Folders arrives in beta form to better manage your Windows Phone files

Folders is a new third-party Windows Phone app currently in beta. It's rather special and worth noting because it's a file manager for the platform (Windows Phone 8.1), and a very good one at that. There are already some decent file manager apps on the Windows Phone Store, but Folders sports a clean and beautiful user interface that fits in well with design guidelines from Microsoft.

The app enables users to cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files and folders, as well as create new ones and carry out other fundamental functionality. Another pretty neat feature of Folders is the integration with OneDrive, which is displayed as a folder (just like on Windows 8 and other platforms). But as well as management, Folders also has some built-in sharing capabilities, enabling users to utilize Bluetooth and third-party apps.


Another cool feature is to pin folders to the Start screen for more convenient access. SD Cards are also fully supported, which is a sweet addition for anyone with a Windows Phone and storage cards galore. As the app is currently in beta, the developer has noted that the app will remain free for all beta testers once it's eventually released. Post-launch, Folders will become a commercial Windows Phone app.

There's also a list on the store detailing some upcoming features:

  • Copying files from OneDrive to your phone and vice versa.
  • More cloud storage services.
  • Encrypted folder.

If you're interested in giving Folders a go, also be sure to hit the developer up on Twitter with any feedback and/or feature requests.

QR: Folders Beta

Thanks, Rushab, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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