Former Windows boss Terry Myerson takes on roles at two venture capital firms

Terry Myerson spent a total of 21 years at Microsoft before leaving his position as the company's Windows chief earlier this year. Now, the former Microsoft exec is making a jump from tech chief to venture capital and investment guru with two firms: Madrona and Carlyle Group.

Myerson has been quiet since his departure from Microsoft, but he provided an update on his next moves with a detailed LinkedIn post today. At Madrona, Myerson says he'll join Madrona as a Venture Partner and Carlyle Group as an Operating Executive. From Myerson:

Whereas my role at Madrona challenges me to consider how to leverage the latest technical innovations, my role at Carlyle will challenge me to deliver software at scale in many diverse organizations. I couldn't be more excited to work with the leadership teams of great Madrona and Carlyle companies to grow their businesses.

Myerson departed Microsoft's Windows & Devices group amid a major shakeup of the company's internal teams and groups. In his place, Rajesh Jha stepped up to lead the new Experience & Devices team, which was built to bring a more cohesive experience across Windows, Office, and third-party applications and devices to create a "more cohesive Microsoft 365 experience," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained at the time.