Enough with the negativity, let's talk positive Windows Mobile news!

It's easy to get swept up in all the doom and gloom around Microsoft's mobile platform these days. We're knee deep in it every single day on the Windows Central editorial team. It's hard to ignore.

But this post isn't about any of that. For now, we want to put all of the negativity to one side and think about the good things Windows 10 Mobile has to offer. Luckily, there's already a thread in our forums based on this very idea.

Wanted to create a thread for the positive news about Windows 10 mobile as hearing so much negative is becoming depressing!


Whatever the actual future of Windows on phones, we never forget where we came from, nor the community that helped us grow into the site we are today. And we're proud of our community, as well, including user Windowsmoose, who started the thread cited here.

So head on over and join the discussion with other like-minded enthusiasts. Forget the negativity, let's spread some good!

In the forums: The positive Windows phone news thread

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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