Forget bloatware, Lenovo is installing adware on new PCs

If you bought a Lenovo computer recently, chances are it may have come with factory-installed adware. The world's largest PC manufacturer was found to install an adware called Superfish — which injects third-party ads on Google search results and other websites — on new machines.

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Users from as far back as September (opens in new tab) starting noticing sponsored links in their search results. Lenovo acknowledged that it was installing adware, with community manager Mark Hopkins taking to the forum (opens in new tab) late last month to announce that Superfish would be temporarily removed:

"All,As an update on this...Due to some issues (browser pop up behavior for example), with the Superfish Visual Discovery browser add-on, we have temporarily removed Superfish from our consumer systems until such time as Superfish is able to provide a software build that addresses these issues. As for units already in market, we have requested that Superfish auto-update a fix that addresses these issues.To be clear, Superfish comes with Lenovo consumer products only and is a technology that helps users find and discover products visually. The technology instantly analyzes images on the web and presents identical and similar product offers that may have lower prices, helping users search for images without knowing exactly what an item is called or how to describe it in a typical text-based search engine.The Superfish Visual Discovery engine analyzes an image 100% algorithmically, providing similar and near identical images in real time without the need for text tags or human intervention. When a user is interested in a product, Superfish will search instantly among more than 70,000 stores to find similar items and compare prices so the user can make the best decision on product and price.Superfish technology is purely based on contextual/image and not behavioral. It does not profile nor monitor user behavior. It does not record user information. It does not know who the user is. Users are not tracked nor re-targeted. Every session is independent. When using Superfish for the first time, the user is presented the Terms of User and Privacy Policy, and has option not to accept these terms, i.e., Superfish is then disabled."

While Hopkins mentions that users have the option of not installing the software by rejecting the terms and conditions during initial setup, but it looks like the adware installs its own security certificate (opens in new tab), which allows it to have unfettered access to monitor your secure communications.

Lenovo adware

Who's affected by this adware? If you're using Chrome or Internet Explorer, you may be at risk. Firefox users are not affected as Mozilla uses its own certificate store. Fortunately, there's a clip that shows you how to uninstall the adware should you have it in your system.

Any Lenovo users here seeing errant links in your search results? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Lenovo forums (opens in new tab); Via: The Next Web

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Ads should be banned forever..!!
  • Not at all. Ads can be useful, they just need to be used in reasonable ammounts. There are a few web pages where I willingly turn off AdBlock, because there's just a few ads that don't disturb me at all, and the owner gets at least some money for providing free content. Then there are pages where are I refuse to turn off AdBlock no matter what. Those are the ones where you can't distinguish what's ad and what's the actual content, the ones where there are at least 3 pop up ads and so on. I even found some nice e-shops with good stuff thanks to ads, so it's not all that bad, really.
  • Totally agree. Ads, if relevant, can be actually good and help save you money. It could actually be pretty advantageous if we allowed ad companies to collect more data about us to allow better and targeted ads more tailored to us. What they need to be is more transparent - I'd rather be told my activity was being tracked so I know about it, know how it's going to benefit me and consent to it per session or page/site (e.g. site by site consent, where I allow my Amazon activity to be tracked to get offers of relevant products, but I can decline consent to tracking of activity on
  • Eh, I'd be fine without ads on the Internet. I buy, or even look at, a tablet from staples or amazon, and for weeks afterward, it pushes advertisements of similar items after I have just bought the said item, making all advertisements useless and annoying as always. Source: I just bought a tablet, and now I have to delete my history and re-sign into every service I use. Posted via Galaxy Tab 4
  • The thing is, purchasing a computer does not and should not entail purchasing a bunch of crappy adware. Especially if that adware is superfish. Also, since apparently no one understands the severity of the issue; Superfish installs a trusted certificate that masquerades as places such as banks, google, etc in order to stick ads on secure websites. And their cert has been compromised which means if you have superfish, you have a massive security hole that people are actively exploiting. Superfish allows hackers to decrypt your banking information. Let that sink in and tell me it's not a bad thing. 
  • Another reason I use the least used browser, Opera... So good!
  • Same!
  • Try Maxthon. I was an opera user for a long time but felt it started to slip too far behind. Maxthon has been a nice balance.
  • I am still skeptical of using chinese products. I relunctantly bought a OnePlus One, but I justfied the picture my acknowledging that NSA and Google are already spying on me, what harm can it be if the Chinese government does it too?
  • Did you mean "purchase"? Posted via Galaxy Tab 4
  • New versions of Opera are tweaked versions of Chrome .. >.> Same story with Vivaldi....
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with superfish
  • Yeah they should be banned or should be made clean! Not interfering with our browsing experience and NOT EXPLICIT.
  • Just change the spelling to SuperPhish, I think that would be more appropriate.
  • Yes, what's the problem with the world? Now I need to choose to not be tracked? I always thought it should be the inverse.
  • So Windows Central doesn't deserve to get paid then?
  • Your dependent on the revenue generated from ads..?
  • Most websites are.
  • What about the WCstore? Posted via Galaxy Tab 4
  • Only if you think Daniel Rubino is secretly everybody working at WC.
  • He isn't? 
  • Not quite sure how this "paying for bandwidth with actual money" thing works, are you?
  • The way the peiple on the internet act these days? No, they don't think anyone deserves to get paid. They don't want ads, but they sure as heck want free content.
  • they can use ads or what ever they want. I use ABP :) I dont see annoying ads 
  • In other words: No, you don't think WC writers deserve to actually get paid.
  • that's correct I dont care ...
  • Anyone blocking ads should see an alternate site telling them to stop using it if they want to see articles.
  • I don't care about ads, as long as they don't track me or bother me.
  • Using a name like "Superfish" in and of itself is enough to bother many people. Just the name itself implies a propensity to go on a "fishing expedition" through our personal information. Perhaps they should rename it.
  • Simple dude. When you get the laptop go find the ISO file of the operating system that shipped with it. Then instal it with that ISO with your CD key on the sticker that came with your laptop
  • Lenovo is pretty nasty about their bloatware and they make it impossible to do a clean install because they only provide recovery media excluding the windows only ISO.
  • Fucking company. I think they are doing so on NSA's instructions as Edward Snowden mentioned earlier in his leaked documents.
  • Yeah, because Lenovo is an American company...
  • No, Lenovo is Chinese
  • Whatever they are. Every company is operated from United states. Directly or indirectly.
  • So you have no clue how multi-national corporations work?
  • Evil America, behind the entire worlds problems.
  • He was being sarcastic. Posted via Galaxy Tab 4
  • its chinese ... check your facts
  • I bet your right. God damn it, fu*k! Where the hell did my tin foil hat go?
    That woman better not have used it for her pot roast.
  • Just how much of that pot have you been "roasting?"
  • I'll have to ask the woman. I keep my tin foil tight on my head to "protect me from evil doers", lol
  • Don't make me laugh while I'm at work! Not only does everyone now know I'm not working, but I'm that idiot who laughs by himself in his cube!
  • :)
  • My hat needs more tinfoil!
  • I think we're gonna need to step up to Tesla Cages for this dude; the original poster.
  • This company is just criminal. I once helped someone setup a brand new machine a little over a year ago. It couldn't even do windows updates out of the box. And the bloat & stuff was ridiculous.
  • There is a reason FDISK is still your friend. New laptop = clean install
  • That's a gay move from Lenovo.
  • I think the word you're looking for is bad? There's nothing wrong with being gay so please please don't use it to have a negative connotation .
  • Don't be offended by that, unless you are actually gay, my sister is gay and she would use the word in exactly the same way. I don't see how you could possibly be offended by it
  • Because he's gay.
  • Can't you see what was wrong? Really? He used the word 'gay' as it is something bad. That's not ok at all.
  • F#ck ain't a bad word either. It's just 2 people frickle frackling but why is F#ck you offensive?
  • I've got nothing against the word f#ck - it's not targeted at any group and it's only offensive to those who choose to be offended by it (and parents whose children are rightly too young to know about such things).
    However, gay in its pure definition means something like "happy" and any negative meaning writers use it for comes through its ties with sexuality.
  • No worries, the word gay is contextually bad, good and a description for a sexual preference.
    Good: He's really gay ( He's happy )
    Bad: That's gay! ( Something caused dismay )
    Description: He is gay ( His sexual preference is men ) I don't get annoyed by people using the phrase - "That is straight up annoying".
    So, as long as he is not directly attacking someones sexual preference, he is not being politically incorrect or abusive. Hence he is not posting against the forum rules, and the Mods will have no reason to remove him for the dismay the situation caused him TLDR;
    Get of your politically correct high horse.
  • Tredz is correct. Can you really not let simple words pose such obstacles in your life. Words only offend you if you LET them, period.
    If you can find the ability within yourself to NOT allow these sorts of words to offend, you will reduce your chances of throwing a stroke some day.
  • Exactly. It all boils down to how narrow minded one is. Gotta give that dude a cookie for protecting our gay friends though :')
  • Agree, unfortunately gays have been deaminized for so long, its getting better, but not fast enough. Only other groups I can think of who get so much shit historically are those of the Jewish religion, gypsies, and a couple other religious groups.
    That being said, I never agree with going overboard though, whether its racism, orientation, etc.
  • Voted up because you saved me the time and effort ..
  • It's not political correctness, but simply being polite.
  • He was not being abusive, nor impolite to any specific party. The offense that was taken was due to the word 'gay', which is used in serveral different matters as i explained further up. So, being alerted by the word gay, because it could be used to be demeaning against a specific group of people, is being politically correct.
    Had he pointed at a person who claimed his homosexuality, and shouted - "You are gay!", that'd be rude, as well as an actual situation where the word 'gay' had been used as a derogatory term.
  • No, using the word gay as he did is rude. Is the move happy or homosexual? No. He meant it as 'stupid', which is rude. It is using gay as a derogatory term, as it tries to associate 'gay' with something negative. Stop trying to defend ignorance.
  • To say that 'gay' in this situation is derogatory towards homosexuals, is the same as saying 'fuck' is derogatory to anyone who does not suffer from genophobia. I agree that the word came from homophobia and that it initially was used as a verbal assault on homosexual people, but as the word fuck, it now has multiple meanings. When saying 'fuck' in a situation of dismay, the person saying it is probably not thinking of intercourse. As well as the OP did not consider the word 'gay' to have any relations to the gay people, but in fact the situation as being 'gay', no feelings of fear towards homosexuals are being put into the word anymore, just the notion that something is worth swearing about. So be it fuck, cunt, gay, fag, asshat ( which i guess is basically shorts. ) - Then the point of the word is not explicitly, nor is it implicitly an expression of intention of intercourse, vaginas, homosexuals ( or cigarettes ), not even is it about someones underwear.It simply just is a swear word. If someone at some point posts something that is directly point towards a person, or even a group of people, I wil agree with you completely, that it is rude and unfitting for the forums. But untill then, it's a swear word. A filler in a sentence to express dismay or annoyance. And i'm not defending ignorance. I'm arguing with it for some reason.  
  • It's not cool to use gay as a pejorative, period. Speaking respectfully and without enforcing prejudices is not overly politically correct; it's the decent thing to do.
  • It doesn't matter whether or not I'm gay, or whether your sister uses it in the same way, what's concerning is the use of it in a negative context which contributes towards socially reinforcing that gay = bad.
  • I agree,mell. People are so feeble minded.
  • Micah, if anyone should know about the word gay and the overabundance of political correctness associated, it is you.
    Of course we have morons in the world who take things too far, but most people are not referencing sexual orientation much less denouncing it when using gay in said reference.
  • But, FWIW, gay is the wrong word to use here. When I think of gay in the context of the OP, I think of a flashy, over the top appearance or someone eliciting a very soft attitude.
  • Why do people act like being polite and not using certain terms is now because of political correctness?
  • I dont understand your question. I think autocorrect messed it up. Try again.
  • People act like the simple act of not being impolite is now an acy of oolitical correctness. Not being rude has nothing to do with political correctness, just that you're not rude and insulting.
  • Oh, I see. Agree, PC has run amok and people use it as a shield.
  • I think you're fighting a lost war here ;)
  • So you say a person who identifies as a homosexual usesthe term gay to define his/her sexual orientation? Why not replace gay with sparkelz.  Not going to change the fact that people will continue to say thay X,Y,Z is 'gay'.   So if I were to say the morning looks quite gay?  Am I homosexual, grumpy, or feeling cheerful?  You are trying too hard
  • Perhaps we should change things around. Instead of using the word gay, let's just use the word....oh I don't know, how about "agrum" to describe something stupid.   This is such an agrum move by Lenovo.
  • So I suppose the Brits should stop calling a cigarette a fag, a term used long before gay became used as it is today. Your inability to comprehend a word's context and your choice to be offended is not someone else's responsibility. ​
  • True, to an extent.
  • Wrong, it was not being directed toward sexuality, it was a situational reference.
  • SISTER IS GAY? I thought only makes can be gay?
  • Very few gay people use the word that way. It's quite offensive.
  • Gay has different definitions one being stupid another happy while the third homosexual. I guess if I used the definition describing happy ala "I'm gay today" you'll be offended? Suck it up Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Happy is now a negative connotation?
  • So, it's only bad to use the word gay (in any context) if it is in used negatively? That's stupid. Oh, sorry, better not say stupid either in case I offend someone that loves stupid people...
  • Stupid is an already negative word, unlike gay which is used in a negatuve sense to insult homosexuals.
  • Who knew Lenovo pulled a homosexual move. I wonder was it doggy style or what? The lack of intelligence in some people.
  • The lack of intelligence to understand the context.
  • The context was stupid.
  • Hey, I have friends that are stupid. Don't use that word in a negative context!
  • Stupid is a negative word. Don't act like it's similar to using a non-nehatuve word in a negative connotation.
  • So many stupid comments. Wow! :)
  • & they have the audacity to try and justify why they are installing this!!!
    Oh IBM, how Lenovo have sullied your good name!
    Dell & Asus are the only computer manufacturers for me - alongside the Seattle Bear (/MS)
  • There just is no redeemng themselves from this audacity. But Lenovo as a hardware manufacturer is still my prefference. And that is because i reinstall the Operating System when i receive the hardware. Unfortunately, not everyone is a poweruser, and Lenovo has forced them to metaphorically bend over. Such a shame.
  • To be fair, (not that I support google, but many do) this is Google's entire business model. Can't support google but dislike other companies for doing the exact same thing.
    Note: I am not implying you are a google supporter, but we sure as shit know there are a LOT out there that do.
  • Actually it's very very different. When you sign on to Google you are joining their online world of sites and services and advertising. We all know the model that Google employs here - some are ok with it some aren't and choose something else to do their business. Lenovo is selling a tangeble product. Something that is yours to use publicly or privately as you see fit. Then they greedily attempt to add another revenue stream without properly notifying their consumers just what they are up to. They've taken your private device and turned it into something else. It's not right. Amazon does the same thing with the Kindle but they plaster their intentions all over the place. If Lenovo came out and said "buy our awesomesauce laptop - it gives you ads when you boot up or use the web", then this would be a non-issue - kinda like Amazon's model is a non-issue. Transparency vs shenannigans.
  • Other than entusiasts, who honestly knows how google works? Most don't you and I both know that. Granted they dont hide it, butthey sure don'tmake it clear. When we who understand howit works explains how they earn revenue, most have a very disgusted shoked look on their face.     Point is, most companies data mine.
  • That it's why you should get a new PC only from the Microsoft store, imo.
  • Microsoft signature devices! Cant beat a vanilla os. Just as I like my nexus 7 too.
  • Yeah, but vanilla Android does the same thing that Lenovo is doing. That is Google's business model. Cant be a fan of one and dislike another due to you feelings/support of a company.
  • google is big bloatware of its own apps. yup there should be default app like browser a but things like g drive g hangouts g plus gmail are really pathetic in which Microsoft gives an option to us to delete or install onedrive and Skype. etc even though wp has limited third party apps.
  • WTF?
  • Shocking...a chinese company installing adware and spyware on pc's...
  • I know a very large American company that has built an entire business based on this exact thing. Can you guess who it is?
  • I HATE ADS!!!
  • Subtlety has never been the Chinese government's strong suit.
  • Dumbest move ever by one of the most reputed company ever. Thank God I didn't buy Lenovo a few days back.
  • This is the reason I will only buy Microsoft hardware (Surface Pro and Lumia)
  • Get an ISO of whichever Windows you are using, download and install it, definitely use a backup and get all things backed up in that ISO, activate it with the provided with product key and voila, all of your adware, bloatware is gone.
  • Does OEM version have product key? I thought they only have recovery image (which is contain the aforementioned adware).
  • You can set up your pc with a iso, and it automatically reads the product key from the bios. That's what I did with my girlfriends lenovo thinkpad.
  • Yeah. It's virtually stored on the pc. The ISO is likely to detect it automatically but if you want to be on the safe side, then there is one software that I read about, published my MSFT (I think), which once downloaded and made to run, detects the product key and shows it to you. Note it down and apply it. But I think an ISO will automatically detect it and will get activated. I'll give you a link to the software if u need it.
  • This isn't the case for all manufacturer's (Dell for example).
    I'm not sure where Dell store the licence key...but it isn't in the usual place in the bios...
  • I think it will work.
  • If it isn't on the bottom next to the fan grill/ram/hdd slots, check underneath the battery. I've noticed more and more OEMs have been doing this with certain models.
  • Yeah. It can be there too.
  • I bet they're not the only one
  • Other manufacture's adware is probably just more inconspicuous.
  • The article in TNW speculates it could be far more harmful than just inserting ads. This is sick. Reminds me of the Xiaomi issue, where they were anonymously uploading data to obscure servers. Oh well, gotta stay away from Lenovo, I guess.
  • I don't think I'm affected although a Yoga 3 Pro user.
  • What a name... 'Superphish'!
  • That's pretty gross. Shame becauseblenovos is one of the better PC makers. I hope they change this course 
  • A bit off topic. Sorry. But Windows 10 seems to disable auto rotate in my Yoga 2 13. Any help appreciated!
  • Lenovo didn't even sort out drivers for Windows 8.1 on my old Yoga 13, so I doubt they will release Windows 10 drivers. Between that, the terrible batteries (I'm on my 4th in the Yoga) and this malware, Lenovo are on my blacklist. I'd go for Surface or Dell now. I'm using a Surface Pro 3 at the moment.
  • A bit off topic? That's totally off topic!
  • That's why I always format the new laptop one week later I have bought it
  • Now you know how they could make a go of the business where as IBM couldn't. Making money on adverts instead of the hardware. You would think Microsoft would stop this, it's windows that is made to look poor.
  • Wow how stupid can they be? They can go from nr1 PC maker to nrZERO. GOODBYE LEVONO. And Microsoft should punish them bad for ruining their image!
  • You're kidding've obviously never used an Xbox 360. It's ad heaven. Or any Microsoft apps. All those are filled with ads too.
  • It's not about the ads but the way they do it. Especially when it comes to the certificate!
  • Company said app will be updated and sorted, wtf everyone getting so upset lol
  • Because it's the internet.
  • You shouldn't be so flippant given that we are talking about adware being installed BY DEFAULT on all Lenovo consumer Windows devices.
    If you value Windows as a brand, then you should be speaking more strongly against Lenovo continuing to install such things in their devices.
    (I'm amazed I have to spell this out to a 'tech journalist').
  • Not true. I've owned 2 Lenovo Tablets, none came with that installed. I vaguely remember having an option to install it, but chose not to.
  • Are you nuts? This should not have existed in the first place. And if it didn't make the news, they wouldn't do a thing about it.
  • So if Superfish has its own security certificate, it can intercept any credentials in your browser, right?
    What's even more shocking is that we just learned about it, even though it's been there for a couple of years already.
  • Possibly just learned about from Windows Central. I'm sure their have been many articles talking about this year's ago ala the NSA spying. Only idiots really believed that no spying occurred and it was a "conspiracy" theory. It happens. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, it's the first time Lenovo publicly acknowledges the existence of Superfish.
  • Step 1. Open box​ ​Step 2. >Format c:\
  • Step 3....avoid step 1 & 2 and buy from Apple (is what people will do if they have a perception that the world's biggest computer manufacturer is installing adware on their devices of their own volition).
    Not everyone is a tech expert - reinstalling the OS is not a solution.
  • Or a Surface Pro 3?
  • The Surface Pro 3 is a great device, but it is very expensive & relatively niche...
    Microsoft should make it a stipulation of their terms of use that OEM's cannot bundle malware like this.
  • Its too small. Need 15" laptop.
  • *bootcamps the Mac*
  • Lenovo is not what it used to be! Now I won't consider them a buying option for computer or (future) Windows phone.
  • Superfish. Smells super fishy.
  • Lenovo users = cheap and dumb. U deserve it lol
  • Uhh ...
  • Daniel's gonna be happy to read that, LOL.
  • Daniel has like a gazillion different devices, it's his job. I would guess his passion still lies with Microsoft's products.
  • Just like every other company...whats the fuss about?
  • Al this bad press may lower the price on a Lenovo all in one I've been interested in. Not really affected by this. I never click on "sponsored search results" anyways and I don't have that app.
  • If you must have Lenovo, get it from the Microsoft Store. If you don't have the Store in your city or country, either buy something else or do a reinstall of the OS first thing.
  • The thing that concerns me is why windows central on top of it this quick...normally the news about things that ARE important, find their way very slow to WC
  • WC isn't the only source of news. If you are so concerned, start following more tech news that are more specialized and focused on that stuff
  • At the consulting company that I work for, we used to resell Dell Vostro's to our clients because they did NOT have any bloatware/adware on them and we got a decent markdown on them. This was advertised by Dell for that very reason.  A couple years later, the Vostro line started to have all the bloatware/adware on them. I believe that this also coinsides with Dell Vostro's showing up at Walmart for sale.  We now spend about a half hour per Latitude or Precision machine uninstalling all bloatware and such off of the pc before we deploy it. if it weren't for the 150+ updates to Windows 7 Pro after a fresh install, we would go that route. our motto : "If the End User can't click on it, we don't have to fix it."
  • That video which you linked to does not actually remove the adware, it merely shows the way to stop the service.
  • I'm not worried about adware, I'm highly concern about NSA backdoors and spyware that slows down your computer and collect information.
  • Disgusting, my opinion of Lenovo went down considerably. This is a disgusting habit. All ads are pathetic, I hate them with a passion, it's awesome their is a prototype that blocks real ads in real time. Doesn't matter if you get paid from them, that's your choice not anyone else's plus you don't get devoid any money, you just aren't receiving what you could of the user blocked ads on your side. It hey who wants annoying pop ups and video playing automatically? Ghostery is awesome, I recommend to everyone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is why if I'm buying a new PC, I buy directly from Microsoft!! Signature edition all day!
  • That's it. Fuck Lenovo and every other manufacturer out there. I do have a Nordea account, as shown in the screenshot and the thought that this stuff is being filtered or monitored by others, especially such a well established name, makes me cringe. From now on, I'm never trusting any products other than Microsoft's. Fuck you, Lenovo.
  • Setting up my mother's high end Lenovo laptop involved some time setting things up for her, and far more time beating down the flood of pre-loaded, aggressive trash that the new, and expensive, machine came with.
  • Good thing I always bulldoze a new system I buy, incl. the restore partition, and do a clean install (and creating a restore partition from that), to be sure I do not have any nasty software pre-installed that no one wants and slow down the system.
  • Really Lenovo really
  • Meh...I don't buy Lenovo products anyway.
    Still, this isn't new. All manufacturers install stuff. Even it's not bloatware is adware. I don't like when Microsoft tries to shove Internet Explorer down my throat or tries to bundle Bing with my PC search results but hey... Very simple solution - uninstall and disable whatever you don't like.
  • I think the big difference between IE, Bing, and hidden adware is that IE and Bing are right out there for you to see and choose to use or not use. Hidding adware in new PC's without letting the customer choose is just wrong.  
  • And here I was, thinking about my new laptop being Lenovo...
  • This is could to affect their quarterly figures quite drastically. The first thing to do with a new laptop is uninstall all the bloatware and go through the services before even going online. If MS had stores globally getting signature editions wouldn't be an issue.
  • Please buy the computer from Microsoft store. They are bloatware free
  • Well, Lenovo just made it to my poo poo list!
  • my thinkpad 10 tablet is free from it..
  • so much pollution is those comments section..
  • A few months back, a support incident came through our department where various users were experiencing browser errors while attempting to navigate various corporate human resource sites. After a few hours research, we eventually found out that some of our html pages were not behaving as expected because of a JavaScript injected call from this program. It was causing a malformed JavaScript error with our existing JavaScript. At first I thought it was a virus since it was happening across all browsers on the newer computers. Some users even returned their computers in place for newer ones. In the end, we just removed all the non standard programs delivered with the laptops and no more problems. I recall this one particularly as being the common denominator across the board. Perhaps, we should just send Lenovo a bill for our time assessing this issue.
  • Shame on you Lenovo!!!!
  • I bought a Z50 from them in December. All was fine and dandy, until whatsapp web came out. For some reason, no matter what I tried, Chrome would not load the QR code on my laptop. Turns out it was a side effect of this Superfish crap. It also blocked me from accessing some websites I commonly access too, telling me anything from "Invalid Certificate" to "DNS Error". I got rid of it through the Add/Remove Program utility and now I have back full functionality of my laptop. I'm too lazy to format really 
  • Seems Lenovo is out of its mind completely!
  • I bought a Lenovo Laptop back in July 2014, and I never had a problem with Superfish. Wait... I didn't use default browsers and I never used Google because I Bing, baby! One more reason to use Bing. Also, I kind of reformatted and reinstalled, because I know laptops and pre-built desktops always come with a bunch of crap that you can never totally get rid of. So I installed a fresh OS. Now I've got another fresh OS installed, Windows 10 TP.  There's no telling what's preinstalled on machines from other manufacturers. It's always best to install the OS from a fresh ISO, and reinstall fresh drivers updated from the manufacturer website. Remember, it MUST be a FRESH ISO. A stale ISO may contaminate your system with mildew, mold, or even make it seem kind of crusty. :P
  • And this is why when I buy a new computer (for me or for family) I make discs of all the software, boot with the windows disc and FORMAT the drive and start over. This also will knock out any Lenovo from ever buying or suggesting to family/friends. There are a lot of other tablet/Laptop/PC options out there and this is one I will NEVER buy from because of this policy.
  • Add one more reason to my "Why I love Firefox" list...
  • I'll make sure to scratch Lenovo off my trusted brand list for a while. It is a shame because I loved the company when it was owned by IBM. I understand the Adware/Malware/Spam subsidy business model, but I would prefer to pay the extra few bucks to keep my privacy. It is one of the few strong selling points for Windows Phone vs Android.  I guess I will be sticking with Microsoft Certified PCs through the Microsoft Store.
  • Weeeeeell, so much for the Yoga line. I'll never purchase or recommend a Lenovo product again.
  • Seems evil
  • Lol I heard that Google does this with all Android and Chrome books...
  • Why does Microsoft not prevent this in the OEM licensing?  Crapware hurts Windows in the marketplace. It may help OEMs but it sure does not help the user experience. 
  • So lets see HP's bloatware is so bad that no matter what you do to remove it (short of reinstalling the OS) your system dies in a year requiring a factory reset (This has happened to me and many of my friends) Lenovo installs man in the middle adware (I'm hoping this isn't on my Yoga 2 Pro, I have noticed that bloatware was practicacly non-existant) Asus bloatware is so bad that it takes 10 hours to remove. Acer's hardware is unreliable. Microsoft doesn't offer 15" laptops. Dell not sure here. In my experience there is no bloatware, but that was on the enterprise line and the consumer line is quite expensive compared to all its competitors. So what the hell do you actually buy? I'm still leaning twords lenovo in spite of this as the bloatware is less than all others and suposively they aren't doing the adware anymore.
  • of course google
  • with such a great company being the largest pc maker and a lot of comparable excellent OEMs I wonder why analyst get surprised when the pc market dips, same shit will happen with smartphones, only this time they will have tiny cheap hardware that gets replaced every 1-2 years, so no counter force to keep it from sinking
  • I installed Windows 10 Tech Preview on a second partition on my work laptop and now I don't have to deal with all that lenovo crap that was pre-installed on the computer.