Former I'm a WP7! app Outsider is now available in the Marketplace

The "new" Outsider app for Windows Phone

Delays with publishing in the Marketplace should not be a surprise anymore to those familiar with Windows Phone and such was the case with Liquid Daffodil’s Outsider app which is finally live in the Marketplace.

If you recall, Outsider is the re-brand of the Windows Phone community app I’m a WP7! along with its companion app, Outsider Extras. The app was submitted 31 days ago but due to some debate and controversy over the logo, it was delayed a bit.

Outsider contains the same features as I’m a WP7! that includes tips, videos, ringtones, wallpaper, hangouts, gamer hubs, meetups, checkins, messaging and more. It’s a whole sub-community of users and is the largest of its kind for Windows Phone.

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The controversy dealt with using the Windows Phone/Microsoft Flag image in the tile for the app which you can see above. A slight modification has allowed the app to sail through the approval process making it available to end-users. Microsoft has been enforcing their copyrighted “Flag” for a while now (the Windows Phone Central app was notoriously rejected the first time for using the same logo). Anyway, it’s good to see it live.

The other interesting aspect is that Liquid Daffodil has thrown down a challenge for me, Ben Rudolph (Microsoft) and Ben Lower (Microsoft) to unlock some the hidden Easter Eggs in the game.

  1. Find and complete the Easter Egg that unlocks their Lair.
  2. Discover and unlock at least six (6) of the first seven (7) of the remaining 12 Easter Eggs.

We have 72-hours to complete it and if all three of us do so, Liquid Daffodil will make all their apps free again for 72-hours (Outsider Extras, glƏƏk, etc.). Guess I have some work to do.

Pick up Outsider for Windows Phone for free in the Marketplace. It’s worth your time.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I still reckon it should've been called "Champion" as in "I'm a WP7 Champion" :)
  • I miss seeing this app at the top of my app list, got so used to it..
  • I know, so do we! The funny thing is the app was criticized so much at first for having the [...] ellipses in the name, and then most users grew to LOVE it, and rely on it. We talked about naming the app {Outsider} to have the same "top of the app list" effect, but too many fans cringed. This aspect was the only consistent complaint about the name change...losing the "...". Funny how times change, but hope you love the app and the cool updates in v3.12!
  • The Jedi knight of apps.
  • When I first got my WP I was a real loser. Then I found I'm a WP 7! (now Outsiders) and I started meeting chicks and they wanted me for my phone & this cool app. After awhile I got kinda bored with all these chicks I was getting, I mean you can only do so much and then they all look the same and the thrill is gone. I got lonely & destitute. So then I tried the forums in this app and now I am happy with loads of friends and my social skills have improved so much that I was able to move out of the basement of my parents house and now enjoy power, fame, and wealth from my wildly successful chain of dental floss cleaning & repair centers. Of course, this has the chicks climbing all over themselves to get to me but I have been able to fight them off because of the martial arts expertise I picked up from the Tips & Tricks section of this app. I wouldn't have been able to pick it up so quick nor be enormously popular with the ladies and envied by the guys or even be drop dead sexy, socially liberated, and insanely rich without this app in my life. However, I can't say all good things about it and not mention the bad. Nothing is perfect and we all know that. It would be obvious that I am lying if all I had was good to say. So having said all that and being that's its not the perfect app and does have a serious problem. So I rated it 1 star.
  • Like a sir! ;D
  • Sicnus, you are always so hilarious. Fans who aren't active in the Forums can clearly see what they're missing! Pretending you rate in one star says alot about your true love if the app. :)
  • I've used better...
  • What's with the ugly case? Lol.
  • For one, I like it. Number two, I actually use things I'm going to review for the site. Crazy!
  • I am in bad need of a Titan II case, what is this one? My guess is the Trident but I'm not sure. Still using nothing currently myself.
  • Trident. Review will be up in a day or so.
  • Lol
  • And don't call me crazy...
  • I actually like it too. Where can I get one?
  • what is the casing used for the titan II in this picture?
  • Try as I might, I still can't figure out how this app is useful.
  • You should go to Tips and Tricks and review the Uber Guide for Noobs in the really is the most comprehensive and useful single app in the Marketplace.
  • Me too. I fire it up on occasion, but I guess I'm just not cool enough to get it.
  • We've noticed that most users who don't "get it" have actually never even unlocked their Lair, or done more than just tap around in the app...but rarely does anyone not love it...addicted even, that puts in 30 minutes of effort to understand everything the app has to offer. I mean, where do you have a single app that has Forums, Messaging, > 10 Mini Tools (even Where I Parked and Got Java mini apps), Tips, Wallpapers, Ringtones, Podcasts, GamerHub, Latest News, Weather, TONS of Community interaction, Finders, Statistics, Mini Games, and TONS of hidden fun and features in a single app? There are none that offer even 10% of what Outsider offers. It's like Insider plus the other 98%...this app could easily be broekn up into 10 apps and still get the downloads.
  • I used it for one week and still didn't get it. Not sure why, I was excited because of all the buzz but never figured it out I guess. This coming from an IT guy too lol, so I normally am on the cutting edge in software too. I'll try it again one day.
  • ...take some time with the Uber Guide from Tips and Tricks...then evaluate it over the other single apps you have on your Start. :)
  • Well, I don't see an Uber Guide under Tips and Tricks.  
    I guess my point is, I go to extras and I get wallpapers and ringtones, which is truly great.  Then there's a list of tasks that I have quick access to on my start menu.  They're just short cuts.  Forums and podcasts are great, but I guess I'm just not feeling them.  
    Don't get me wrong, I'm trying not to hate on all the work that's gone into this app.  I appreciate the time and effort.  It's just that every time I've opened the app I've gone into a couple things, not really seen anything for me to do, then exited.  That's just my experience with the app.  I hope it's useful to you and not taken as anything but constructive criticism.
  • It won't even let me save a name or color. Crappy appy.
  • Outsiders is the up most best tool for your WP the user guide is a button on the bottom of the page that looks like an open book. Once pressed it will take you to a SkyDrive file called uber user guide I hope this helps @gemini ace we are outsiders and proud to be so.
  • Outsiders is the up most best tool for your WP the user guide is a button on the bottom of the page that looks like an open book. Once pressed it will take you to a SkyDrive file called uber user guide I hope this helps @gemini ace we are outsiders and proud to be so.