Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 arrives, brings 60FPS mode to console

A day later than initially expected, Epic Games has pushed out the v3.0 update to Fortnite, with updates for both Save the World and Battle Royale. Where Battle Royale is concerned, though, there are some significant improvements to the game for console players.

The 60FPS mode is now here for Xbox One and Xbox One X, along with PS4 and PS4 Pro. It replaces the previous uncapped framerate option and is on by default. If you'd rather the game looked a little prettier, you can go into settings and turn it off.

On the weapons front, both Save the World and Battle Royale will be getting a new Hand Cannon, with the promise that it's "big, loud and packs a punch."

One of the other significant improvements to the game is the building changes Epic has made. There's a new turbo building feature, you can now build through almost anything (move over huge trees) and your materials will auto switch when you run out of the one you're currently using.

On console, building is more of a chore than on PC just thanks to the input method, so all these improvements should help make it a much nicer experience all around. Epic detailed all the changes in a separate post.

V3.0 also brings the much talked about nerf to the "double-pump" shotgun. The pump shotgun now needs to pump every time it's used, so if you switch out and back or to another pump quickly, you can't fire it straight away. Players had been using the glitch to their advantage with the deadly power up close of the pump shotgun, the changes give the opponents a chance to fight back.

And of course, the new Battle Pass is here. It'll cost 950 V Bucks, unlocks a sweet astronaut style outfit immediately and has more loot than ever before to get your hands on. Check out the full patch notes over at the Epic Games blog.

Richard Devine
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