Fortnite Battle Royale V.3.1 update adds new weapons, 'Lucky Landing' location and more

Fortnite is receiving a new update, adding new content to its Battle Royale and Save the World modes across all platforms. Introducing several new weapons, a location and questline to the game's existing offerings, the patch offers content for any type of player.

For Fortnite Battle Royale, a new point of interest has been added to the southern edge of the island, changing up the flow of the game's map. Named "Lucky Landing," the new settlement appears to house a variety of traditional Japanese architecture.

The patch also brings the Hunting Rifle to Battle Royale, after its previous implementation in Save the World. This single-shot firearm features no scope, although is designed for medium to long ranges. This weapon will be obtainable via Treasure Chests or Floor Loot.

New content is also on the way to Save the World, including a new fully automatic shotgun, "Dragonfire," unleashing a "cone of fire and destruction" on hostiles. The new Brave Beginnings questline brings a new adventure too, following Val on her quest to become a defender.

A huge number of tweaks, bug fixes, and other changes have been made with this update, affecting weapons, general gameplay, performance and much more. Find out more about the update, and the full patch notes, over on the Epic Games blog.

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Matt Brown

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