Fortnite for Xbox One gets cross-play with PC, Mac, and iOS

Fortnite players on Xbox One can now get down and dirty with players on other platforms. The game's latest update, version 3.3, has rolled out to all supported platforms, and Epic has quietly flipped the switch on Xbox One cross-play support in the process.

With cross-play, Xbox One players can compete against others on PC, Mac, iOS (and, eventually, Android). Notably missing from that list is PlayStation 4, but recent comments from Microsoft indicate that the onus is on Sony to allow cross-play between the two consoles.

Epic previously explained that cross-play support on Xbox One would also enable players to carry their progression and purchases between devices as well. All that's required is that players opt in by linking their Xbox account with their Epic Games account. You can find a full rundown on how to get started with cross-play on Xbox One with Epic's dedicated FAQ.

Alongside cross-play, Fortnite's 3.3 patch introduced some new features for players. In Battle Royale, Epic has added remote explosives and the Supply Llama. The game's "Save the World" mode has also picked up some goodies, including a new questline for st. Patrick's Day. There are a number of fixes and gameplay tweaks included as well, all of which you can find in detail with Epic's full release notes.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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