Fortnite reaches 8.3 million concurrent players

Fortnite is a free-to-play third-person shooter with building mechanics. The title has become a cultural sensation due to its unique blend of expressive gameplay. Back in February 2018, Epic Games stated that the title was played by roughly 3.4 million gamers concurrently. Since then we haven't heard much about the game's figures, and many assumed that it's popularity was affected by other battle royale titles on the market.

According to a report by VG247, Fortnite's current concurrent player count is 8.3 million. This is a massive jump over February's figures. Since the number is so high and downright unbelievable, the outlet reached out to Epic Games twice and confirmed the number.

This massive increase could be attributed to Fortnite's mobile ports which have taken iOS and Android by storm. There are probably millions of gamers who play on a smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, as is the problem with almost every multiplayer game, Fortnite suffers from cheating on almost every platform it's available on.

Consoles are affected the most it seems. An XIM Adapter allows console gamers to "trick" an Xbox One into thinking a mouse and keyboard is really a controller. This allows certain gamers to aim with more precision and use other tricks to execute moves that are impossible with a controller. Luckily, the company seems to be cracking down on this because individuals who use an XIM Adapter are reportedly getting banned.

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Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • And i am.... Not one of them 😋
  • Really?? With all that crying about crossplay for fortnite. I thought you were complaining because you really wanted to play with PS4 players but here it just shows that it was just some ammunition in a silly console war...
    Honestly, I'm not really surprise... :) Anyway well done Fortnite!!
  • lmfao u are still so dumb. just because I dont play fortnite anymore cause of other games. doesn't mean I wont support Cross-play. get your facts right cause u pulling **** from nothing. again.. nobody should waste time responding to you.
  • Riiight I think everyone knows that you're a MS fan, there is not need to pretend. You cried and fought so much for it and the moment Sony allows cross-play you happen to stop playing it... LOL ofc that's so common with people who are fans of a company. They didn't care about cross-play for years because MS wasn't pushing it.
    DC Universe Online has cross-play with PS-PC but the XB1 version doesn't has no cross-play, not even with PC. But MS's fans don't talk/complain about that. Now that MS, see the massive PS4 user base they want to try to take advantage of that and push "console crossplay". And ofc all their sheeps will follow them... (even though they'll won't or stop play the game once cross-play is actually enabled).
    Ah fans of companies... They'll always make me laugh... LOL
  • All that rises must fall. I mean, it's a fad. Kids don't have a long attention span anyway