft could do better at marketing, but to say that they would be significantly more successful with better and more marketing is honestly naive. That's like saying if the Yugo was marketed better it would have sold better than the Accord. You have to have a great product plus more to be successful. They were late to market, didn't have high end devices (like it or not, people wanted quad core much earlier, HD displays, etc, regardless if WP ran fine without the quad core processor), continue to suffer from lack of a true flagship, suffer from handset availability on multiple carriers, and last but certainly not least have failed to get developers onboard to build killer apps. Sure, the market talks when developers decide what to develop on, but MSFT could have spent the money Rodney wants them to spend on marketing and developed deals with stores to educate and reward employees for selling windows phones, paid developers to build awesome apps to fill the obvious holes that existed for SO long, or even fix some of the terrible apps that are out there today. For those that think apps like Facebook are good, pick up an iPhone and check your facebook. It's night and day. To think that getting the word out about windows phone would have prevented or solved these issues is just not true. Notice I'm still saying it's Microsoft's fault--just not placing all my eggs in the marketing basket.
  • Which Windows Phone do you have?
  • Though, he have a point that should be noted. And true, success is not 'only from' marketing. All things considered.
  • Yet, and still everything you just said relies on marketing... Lol.. You guys just don't see the big picture here, and probably never will.. Maybe what MS needs is less people like you working there......... You can't argue with that❗ Still 4% market share after 4 years.. Marketing, and awareness is WP's biggest issue... Even if the platform had 2 million perfect apps WP market share would still suck if nobody knows about it....
    .................... MARKETING❗........................
  • Interesting, Flipboard without flipping ... ;p  
  • Yeah, it'll get there some year. 
  • > ...but it will get there What makes you think so? Instagram hasn't received an feature update or bug fix on WindowsPhone for six months.
  • Missing all those features and can't run on 512mb devices... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Shows you how far they can get by seemingly hiring one part time guy for the Windows Phone version.
  • Kinda of now with the announcement of no new OS until next year.  Who’s going to waste money on hardware that might not be supported in a year...not me. I got an Iphone, but still have my 1520.3.  
  • Whoa whoa whoa.... Who ever said anything about current devices not being upgradeable to Windows 10? I'm highly skeptical that's going to happen, especially for high-end hardware like the 1520.
  • Contract is up in December. If MS hasn't announced anything exciting both hardware and software wise, I'm going to be thinking hard about Android and iOS...
  • What does that even mean? WP 8.1 Update 1 with Denim should be coming to the 1520 on AT&T fairly soon. There isn't a whole lot of competition OS/hardware wise. Even the iPhone 6 Plus. If you're talking about apps, that's a different story though... hardly think MS will announce much there.
  • The last "big" flagship level phone was the Lumia 930, which was a rebranded Lumia Icon, released in February. Last we've heard anything flagship related, McLaren was cancelled. Not a peep since.
      Software wise, WP8.1 was a big leap for the platform, but mostly playing catch up. It'd be nice to know what MS is doing to keep that momentum. They've announced Win10 for PCs, but the only thing we've heard about phones is that it's getting Win10 as well, but no details on what that really means. Will it be a major overhaul, a moderate evolution, or under the hood changes like the jump from WP7 to 8? Most relevant to this article, though, is that Flipboard is the biggest app we've seen make a jump to WP. But Flipboard is hardly a big deal. Everyone I know knows what Snapchat is. But I doubt a single one of them even know of Flipboard...
  • The problem here in the US is that we don't have the 930 available nation wide. the 1520 is not for everyone and on top of that its only on ATT officially. I have decided to settle for the 830 and even at that Tmobile is being so frustrating slow for the announcement. It sucks really and understandable how some consumers are tired of waiting for the 3rd gen lumias
  • I'm definitely switching to iPhone when my contract expires, I have an iPod touch and the apps are a thousand times better.
  • What?? Accept our award as troll of the day! Go and tell isheep community you tried convincing us but we remained unmoved!
  • Fuck u, 'herbertsnow'
  • What are you doing here? In fact an influx of trolls have been coming here for the past week like some girl name ladybitch or some bulllshit trolling other WP regulars. I think the contests they've been running have attracted iPhone and android pricks just to see if they can get a lumia.
  • http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man
  • I would if he just came here to bash WP.
  • Ios and crapdroid is lame, dull, boring. So many great things about WP and just because one app isn't up to snuff you immediately want to go back to either if those two OSs. Some of you people just baffle me..
    And badmojo-"no new OS till next year" Really? Is there something wrong with 8.1?
  • Exactly it like they are little girls with no spine, at the slightest sign of imperfection they want to bail. Pathetic. I would not jump to IOS with is stale and boring interface even if WP ceased to exist, which I doubt will happen.
  • We know you do. All you do is post about how WP is doomed and terrible.
  • I'm going to buy iPod touch. Just for enjoying million of apps:-) but i still keep my lovely Lumia. Oh, no android. Lol
  • a kick in the mouth imho
  • Seems like they had a fledgling intern throw it together.
  • This
  • Yeap... My thoughts exactly... Definitely feels like a junior wrote this app for Flipboard.
  • And judging by how long it took them to get it out to the store, that intern must be working part time or very very occasionally.
  • I didn't understand this app at all. Deleted.
  • Yeah, I'm not keen. There are plenty of nice news aggregators that don't require sign up...
  • Yes. Nextgen.
  • Nextgen is awesome, better in my opinion!
  • Weave is a better alternative for now!
  • Not to mention Rudy's Fuse!
  • Nice to have...but Cortana and Bing News, er, MSN News are my go to sources now. If those didn't exist, Weave is far better than the version of Flipboard we have for WP.
  • MSN News beats Flipboard, excuse me, Scrollboard, experience-wise. Unless Scrollboard comes out with new features on WP that bring it up to par with the other platforms there isn't a whole lot of reason to get it.
  • I agree.  Flipboard devs are get checks from google and thus, they build weak apps for WP.
  • Well we have the best Pandora app at least.
  • Flipboard on iOS and Android are far ahead of any reader on Windows Phone in design and usability. However, its official WP app is easily outclassed on WP.
  • Its the story with ALL apps. If you do every apps showdown you know WP apps suck big time. No app on WP is better than iOS. Not even Skype.
  • Skype outperform to the stinky version for Android I use everyday Skype on my phone and call tell that runs better in Windows phone Skype even in a tablet running NVIDIA tegra stinks every application that run the problem with the platform Windows phone isn't the platform itself is who are developing stinky software and making wait years for their bad quality versions, and isn't any excuse that Windows phone programming be hard or don't have potential, just simply the programmers still stuck in Java programming language
  • Works like a charm on a Nexus, wish WP could too
  • I can assure you xbox music is not better on Android. Also I just found out that you are a Troll. So whats your point?
  • If you don't make better versions of your own apps, then people won't come. Skype isn't better, and we don't have Office 360.
  • Well, the argument behind that is that Office 365 is already integrated into the Office suite that comes with the OS. Wish I could customize it more but Office 365 does work great on Windows Phone. That is, until they decide to decouple Office altogether and make it a standalone app for you to download so they can apparently update it faster. You know...their old obsession with fixing things that aren't broken?
  • The main thing I was hoping to get from WP Flipboard was have easier access to G+, but unfortunately its not there.
  • Download app called gPlus.  Amazing google+
  • Its quite sickening to be honest......makes me feel I belong to a sub par platform.....whether or not that's true isn't the point, having the worst app out of the three available platforms will give off that vibe! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Good point. You are better off not having the app available or at least call it a Beta or a preview than marketing like its the real deal. This app does nothing good for the Windows platform.
  • BECAUSE IT JUST CAME OUT.... obviously it will come in updates.
  • You wouldn't expect this from an app on ios though.
  • Like instagram...
    Stop dreaming, it took them two years to bring an app to windows phone that isn't even on the level of 2012s android version.
  • Really? I guess I'd still count instagram as 'just came out'.
  • -Wtf did I write here delete plox-
  • I don't know about them but there are tons of half baked apps in ios.
  • true.. make that several tons of half-baked apps.
  • good point, why ie if  flipboard goes with an bad version of an app, for android or apple  the answer could be,  the people would be yelling and would watch on the news  that an application x     got  bad in IOS  while to the world Windows phone is non existent , should even microsoft if wants and really wants boost this platform   start by themselves by do the best app and do the same as  google does, do not release any app on android and  IOS,  and demmand the same functionality and look/feel like  to the applications that have on the other platforms have, and demmand periodic  upgrades, is incredible that tiwtter even have no much integration with cortana and  facebook  already  open an IE instance for show me an news posted in WPC  facebook channel by example
  • If you ask me I think it's developers intention to kill Windows Phone by creating sub standard apps which raises a lot of concern amongst users... They want to kill an OS capable of overthrowing Android and IOS by making awful apps
  • well , no surprises here. To be fair though Flipboard for ios had two years of updates and the full attention of its developers whereas flipboard for windows phone came out today and its developers don't give two shits about it
  • 1gb needed for that crap, i really don't get it. It's like Microsoft is paying them to show how much better apps are on other devices. Even microsofts own apps are much better on other systems. Seems like Microsoft wasted the last two windows phone years only to bring folders and a crappy action bar on the same level of android cup cake.
  • May be you should consider going where you deem better, some of us are very much okay with wp
  • I used to be a big flipboard fan back in the days of iPad 1. Also used in the conjunction with Google reader service. After reader service died and flipboard decided to continue on its own I just stopped using it. Today I'm a big nextgen reader user and although it also does not flip, it serves the purpose for me and marks my articles as read and syncs across devices. I'm not really sure I will really use flipboard at all, specially if it does not flip :-) It may sound stupid to some but its kind of a deal breaker for me. Similar to those people who can't use Windows without the start menu buy they Can use Mac OS.
  • Man, I just love that last line ;)
  • So many naysayers, haters and complaining in the comments today.
  • Justifiably so.
  • I've never once thought about switching just because off some dumb apps. I love my Windows phone for more than shows.i used IOS and Android before WP and I could never go back. I'm especially looking forward to Windows 10 on phone.
  • Another app that MS probably threw money at, and the dev said "Ok, ok, we'll get a WP version together.  Hey, Chuck, tell the two guys who are doing data scrubbing to get a WP app together.  We got paid to have it done by October.........yeah, those guys...........I don't care if they have no coding experience.  Send them to a C # course and start getting it together."
  • Just like that. Just like twitter, instagram, WhatsApp, etc...
  • Good comparison. Please do more app comparisons between ios, android, and Windows
  • Videos play just fine for me within the app.... Not sure why it doesn't work for you
  • Like it just fine. More interested in content than aesthetics. Like it better than the Windows 8.1 version that does flip.
  • I don't even use Flipboard as I've never really understood the point, but the gap between the two versions here is very wide, and it's a bit disapointing that they didn't develop something better after all the delays!
  • Im sorry but it must be a BETA.. Maybe MS has instructed them to leave it out from the tittle, since its getting embarrassing...
  • It just simply sucks.
  • So far behind the other versions. It is simply a disgrace.
  • It's about flipping time. Have been waiting a long time for this one. Really glad to see it but having used it on android , surface and pc it falls short. Looking forward to the updates so it lives up to the name that is Flipboard...
  • Same with ebay half hearted attempt . Love my phone but apps always let it down. Getting a bit pissed off.
  • I'm not surprised the Windows app versions are the bastard versions of the king and queen iOS and Android world.
  • Well as I have never used this app I doubt that I will personally miss things I have never used. Still the app developer is only just getting started with windows phone, so I would suggest giving them a break and thanking them for the attempt and giving constructive criticism so they can give you what you want.
  • Is WP8 a difficult OS? Why do devs suffer?
  • It's not difficult to program for. Developers just can't be bothered to put any real resources into working on an app for a platform with 2% marketshare.
  • To me it is the easiest of the platforms to even develop for and I do dev on all 3. The tools are far better on windows (visual studio vrs xcode vrs eclipse) but theirs a shit ton more users on Android and iOS.
  • same here. i love writing apps for wp
  • IP It takes a lot of time and effort to develop apps. If it didn't then we would have a million apps on WP. Unfortunately WP was late to the party and developers went with the only two popular kids on the playground. iOS set the gold standard and it will be hard for WP to command the kind of mind share iPhone does. I mean iPhone were late to the phablet game but now clothes designers are planning clothes with deeper pockets because of the iPhone 6 plus. So why would as a developer switch from the popular platform to one just getting started?
  • So what's new? I love my Windows Phone but inferior apps or no apps at all are just something you live with on this platform. Will never go Apple, but Android? Maybe.
  • My thoughts exactly
  • Yeah and the reason is with a penny you can get an android phone running gingerbread in 2014
  • Same here. Going to the Note 4 when it comes out. I love my 1020, but other than the camera and UI, windows phone is really behind. Im goin keep my 1020 to use as a camera though
  • I would recommend getting something with Andoid on it rather than Samdroid. I have a Note 3 and cannot stand the thing, compared to my MotoX, and previous Nexus devices. Samsungs skinning is pervasive across the OS. The UI elements are amaturish, and it is bloated with extra 'features' that cannot be removed, or even changed. Really expected to like the thing and the stylus support, but Samsung has just ruined Android, IMHO. P.S. My daily phone is a 1020, that's why I'm here. Just a PSA for someone about to make a mistake.
  • How is the skinning a problem? I have never used any android device ever so I wouldn't even know the difference in the two OS's. Is the Note 3 laggy? Because the Note 4 seems like it has really good specs and wouldn't come across a problem like that. I love my 1020 but sometimes you do wish you had more apps and be able to download any app in the app store. All these 3rd party apps are annoying except 6tag and 6snap. 
  • It is mostly a visual and layout thing. The UI design is like someone threw XP on a Window 7 device, The icons are blocky, in my view, the settings screen is broken up strangely, settings are in different places, the basic (hardware) buttons are different. You may actually not have an issue with it having never used any Android, and performance wise the Note is a fine device. I can even get a Qi charging back for it, unlike many of my WPs (Grrr). I have used a number of Nexus devices, phones and tablets, and even an Asus convertible with Android. The Note is the first Android that is different enough it seems like a different OS...well, except for the NokiaX, but that's a different story altogether. I personally prefer WP, but have no animosity against Android or even iOS (have an iPhone 5 too, I'm a tech addict). If you are set on changing, do give a Nexus or Motorola device a look. Maybe friends have them. You can't tell from 5 minutes in a store. Relevent to this discussion, the Note3 has a 'feature' that brings up Flipboard as a news source when you slid up from the bottom. Normally you would get Google Now. I like Google Now, can't stand Flipboard. On the Note I can't change that behavior or even uninstal Flipboard. I can disable Flipboard, but not the tie in to the gesture. That sort of thing irritates me.
  • Mark I love your videos but please do not do anymore videos highlighting just how terrible of a job the WP developers did compared to the iOS developers. It's some apps you just don't change for any platform and for anyone saying the like the scrolling better than the flipping animations, that's not flipping Flipboard.lol The apps really are better on other platforms unfortunately. Even the ones that finally make their way over.(ahem, Instagram)
  • The accidentally released one a week ago was properly flipping like other platforms was it not? Or am I imagining things.
  • Lol no it did not and I took to Twitter to express my frustrations and one of the official Flipboard reps said that it was the "placeholder" app. And now with the official one how much has changed? A joke.
  • To be honest though... It's a news reader... Who cares if the UI flips?
  • Um I'm guessing the people that have used it on other platforms. What's the name of the app? Just saying. We can't keep making excuses for lackluster, half hearted apps that they give us just cause we wanted it. If we have that attitude we will always have the worst apps compared to our rivals.
  • I get your point but the world will spin on if flip board is scroll. Plus. The app has just came out. Perhaps they plan to update rapidly like Wunderlist.
  • We're still calling it Flipboard??
  • I vote for SlideBoard.
  • I'm going with Scrollboard.
  • So, without its signature feature, this app is just Board. Bored?
  • *golf clap*
  • Mark Guim.... This is What WPC needs! More cross platform showdowns!
  • +100500
  • Will you please read my long comment at the very top.
  • I created an account using facebook. When I logged in to facebook, it said, "Facebook login from Android on Nokia Lumia 920) like iPhone." -_-
  • if they said it was on a windows phone,  all the websites will look crappy. That's the sacrifice that Microsoft had to make
  • This sort of comparison should be carried out for all apps, just to prove a point. MS say there's no app gap, but of course there is. The bigger issue is really terrible, unsupported apps. Yes, most of the bigger apps are there, but they are updated so infrequently they're a joke in comparison to the other platforms. If MS could focus on getting companies to update apps at the same rate/quality as other platforms, most ppl might like WP more?
  • The point is ho need this app? Wo and to make one app for ios good and same app for Windows Phone with many bag's they are not make ios better from Windows Phone ok?
  • Why use this when we have nextgen reader...just saying.
  • Official apps means more customers, increasing market share
  • What's the sense if it's official garbage, when Nextgen Reader is so much better, we are the ones to push and promote these apps that's exclusive to windows phone and stop looking for these so call killer apps from other platform that's Gonna make some shitty knock off of the app, and when we use it on the phone it's going to be a knock on the phone not the app for not being as good as the other OS.
  • when i switched back to wp, i had really a hard time finding all the apps alternatives. they are out there and they are better. the problem is, that the appstore at least here in switzerland is filled with scam apps. i switched my region settings to us, and look - the scam apps were gone. but seriously, microsoft has work todo there.
  • I don't get why everybody is so psyched about the "flip" animation. From what I can gather, it is basically paging, but with an animation. I know Feedly on Android has it, but it is just so slow to used when processing a list of items (like news headlines) when comparing to scrolling through them. Btw. I usually prefer 3rd party clients on WP to official ones, since they are not as shiny, but are usually more efficient, customizable and generally poweruser-friendly.
  • It's not about the flipping or even about Flipboard. It is indicative of a larger argument, about the quality of apps on the platform, and the platform itself.
  • At least a year later and it's not on the same level! The developers are contributing to people not adopting WP due to things like this. With all that time, there's really no excuses for this from the developers
  • BS, years of waiting for nothing!!
    + when we will see an update, 2,3 months or even more, MS must find a solution for this problem, we have apps, buy we don't have updates, some apps hasn't been updated since a year!!!
  • Keep the flipping animations away from the beatufiully flat WP! :P But yeah, the other options and videos should be brought in.
  • Fuck u, 'herbertsnow'
  • I almost hate the flipboard windows apps
  • I like converge better.
  • i've tried Flipboard on Android and it's amazing, contemplating on getting a Nexus 7 device from Asus...
  • Guys, stop complaining. The devs only spent like a year and a half developing this app! Cut them a little slack!
  • OMG moaners.....stfu,
  • Down
  • From a developer view point here is maybe why its this way. First the flip, in Windows Phone animations are ok but to make custom flipping animations like Flipboard on iOS has is a pain. The stock controls like used in WP Flipboard can not just flip in the middle, there is no such thing. That is speaking of xaml and c#. Thats the major problem. If something was build to walk on the moon it is not supposed to swim in the water. Thats the difference between iOS and WP. If something is build for iOS its not easy to convert 1:1. Microsoft built already some great stuff so we can code in javascript and html and can make better apps but if you are on WP since 2010/2011 and started coding with c#/xaml and never have touched javascript or html then its an step that not all devs do to satisfy their users. This is also the same the other way around, iOS devs if they dont have build before for WP then they tend to design and code like they code for iOS. That is normal i think because if i ever develop for iOS/Android i think i would also have mich influence from the WP design and coding. The best would be that flipboard tries to port their existing app to WP.
  • If they want to give us an app, they must work hard+ they are experts, they have app on IOS , Android, and Windows 8.1
    BTW, why not sharing the codes between w and WP, universal app
  • My words. They are experts. But maybe not on WP. And i also think if they have this animation on windows 8.1 app then its possible to do the same on WP8.1 in an universal app.
  • The flipping animations are in the Windows 8 version, which I'm sure uses XAML and C#.
  • If they have an existing Windows 8 app it would be easy then to make an WP8.1 app out of it. I dont know why they dont have done this then?!
  • This is really what i wanted to read about and would be good to implement in any future articles as this one, where you compere apps on IOS/Andriod/WP - the dev point of view. So you are saying that it is almost impossible to make Flipboard app on WP with all the features it has on IOS, because of WindowsPhone OS differences/limitations ? 
  • Funny how the makers of Magnify (formerly FlipMag) managed to make it flip (not exactly in the same way, but in a way that would definitely make it worthy of the "Flipboard" moniker) if it's so hard.
  • Yes because they maybe are more familiar with WP development?!
  • That seems like a reasonable assumption to make, yes.
  • Not exactly limitations but there is no simple way of doing this. Is must be done per hand. I dont say its impossible but its hard. WP8.1 xaml and all the controls cant just flip in the middle that must the dev build per hand. And i think they are just exploring the first time the WP controls in apps. We see this often that new WP apps come from Android or iOS and are just web wrapper because the devs can not make it better or like on this two systems. Lack of WP app building information?! It can be. Here is also an example of the context menu in WP apps, on iOS and Android how would devs implement this if they dont have it? So the devs on iOS and Android if they want exactly this like the WP context menu they have to build it per hand the hard way. That is happening to the flipboard devs right now they cant just copy paste code from one app to another.
  • So if i understand right, it comes down to what some people here are saying, that developers just dont want to spend resources ( of finding & paying developers who know how to work with tools for WP development etc. ) and time for development of quality WP apps, but instead just go for quickest way to somehow "port" their apps to WP. Without optimization, fine tuning and so on... Really sad. 
  • They have done this with JavaScript on their website. Visit https://flipboard.com/section/men-of-letters-bEaFgN?utm_source=fbcom&utm... from your Windows Phone device and try flipping. Works. I'm sure it's not hard with JavaScript (I'm a JavaScript developer). 
  • Of course with Javascript its another game. I just dont understand if the iOS version is Javascript html ?! Why didnt they build for WP8.1 also in javascript, its possible. Even an u universal app then would be easier to manage for them. But in c#/xaml its a pain. I also am thinking of learning more javascript/html for the future of windows 10.
  • I think we all must install this app, to show of some support, if we will keep on using unofficial apps they will update their apps, I know that they should have provide better featured app, but we must find a new strategy to support developers, by rating and sending feedbacks.
    Note: Give them bad rating or good one it's up to you, for me I'm going to give them 2 stars only.
  • +1520
  • I have just given the app 5 stars, I wish there was a sixth star
  • Don't worry guys, this app is Microsoft's incentive for you to get a better Windows Phone. Look at how great it is.
  • Comparing an app that's been out for less than 48hours to an app that's been available on another platform for years hardly seems remotely fair
  • I had a first Gen iPad, so I had the original version of Flipboard. It was still better than what we have four years later on WP. Lets keep this in mind. Flipboard won Apple's first ever iPad App of the Year. The designers knew what made a good app back then. It wasn't like we were dealing with some buggy ugly duckling that turned into a swan years later. Flipboard has been a well designed app since day one, and so for us to get what amounts to a beta version four years later is a real downer.
  • its all abour eco system andbnot about compatibility. now flupbaoed isnt giving a fuck but with windows 10 they have to do wothout fail.
  • There's no evidence that Windows 10 will make any difference at all.
  • I know its minor but i still prefer the FLIP (iOS/Android) over the SCROLL (WP), kinda disappointed the way it was implemented on WP.
  • iOS's app is ugly in its UI-logic, definetly don't like it. WP app needs more work.  
  • To be honest i love the simple WP OS but the only thing that pisses me off are the APPS! Incomplete, lack of quality & usually lag! MS seriously needs to do something or else they're going to lose the little they've gained. I might ditch it too if things remain stagnant as far as apps are concerned, i mean they even screwed up album hub, xbox music etc. We need quality not number of official apps, no quality no use.
  • Flipboard has finally jumped the shark.  I won't even keep this on my Lumia 920.  This is some lame knockoff, trailer park version of Flipboard. I'll use Dailyaha. Its more pleasant experience with page turn. I'm uninstalling this fake.
  • DailyAha has really nice flipping animations on windows phone. If this other app can do it without struggling, why couldn't flipboard?
  • Windows Phone and it's users are 2nd class citizens.  Heck even Microsoft treats you as such.  WP will never become anything above that.  Truth hurts but you need to hear it. WP has no future.
  • So.. You're judging the class of people by the Operating System they choose? Real Mature there.
  • I'm sorry if I misinterpreted.. But WP is no 2nd class.. It's Microsoft's top priority
  • Then why  are Microsoft's apps better on Android and iOS than WP.  They don't even how to prioritize their own platform! how do you expect them to overtake iOS and Android? 
  • On my Lumia 1020 Flipboard shows Videos inside the App, even the CNN Videos.
  • man, I'm done with Windows Phone for a few, bout to go swap this Nokia Lumia Icon out for a iPhone 6, I just wanted to be different from everybody else, I just wanted to support the underdog and be a part of the growth of a new, fresh and exciting ecosystem, but the Developers are shitting on us.
  • plus they're removing the Nokia brand, so who wants a Nokia logo on their phone after the new phones come out
  • Nice, no flip. I like,screen on Nokia better though. On the side note, DailyAha app actually flips as Flipboard should have. Hmm and also Flipboard flips under BB 10.2. Pathetic.
  • This is disappointing considering the Windows 8 version works great.
  • This is the problem with shitty conversions. Never heard of Flipboard before and on the strength of the WP app I can't see the appeal.. Because it's sub standard. Same with Trivia Crack. A half arsed port without the polish of the IOS equivalent.
  • Its funny how flipboard took flipmag down because of the flipping feature, yet can't put it in their own app. I rather this app be taken down if they are not planning on updating.
  • Who needs Flipboard? The alternatives are so great.... Magnify, Fuse, Ini etc..
  • This problem can only be solved if Microsoft can approve apps only after thorough testing. If they think an app is not fit for publishing then it should be simply rejected like Apple does.
  • I agree.  Windows Phone needs to adopt a curated, quality tested (by a human) app store guideline. It's the only way to prevent poor applications from entering the store. It definitely builds a reputation after a while, if you have crud cluttering up the app store.
  • It is quite disappointed because I can even flip pages kind of lame
  • Can't say it's flipboard if it doesnt flip
  • Haha funny isnt it
  • Don't worry. They're changing it to Scrollboard.
  • The more I see that green 1520 the more I want it......
  • Words can't describe how incomplete and disappointing this app is. It's like live lock screen and Xbox Music app levels of incompetence.
  • This is the REAL app gap on Windows Phone; it isn't the number of apps, it's the lack of quality in the preponderance of available WP apps. It's so prevalent, among large name titles, that Microsoft can't not be aware of the situation.
  • Exactly, hit the nail on the head there pal.
  • They have to work hard on the best platform
  • Another half-assed port of an app. And while we're on the subject of ports, why is Instagram still a beta? Wtf?
  • This is just a board we are waiting for flip part
  • Also, the WP platform, and this site, should do a lot more one to one comparisons, comparing the same apps across platforms, and dinging the Windows version if it's not up to par. Expecting excellence is the only way you'll get it (in life and on your phone :-) ).
  • This Video has just sealed the end of my affair with Windows Phone. I love the OS but I'm sick and tired of apps like this and many more that are just poor poor imitations of the real thing. I've invested hundreds of pounds in windows phone and I've only just had a notification centre added to my phone. Promise after promise from Joe Belfiore about app quality and choice and it just hasn't happened. My upgrade is due on Monday and I'll be buying the the new Iphone 6. Just not good enough :( And for those who childishly will comment and say bye bye or your not welcome here anymore and how windows phone needs support....well wake up and smell the coffee because it ain't gonna happen.
  • Im going to the Note 4 myself
  • Flipboard for WP is an "after market" of iOS and Android version. It is the cheap version of the luxurious flip experience ! That make Phonly stand out in all its glory as the top reader app. Honestly, Flipboad releasing for WP isn't a big news anymore. I have personally gotten use to the other similar apps especially Phonly and find Flipboard just onther reader app now. Like other beta apps i.e. instagram, this will also remain in beta for an unforeseen future. MS continue to do extremely poor job in highlighting the hard work of independent developers who have taken upon themselves to bring the clones of top apps, and non-surprisingly, majority of those innovative apps are awesome. Just look at MetroTube and myTube. MS has themselves damaged WP than everyone else collectively. First, MS is giving iOS and Android the royal treatment by releasing their apps with new features on those platforms. With only a month to go before the rush for holiday season shopping goes full swing we don't have a flagship/next OS announcement when everyone else has already done so and consumers have started to budget for holiday shopping. This has left the door open for Android and iOS to further establish, bug fix and improve their mobile OS versions, while MS "waits" until late next year to release Windows 10 (REALLY ?). How will MS increase their market share with WP 8.1 when shining new iOS 8 and Android's Material Design has already started their market assault (devices, software, apps etc.).It also makes us, the Lumia 920 users, look at other platforms after completion of our 2 years contract cycle. Lumia 1520 and 930 specs will be obsolete in only a matter of months and no new Nokia/MS flagship is "coming soon" including no new OS. Please, I am tired of showing the "glance screen" as a cool feature. The dotmatrix cover thing on HTC is actually lot more cooler. Almost tempting to write a piece titled "How MS is killing WP". For loyals like us, it is frustrating to see how MS is killing their own Mobile OS, at will !
  • It sucks cuz now its not about the apps missing, but many consumers that love apps are leaving because they are not getting feature parity. Commercials are showing off many apps and they're features and the friends I have with a windows phone are tired of waiting. So many apps are so under developed its embarrassing really idk how a team of developers can feel fine releasing some apps like that. Then you see some apps like Flixster #1 Toolkit MSN Travel (the whole suite really) Just to name a few, but the flow and transitions of certain apps are amazing and really what every app should feel like and offer that experience -_-
  • I smell conspiracy against WP! :/
  • Yeah I don't use flipboard but I wouldn't go running to any of my friends that are waiting for this app to hit WP to tell them its finally available..this was pretty embarrassing smh....hopefully they'll update up to par....and to those of you screaming "don't worry they will".... "this app just came out" I'm still waiting for Netflix to update the WP app with profiles like its been on IOS and Droid
  • That sad moment when you find out that flipboard requires 1 GB of RAM and you only have 512 MB
  • Change the name to "SCROLLBOARD", more fitting the experience!!
  • Lol. Just my thought!
  • Is there anyone from MS who can answer why do you announce ANY APP on WP that has been avl for 2 yrs on other OSes and yet they are "watered" down versions of those already in use?? STOP GIVING US THESE PISS POOR APPS and then think that we should be grateful to get these poor assed apps that has very little functionality compared to its IOS and ANDROID siblings.
  • 15 months and got nothing. Wow flipboard. Wow.
  • Honestly MS only those users who are like those caught out in a desert for days without water and jumps,crawls and grovels as soon as they see an app released for WP thats on the rival oses and yet don't ever stop to say but hey like the e.g. used in the exert where's the jelly in my peanut butter and jelly sandwich?? Why does MS always accept MEDIOCRITY from DEVS just because the WP OS may not be as popular as IOS or ANDROID but if you look at BB their apps though a variant of Android's own doesn't ever act watered down like the ones on WP do.   Is IOS and GOOGLE that afraid of a rival in 3rd position that if any decent/on-par apps are ever made for WP that it will suddenly become the world's own smartphone OS??
  • What MS care is to have the same titiles appearing on their app store! They can't control app quality, don't you know? MS is not the QC for apps! The reason is because there is simply no dev love for WP at all. And we users are suffering now.... But why do we have to suffer since we are spending money on phones??? I have enough of Windows Phone apps. Moving back to Android soon. It is just no worth it at all after all these years of waiting and waiting....
  • what is it? are all professional 3rd party devs along with google and apple want to shut down windows phone bcause it  is too big a threat or what? they just won't build the right thing into the wp os, it's just offensive. I am myself a wp dev, not a good one, but i know it's not that difficult to get in the stuff to work the right way. A live example of the is Rudy Huyn, whoever is wp user will sure as hell know who he is, and that guy just mimicks one of the best apps on android and iOS and he gets it right, I don't understand why these "professional" devs can't! Plain Frustrating!
  • Yeah, we have scrollboard. Take that iOS and Android!
  • Honestly, things have gotten worse.  I just got an iPhone 6 because I sort of gave up caring. I went from Android, to Windows Phone and never had an iPhone. But now I'm flying through iOS and various apps, and you just notice an incredible amount of polish and usability that is not there on Windows Phone.  There are some great examples, 6Tag is just as good as Instagram  on iOS in my opinion. But....going through the store, and the usability of the window shades on iOS is nice. For instance....Microsoft added the notification center...but it's a weak implementation. You can't delete or reply within the shade. Honestly, I think it'd drive me nuts to have to go back.  And it seems like gospel around here that Nokia is the undisputed imaging king, but I'm really starting to disagree. The iPhone 6 camera is amazing. And that's kind of where it came down to to me, the camera, and access to certain editing apps. The iPhone isn't so freaking wide angled, it's super fast and picks up gorgeous detail. And iPhone has way more accessibility to creative based apps like hyperlapse and others.  Make no mistake, I miss things from Windows Phone.....there are some things they did 4 years ago that the iPhone still doesn't do as well....but.....it's a bummer....I wish I could pick and choose things from all three OS's. 
  • Drives you nuts to go back to Windows Phone? Great. Head on over to the sister sites here and don't bother filing comments like this. I used an iPhone for 2 years, but will not be going back. I do whine about missing features or half-assed efforts such as this one, but I do realize that remaining here will strengthen the platform and community. You want to pick and choose features? All of us do. Do I wish my 930 had micro SD? Yep. But there are many things that are better on WP than IOS. I hated dragging through the screens to find apps. For a time folders could only find so many apps. WP has always allowed me to set the screen as I wanted, and the folders feature (live) is so much better. Now I am salivating for Denim and early 2015 Windows 10 preview on phone. We will see another narrowing of the gap and likely again features that both Android and IOS will copy.
  • I'm discovering a lot more polish here than I expected. It has a much better work flow, and all of a sudden I'm amused at apps properly resuming immediately instead of waiting for it to resume. I had a focus, and a Lumia 920, and have a Surface and Xbox One. I loved metro and hated how iOS looked, but iOS 7 and 8 look great. I did have a similar attitude for a long longtime. But when I noticed some things frustrating me, and realizing they would probably frustrate normal people even more, I realized I couldn't suggest it at all. I was hoping my work would give me an iPhone 6, and stick around for an 830.....but I cracked my 920 (and didn't want to get a huge 1520) so I just grabbed an iPhone 6. I might still get an 830....I'm not here just to talk shit, but my honest opinion is that Microsoft has fallen further behind instead of actually catching up. Windows 10 looks awesome, I can't see myself buying a Mac ever. But at this point, Windows 10 is Windows Phone's last hope. It needs universal apps to benefit the phone, but even 10 is far off. In the meantime I have a phone with a great camera and the right apps I want to compliment it. (Mainly VSCO cam.)
  • Of course it sucks. When has a high profile app that came to windows Phone 2-4 yrs after ios ever been worth anything? These app big time app developers piss me off. Such a big reason why wp isn't getting anywhere. This one posses me off so much cuz it freaking took a year to be released after they announced it (maybe longer, I don't even remember). You'd think if they took that long, its cuz they were trying to make it just as good as the other versions, with all features present and working perfectly. On that note, Instagram BETA... how the hell is that still in beta. Its been entirely too long now. And no one better defend it for being in beta anymore. Its ridiculous, I can't even remember when last it was updated
  • You don't have to feel pissed. If apps selection / abundance are so important to you, just move to other platforms. I'm tired of Windows Phone apps. The platform is good, but without good apps supports, it is as good as dead. Saying good bye to Windows Phone. Note 4 here I come!
  • Wow! This just killed my spirit...
  • I see what Daniel when he wrote that we need to be more like iOS Fan Boys. God damn is the moral low amongst this community... There's a huge difference between rationally seeing the faults and flaws with Microsoft and WP (They exist, nothing and no one is perfect) and just being plain cynical about EVERYTHING they do. I agree I have my days where I just moan about stupid stuff Microsoft is doing, but seriously: The frequency and consistency with which some people do it, honestly, sometimes makes me wonder if they just bought a WP only to complain about it. Hate saying it, but damn can this community be depressing at times. Rarely so I see this on Android Central, nor iMore.
  • Kinds wish it opened to the selection screen rather than the single topic.
  • A disappointment, but glad my feeds are available. Bring on the updates,
  • I was just thinking what happens if apple announced a phone for say $150 without contract,what will happen in the market and will this affect the developers
  • Apple will never introduce a $50 phone. They are perfectly content to continue taking top dollar from the faithful. They will not regain portions of the market lost to Android. Apple has always nurtured a premium image and even at times style over function. The 5c is proof of that. The carriers are to blame for this as well, pushing contacts that mask the true cost of the phone. As for apps, I think keeping a brisk pace of meaningful updates and the rapid maturing and growth of the platform will diminish the difference. I am seeing more and more articles placing the OS and hardware equal to that of the other platforms. Now if they would quit emphasizing the negative of the app gap, we would see rapid growth as expected. Windows 10 can't come soon enough.
  • I meant how will this affect the developers,I mean if I had to kill the competition OS wise I would just launch a device like 5c with $150 price tag,apple is in the position to do this.
  • Reckon is a mockery to WP user
  • Windows phone have API problems......that's the only plausible explanation for poor apps for years now....even MS own apps suffers the same fate.....think Xbox music, facebook etc
  • What about this post?: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/stevengu/archive/2014/10/02/flipboard-a-great-ex...
  • Give this project to Rudy and he will get this done in a week.. Better than official 6flip
  • Enought of 3rd party apps. We need better official ones! The progress of apps for Windows Phones is just really really bad.... Yes, we have the core apps now, but with crap quality. Had enough of Windows Phones. Moving to Android soon.
  • +925
  • Yeah umm this sucks compared to magnify. Is it possible to add more sources like in magnify? Im stuck with whatever is default for gaming?
  • Couldn't see what the fuss was about. MTA I can see why. Rusty needs to '6' this puppy!
  • So to summarise, it's sh*t.
  • There is no dev love for Windows Phones at all! Look at Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instragram, etc... All these core apps are just looking like crap as compared to iOS / Android versions. It has been so long for Windows Phones, yet still the apps dev are still not there. I'm already sick of using Windows Phone. Have been a supporter since WP7. Giving up on this platform and getting a Note 4 soon. Bye bye MS and windows phones!
  • Bye
  • Bye. Have "fun" with Windows Phone.
  • We'll miss you chmunn! Have a nice life.
  • Thanks. Miss you too.
  • Flipboard for Windows Phone 8.1 is finally here, it is so good. Very well done, after so many years on iOS and Android, they have the best version on windows phone. It is so polished and fluid works very well on the Lumia 1520.
  • I downloaded Flipboard on Windows when it released -- which foes 'flip' -- and immediately found it lacking in content compared to what I'm used to, be it Bing News, Discourse, Fuse, or good ol' fashioned curated content like WPCentral or a plain old magazine subscription. I really don't need my daily dose of news to be social.
  • Without the Flip, it's just Board. More like Bored! Hahah I made a funny.
  • Nailed it
  • Why not support 512mb ram :(
  • Why not with Android too?
    A fair comparison should be between
    Android vs iOS vs WP.
  • Could you do such a showdown for Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype too?
  • It's like... "Okay lets release flipboard to WP who cares about their opinion they are just minority in smartphone business - Flipboard"
  • Never used it on IOS, but now that you mention the differences it makes me sad. Devs are killing windows phone with half assed apps/ ports.
  • Can I just ask what they are supposed to market?, they cant exactly say buy this awesome device that has apps you're already using on another OS coming out for WP in a year. now,I'm not saying that the devs are to blame entirely, but they are aware of WP, there are easy ways to port from IOS to WP ( cant recall, but there was an app released a little while ago). A little annoyed about the time they're taking to release the counterpart of an app but more annoyed at their half assed pieces of shit they're turning out.
  • Strange but my version of this app is playing videos!
  • Am I the only person not using this app? I don't mean in anyway to demean the app, not at all, but I seriously feel like I'm the only person who hasn't invested 5 minutes to figure out what this app does.
  • Me either.. N i wont switch to superlagdroid. Never
  • This holds true for most other apps too unfortunately. The quality and functionality level of WP apps compared to iOS and Android versions is like night and day. In fact, this is a great showcase for how big of a challenge Microsoft is facing in this area.
  • Looks like we need a 6flip to show them how it's done.
  • This app summs up pretty all about WP OS. It's a 2nd class OS despite all years trying to push it up ...but never happened or will happen! even though you find big names (apps) in the WP store ..the experience is so much inferior. I am so tired of my L925..counting the days for my contract to end and jump ship to Android. Quite a shame as I liked the OS and camera of my Lumia but the APP selecation and quality is a deal breaker for me
  • flipboard?? no thanks, I'm just a 520 user 
  • Even windows 8 version can flip. It should be renamed stale board for windows phone bcas its stale.
  • Mark do a showdown of all the top apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, messenger, Instagram,Skype etc and everyone will know WP version sucks big time..
  • Why make a quailty app for an unfinished/polished OS? Have we actually stopped and think that the reason why we see this lesser qual apps is because the WP OS isn't a finished OS but one that is in the evolutionary stages until it gets to the standards of IOS and Android then for us to see incremental updates over the yrs. Right now WP OS isn't complete and we're now hearing about WP10, maybe these devs are waiting for MS to give us an OS that can offer all that IOS can before they really invest in making apps for WP users. Makes 0 sense looking at Android as that OS supports flash and WP nor IOS does so the devs could be looking at the parity between IOS and WP and making their app creations based on what level of functionality the WP OS is at.
  • Unfinished? Isn't complete? Wow you are delusional. All the features that 8.1 brought I think is WP already on par with the other two. If you were talking about WP7 from October 2010 yeah back then WP was pretty raw.
    Troll much?
  • As always, arrives late, and when arrives, comes neutered. Oh, I like so much WP, why that inequity?!
  • Umm.. This comparison really made me sad, hope updates come quick but then looking at instagram am not that hopeful.
  • Think they should never make such comparisons again.. we know wp has its app issues, it would be great if there is a drive to promote alternative superior apps.This is probably the 3rd A-List app that has disappointed me on this platform.
  • From a developers point of view, I believe Microsoft had something to do with how this app turned out. @joebelfiore worked closely with Flipboard on this and I believe they influcence the outcome to make the app more "Windows Phone" like. Metro design doesn't promote physical forms of interaction (like flipping of a magazine for instance). Also, to navigate back in an app, it's required that developers use the physical back button. While, on other platforms, flipboard uses a swipe left gesture to go back to the article listing. This is another place where I believe Microsoft had influence. In an effort to make the app more Metro, they have killed the awesome user experience that made the app so great on competing platforms. 
  • Flipboard on WP is a complete disappointment to say the least.
    To wait so long for such a crap app is criminal. Apple or Google must have paid off the developer to sabotage it.
    Microsoft, throw some money at Magnify and take crapboard off the store with a statement that says this will not be tolerated. And quick! The only way to win new people to WP is to be BETTER than the competition, because you're in danger of losing this user (since WP 6.2 also).
  • have you tried flipboard on n tablet with Windows 8.1?   works there good even with the effect of transition of page turning even, so  is not many excuses to developers than windows phone  do not offer them the same tools  in windows 8.1 on a tablet works like the versions of Android  Flipboard so there is not excuses  by part of this company for do not do a good work besides is a joke what did of  leak the version that they  gave us at last a week before , in fact i tend to say that they are or still giving us BETA software but without the label beta for avoid the panic and the avalanche of many windows phone users to  stop of use the  application of Flipboard what we get with this comparison test if  will never show up to the company which makes Flipboard this video for make  watch their mistakes? is like do an nice roman circus, the next time do an comparison video and detet bugs  please show this to the developer to   make at least a ear pull to the idiot which maked an beta app and did not put the beta  name for let us know  what we are using is a buggy application
  • Hi All. I'm just new here. I want to know, on this case, what's the main issue here, is the hardware support or the software developer ???? Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • We know iPhone is better, stop comparing!
  • Tragic.YOU ARE ALL FIRED !!!
  • @rodneyej You are right! Not only that the word spread to people is not enough, but Nokia and now MS were and are rushing things up badly! For eg. Lumia 920 when it was released was having so many issues with the freezing and constant reboots that you would had to be a lucky winner to get one without any issues. After that many phones were having problems with the cell reception that was fluctuating leading to call dropouts. Now, with the 1520, they have the Scroll issue where scrolling is read as Tap by the phone. The 930, heats up like hell and many users reported the screen being lift up from the case on the bottom right. also since the 8.1 update the wifi signal was reported to be weaker, cell signal the same. Also with the Dev Preview of 8.1 update 1, on 930 sometimes the phone goes on airplane mode by itself and reboots! And many other issues with their main brand Lumia. The phones have a great camera, design is nice but there are many flaws in their build, and in the OS that lead many users to ditch their WP in favor of another platform. You cannot expect to have your platform grow and take more users when you simply do not care about the quality and rush up to release new devices, new OS version with new features that simply do not work as they should. Yes there are some users that do not have issues, but I was badly amazed by the huge number of reports on various forums, including wpcentral with users complaining about severe problems with their new and quite expensive phones. The idea and the design of WP is great, from my point of view the best but the flaws in the OS and in the phones hw design made me skip this platform after trying several wp devices: 920,928,1520,930. If MS does not care to provide issue-free experience with their own products: apps, OS itself how can we expect developers to pay attention?
  • Flipboard sucks trust me i have the ios version. Ask the articles are too similar, you don't get a good view of the news like like my favorite app Weave