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Follow Google's Pixel 2 launch on October 4 at Android Central

Let's face it: Pickings are slim for Windows Mobile fans these days. If you're in the market for a new phone, and you don't want to deal with the compromises associated with today's Windows phones, it's really a two-horse race: iPhone or Android. When it comes to Android, there is no shortage of hardware choices at all. However, Google's own Pixel phones are among the highest-quality options available, and because Google has control over both the hardware and software, the experience is, well … more seamless than on many other Android devices.

Watch AC's Pixel 2 livestream

So if it's a new Android phone you seek, you really ought to pay attention to Google's Pixel 2 event this Wednesday. Even if you're still clinging to your Lumia or Elite x3, or you've sidled up to Apple and the iPhone, you'll want to keep an eye on the competition, right? The fun begins at 9:00 am PT/11:00 am CT/ 12:00 pm ET.

Our buddies over at Android Central already have a stellar Pixel 2 page with everything that's known about the devices so far. And they'll be covering every little detail from the event from San Fran on Wednesday, so bookmark their homepage, set yourself a reminder and make sure you hit Android Central early and often leading up to the Pixel 2 unveiling.

You can follow Android Central on all The Social Medias, as well, to say up to date.

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  • Or not.
  • LOL!
  • Geez... I'm so mad at Microsoft for being so incompetent on mobile...
  • I'll pass.
  • I will read about it on the Verge or Arstechnica
  • At least we can watch a launch event from a phone. Maybe the news of releases from competitor phone devices is more relevant on this site now Microsoft is completely abandoning it's costumers and we are forced to buy phone hardware from competitor company's when our beloved Microsoft phones bite the dust.
  • Why do we need this news here???
  • Because you'll need a new phone.
  • That's no reason. Go to Android Central. Like the link states. A disadvantage of Windows Central being a part of Mobile Nations I guess. Not my cup of tea.
  • Because if it weren't the Android trolls would be whining "why no coverage". Damned if they do, damned if they don't ;-)
  • I have a Pixel. It's ****, get a galaxy or iPhone. I rue Microsoft for running Lumia in to the ground.
  • I have a Pixel XL.
    Other than the dodgy Bluetooth it's been performing well for me. The camera is a beast and free photo storage makes it a good deal.
  • The camera is quick, and impressive for 12mp but I feel the quality of photos from my Lumia 930 were better so when the advert claimed it was the best cameras every, which was one of the most important features for me, I was left a little disappointed, especially the 930 was 3 years older and had a cheaper, better package.
  • The Lumia 930 has a better imaging sensor and can take 20 Mpish (19 in 4:3 ratio) photos.
  • MP are not everything Techfreak....with a name like that, you should know that!
  • I know it isn't, but a larger sensor that can take in more data will have better images if utilised correctly.
  • All depends on physical sensor size and processor engine.  So mp means nothing.   That’s why the 1020 was so good.  It’s sensor was physically larger than any other phone.   That’s why the pixel cameras are so good.  Physical sensors are larger.   Think full size 35mm sensors compared to aps c or compact sensors.   My hasbasically nothing to do with it.  
  • MP is part of the equation. Honestly, if MP has nothing to do with try using VGA cameras.
  • Actually, the Google Pixel has a larger sensor than the Lumia 930, it's 1/2.3" versus 1/2.5". Also given the lower MP count the pixels are larger, meaning more light will be picked up by each. Which comes about in low light situations especially. To be honest, low light on the 930 is horrible, but daylight photos look exceptional (I had the 1520 which used the same sensor, it took phenomenal photos), however on paper the Pixel has it beat. I haven't seen photos from the original Pixel to say whether that is true in reality though.
  • I have.  and YES....its finally a phone that packs a camera that can keep up with the 1020!
  • Google phones or HTC and LG phones?!
  • Get a pixel. I have the v20. Excellent for audio but nothing else.
  • Scroogle phones are nothing but part of their advertising delivery platform but what can you say about a company that makes its money from advertising. 
  • If you don't like ads, you must hate Windows 10.
  • Google only cares about your info/data. I'll stick with my windows 10 pc and my iPhone! The only Google product I use is YT.
  • Windows 10 has been a data hoarder and has ads built into the UI! Microsoft is worse than Google when it comes to data and they are only now just starting to give you granular controls over your privacy in Windows 10. For years they have been data mining so even the EFF was blasting them for it!
  • Why do you think MS bought LinkedIn for 26billion.  Not to provide graduates with a business platform.  it's for PERSONAL DATA SILLY!
  • So this may not be the forum, but my wife and I need to replace our Lumia's. I am getting her an iPhone because of the locked down eco. she's not the most careful person when it comes to security (ie unknowingly downloading a malware app). But I'm the one stuck.. I know android is more customizable especially for someone entrenched in the windows eco system. My fear is trusting google. Is it possible to go android and keep Google's prying eyes out of my data, yet keep the phone very functional without going through hoops. can I watch YouTube without google monitoring my behaviors. Secondly how secure is android over iOS in a vacuum? Thoughts.
  • You can easily see what info is stored and change settings through your Google account. Microsoft is starting to do this as well. Android is much like Windows when it comes to security. Don't install sketchy apps and you will be fine. There has not been many security issues that have actually been exploited as far as I can tell. Most are just theoretical or have been demonstrated but not actually seen in the wild. Pixels are the most secure and Blackberry is probably #2 and Samsung has their Knox software.
  • Don't be fooled by the "android is customizable" talk unless all you care about is the look of your phone (icons, themes etc). There is very little on android to help get an integrated setup when using Microsoft ecco system or services, the best you can do is use Microsoft outlook that has people, email and calendar on the same app and even that is nowhere as good as it is on Windows Mobile. As a business and productivity phone it is nowhere near Windows Mobile when using Microsoft accounts other than its app collection. Been on Android for a year and i find it frustrating to use.
  • WP = business and productivity phone. I dont know what you are talking about. WP8 is still the most used OS compared to WM and its not a business phone. Now nobody's making WP/WM, even MS itself. Back to WP, it's Office apps (very limited) have never been updated, (I'm not about WM). They look the same as on old WP7.5. It doesn't have business related apps, even MSs LinkedIn is gone. Many bank apps are gone, some never hit the store. I still have 3 perfectly functioning WP8 devices but when it comes to office apps they are nearly useless. I tried WM on 925 (4th phone) but because of its instability it finally met with the floor (I'm sure you know what I mean). Now to Android, I get that many people absolutely hate Google, just read the comments under Pixel launch article, it has everything you need from WP/WM (except keyboard, I miss it) and many more. Just look at the list in "Microsoft Apps" app. 68 apps from Microsoft! Probably those Garage apps are not on the list, I'm not sure. Before you mention Continuum, it's not available on all WM phones, and probably less than 10% people who have it use it. Samsungs Dex Dock has more chances attracting people than MSs Continuum.
  • As I tell a few apps on both an android and an iPhone. Then you will get your answer. I just started using an iPhone 2 years ago and I'm happy with it. I have an android for work and any app I download ask for waaayyy more permissions than the apps should need. My company just started using cellcontrol and the iPhone version asked for location only while the droid version wants contacts, location, app usage, on and on.
  • Google monitors you even if you don't use an android phone, what's up with you silly people?
  • So does Microsoft,  Your point?
  • It seems most tech fans are somewhat on the Autistic sprectrum seeing everything as black and white.  You have chosen Microsoft so Google must be bad.  The same on AC but with variations around Samsung, Pixel etc.  The fact is that Mobile Nations cover quite a few platforms and the Google announcemtn is pretty big news with several bits of hardware coming, sooo this might be of interest to all of you who like tech.  Or go get some new blinkers.
  • It's just another phone. Who actually watches these things anymore. Would you tune into an event for another new laptop announcement unless it was something really unique like the Surface Book? I wouldn't.
  • Whell then missed a great device.  the pixelbook  is a very very nice device.  Put fanboy ism aside everyone.  The collective group of devices that were released from google today were NICE...earbuds that do traslation in realtime,  A phone/speaker/laptop ecosystem that works together (something MS could never do), and prices that are not WAY out to lunch.  I think google has a killer ecosystem package.   
  • Those earbuds sound incredible, if they work, and work consistently, that's a huge game changer for travellers.
  • I think im changing to the pixel platform so I have that great integration between the pixelbook, home, phone,  and those earbuds since we DO travel alot!
  • Meh to Spyphone 2
  • We're all on WIndows Central for a reason... We're Windows fans.
    We also know the sad state of W10 Mobile. If we wanted to follow Google or Pixel, we'd be on Android Central.
    I'm pretty sure I'm in the majority here when I say that 'advertising' a competing website/OS in such a gleeful way is more than just annoying.. it makes a lot of us really dislike you.
  • If Nokia doesn't announce a larger phone before years end I'll grab the Pixel 2 XL, I like the idea of vanilla Android and its faster update cycles. I've given up on Microsoft in the mobile arena. And after reading a bit about the Pixel 2 I really, really like the active edge idea.
  • That thing looks horrible!
  • I don't know how much longer I can hang onto the Windows 10 Mobile ship. I have owned a Windows phone for the past six years and I love the platform, hardware, and experience, but without any decent new hardware I don't know how much longer I can wait. I don't expect Microsoft to release a new phone any time soon and I feel like the platform is not any priority for the company. After a Lumia 928 and Lumia Icon, I am seriously considering the new Pixel. Any thoughts?
  • I'm out man, get out while you can lol.
  • Do yourself a favour and get a modern phone. I sorely miss my 950xl but I don't miss the frustration of little apps or the such poor quality of the ones that are still there. If Microsoft ever do release their next big thing then it's easy to jump back aboard. I wouldn't hold your breath though, from a lot of reports I've been reading in the past few days they all say the Surface line is next for the axe as it's losing too much money so there's even less hope for another mobile device
  • MSFT_Guru....I think you need to buy scuba gear now if your staying with w10m.  I think the new pixel is AWESOME.  I would say grab one of those ASAP!
  • Well, after everything I've seen today from Joe Belfiore (Corporate VP of Windows) I have decied to jump ship. I hope Android lives up to the hype.