Former I'm a WP7! app Outsider is now available in the Marketplace

The "new" Outsider app for Windows Phone

Delays with publishing in the Marketplace should not be a surprise anymore to those familiar with Windows Phone and such was the case with Liquid Daffodil’s Outsider app which is finally live in the Marketplace.

If you recall, Outsider is the re-brand of the Windows Phone community app I’m a WP7! along with its companion app, Outsider Extras. The app was submitted 31 days ago but due to some debate and controversy over the logo, it was delayed a bit.

Outsider contains the same features as I’m a WP7! that includes tips, videos, ringtones, wallpaper, hangouts, gamer hubs, meetups, checkins, messaging and more. It’s a whole sub-community of users and is the largest of its kind for Windows Phone.

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The controversy dealt with using the Windows Phone/Microsoft Flag image in the tile for the app which you can see above. A slight modification has allowed the app to sail through the approval process making it available to end-users. Microsoft has been enforcing their copyrighted “Flag” for a while now (the Windows Phone Central app was notoriously rejected the first time for using the same logo). Anyway, it’s good to see it live.

The other interesting aspect is that Liquid Daffodil has thrown down a challenge for me, Ben Rudolph (Microsoft) and Ben Lower (Microsoft) to unlock some the hidden Easter Eggs in the game.

  1. Find and complete the Easter Egg that unlocks their Lair.
  2. Discover and unlock at least six (6) of the first seven (7) of the remaining 12 Easter Eggs.

We have 72-hours to complete it and if all three of us do so, Liquid Daffodil will make all their apps free again for 72-hours (Outsider Extras, glƏƏk, etc.). Guess I have some work to do.

Pick up Outsider for Windows Phone for free in the Marketplace. It’s worth your time.

Daniel Rubino

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