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Former MixRadio users can sign up for a free 60 day Groove Music Pass

The MixRadio streaming service is ending, but its subscribers can take advantage of a new offer from Microsoft. The company is offering 60 free days to try out its Groove Music Pass.

Normally, the free trial period lasts after 30 days, but the special offer adds a $10 promo code which can be applied to extend the free trial to 60 days. If you are a former MixRadio user and still have a Windows Phone 8.1 device, you can still check out Groove Music via the Xbox Music app. Groove Music Pass offers subscribers access to 40 million songs with no ads, along with offline support, creation of playlists and more.

Try out Groove Music Pass for 60 days (opens in new tab)

  • I wish this could be valid in India too :( MixRadio was awesome... wish MS kept it
  • Groove is not available in my country, but mix radio was...
  • Yes. Its not available in India.
  • But you can still use this..Change your xbox region to US for website. And then change your region to US in phone after doing that..then subscribe with paypal or cc.
  • Changing region will not be useful as there is no local content. I always love to listen to A R Rahman hits in Mix Radio in India. But Groove has no regional content.
  • Instead of Groove Music, MixRadio is giving away a Saavn Pro subscription for 3 months here in India
  • Well that's a good gesture. I have no need personally since all my music is local.
  • Same here! ^^ Isn't streaming using more battery too?
  • Yeah, if you stream. I download much of my music pass content to my devices.
  • I just download songs from youtube. ^^
  • How do you do that?
  • MetroTube
  • Oooo come on no Piracy talk XD
  • Yeah it can since it uses LTE. Sent using Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 1520
  • I had Groove music for all of last year and I only used for not more than 2 months as it didn't work most of the time. I have moved all my Music off my OneDrive but the app on my Windows Phone and Desktop still show most of the Artists and Albums. It drives me crazy as i can't update my Music correctly. I have now switched to Perfect music on my Lumia in order to listen my local music.
  • I wish I could try the groove pass. but since I tried to use the 30 days trial when the app launched at the very start.. Found myself lucky enough to try it out for about 2 minutes ! Before I got a mail "Your 30 days trial has ended." I didn't know I was a Time Lord and could travel into time
  • Thanos? :D
  • Wish I could use it to extend my current Groove Music Pass subscription that expires in about two weeks... As a former MixRadio user it's still a good offer.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • Is the quality of groove now also 320 kbit/s?
  • Can't use Groove free trial since I used a previous free music trial on WINDOWS 7 phone before Groove even name changed. Ffffffff this
  • This is too little too late. and also a terrible deal. why will i jump from  a free service, to a terrible paid music expereince when i can go join my friends on spotify and pay nothing.  this is coming from a groove user  
  • Spotify sucks for country music and metal.. Pandora is cool but I wanna see how Groove does now.. If it's better than Spotify with actual country and metal music then I believe it'll be a big contender
  • Am I the only one getting free access to groove music? I mean I haven't paid my subscription and I recently updated all my devices to Win 10 and now I can listen and even download music for free.
  • Are you sure you're not getting 9.99 deducted from your account every month? I would double check that. Edit: And if you are indeed getting free music for whatever reason,I would keep that to myself and not air it on the internet
  • "Prior Zune, Xbox or Groove Music Pass trial customers not eligible." Thanks Microsoft
  • It's called a free trial for a reason. You get one. Sent using Windows Central for Windows 10 on my Lumia 1520
  • So, you have an opinion and I don't? smh...
  • Lol figured that. Even the gold trials in their retail disc cases(of expensive new games) are for silver members
  • Where? How? A little more info please,links don't do much
  • Welcome to WC quality Service
  • Read the article! It's all there...
    Unless you'd prefer a huge descriptive headline so you don't have to read the article. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • Read the article! Or would you prefer the entire article in the headline? Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10
  • I read the entire article thanks for the comments I can see we have some Trump voters here,derp derp that better for you?
    So I went to Groove music don't see deal/offer anywhere.
    Is it on MixRadio? Which paragraph/sentence in article is information given smart ones?
  • The link at the bottom of the post literally takes you right to the page you need to see.
  • What a relief it doesn't take you there metaphorically!
  • Really, I get a network error message or else I wouldn't be wasting my time on this comment thread.
    Keep assuming everyone sees things exactly as you do sir
  • I signed in and opened the link - that page then offered a link to claim that free trial, but when I click it I end up on a Microsoft store page, but I am not able to understand if my claim is honoured? It is weird.
  • Richard the trolllllllll
  • Groove music pass is not available in india
  • Mix radio pre install on my Lumia 540
  • So am I the only one that got the buy one month, get 3 free email?.... -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • 1-888-665-4228
    Microsoft mobile customer service number
  • Mixradio should of been the primary music player. Not groove...
  • Now no more music radio available in India like mix radio. Rest of them just s*ck big time :(
  • No Groove over here but just got email for 3 months of Deezer Premium+ for 0.99. Fair enough :)
  • You can now see how much OneDrive space, you have left in latest Microsoft photo update.
  • In Switzerland we got a reduction on Deezer 0.99 for 3months premium service
  • Tried to comment, but my 950 overheated again. Second one. I can't log in to the link, either on my or my wife's. Don't want another productivity device. Waiting to try MS as a service, and wait for the G5 with HD audio. Can we not be entertained, lol!?!
  • "but its subscribers can take advantage of a new offer from Microsoft" No, I can't. Groove is not available in my country. No Groove, no Cortana, no Movies & TV. Useless.
  • Groove availability is too narrow, I don't give crap but I need a music services that work in my region
  • Will miss the Mix Radio much. It was an alternative to the Spotify for me. Its just shame.
  • who needs it??? this app is so non- intuitive it makes me sick! i cannot get it to work on my new 930. i'm having problems in general with this phone, esp after the Windows 10 update, whereas my 920 has been a refreshing treat to go back to after the first 930 was stolen.  anyone know a Lumia guru in Los Angeles, CA?, BRING BACK MIX RADIO!!!!!! IT WAS THE BESt!
  • I will really miss Mix Radio. This is one of the apps that brought me to windows phone, along with Here Maps, Beamer and Photo beamer. Sadly Windows Mobile is losing most of its features.