Former PlayStation 4 exclusive Nioh out now on Steam

Nioh (Image credit: Koei Tecmo)

According to the developers, Nioh tasks players to traverse war-torn Japan as William, blonde swordsman whose background as a fierce warrior and seasoned knowledge of the blade allows him to survive in the demon-plagued land. Today, Nioh: Complete Edition launched through Steam. Following the critically-acclaimed debut earlier this year, Team Ninja's Dark Souls-like game is packed with hours of additional content and new secrets to reveal.

Nioh: Complete Edition includes all three expansions. Dragon of the North, Defiant Honour and Bloodshed's End add even more challenges and new ways to play. Luckily, all weapon types are unlocked from the beginning so you don't have to struggle when you get to certain boss fights. However, access to advanced abilities like the Dual Guardian Spirits is dependent on playing through the campaign.

The expansion Dragon of the North follows from William's struggle in the main game. It opens up the region of Oshu and adds terrifying new enemies, weapons, armor, skills, magic and spirits. Defiant Honor moves the narrative to the Osaka region and focuses on one of the defining battles of the late Sengoku era. It also adds new enemies, weapons, armor and much more. Lastly, Bloodshed's End adds three main missions, nine side quests, and a twilight mission concluding William's journey.

Nioh is available for Windows PC on Steam for $49.99.

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