Fortnite to get cross-play between Xbox One, PC, and mobile

Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Battle Royale (Image credit: Epic Games )

Fortnite is a free-to-play third-person shooter which features building mechanics and even a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds-like Battle Royale mode where a hundred players compete for the top spot.

A few days ago, Fortnite was caught in a controversy involving cross-play support. Rumors abound that the game would only feature the functionality between PlayStation 4 and other platforms, excluding Xbox One. It turns out this isn't the case at all.

Today, Epic Games clarified this and confirmed that cross-play was coming to the Xbox One version of Fortnite as well.

We're happy to announce today that in partnership with our friends at Microsoft, Fortnite will feature cross-play, cross-progression, and cross-purchase, between Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and... Android... Contrary to what may have been implied, Microsoft has long been a leading voice in supporting cross-platform play, connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles. We've been working together with them over the last several months to make this possible, and will bring this functionality to Fortnite players on Xbox right along with other platforms.

It's great to see the Xbox One version of the game support cross-play because, as the post says, Microsoft has been a proponent of the functionality for years now. The company's Xbox Play Anywhere initiative goes as far as to give players a free Windows 10 copy of a supported game if they purchase it on Xbox One, and vice versa.

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  • When is it coming
  • So everyone gets cross-everything, except Xbox with PlayStation? For the players, Sony.
  • Doesn't bother me, it's Sony and people who buy into their platform who lose out in the end, just look at the PS4 version of Minecraft. At least the gamers on PS4 have an alternative, the Xbox One. I have a distinct feeling that Sony consoles will fade into obscurity if they DON'T embrace cross-play with other platforms.
  • You must be joking. PS4 has a lot more games that has cross play with other non-Sony platform than the XB1 with non-MS platforms. 
  • Who really wants to play against PC gamers on a console? If a game can be played with kb and mouse then that usually means anyone on a console with a controller will get destroyed. I have friends who only have a PlayStation. OK, I have a PS4 as well, so I can play with them, but I don't buy all my games twice just so I can. Sony's stance on playing with Xbox gamers is disgusting, frankly. Doesn't matter what BS they spin on it. "Protecting" their players? Yet they're going to let them play with PC gamers who, and let's be honest here, can be a seriously toxic bunch at times?
  • Ah, finally some good points here that doesn't come with baseless accusation and name calling...
    The thing is that most of these games aren't really FPS. Most of the 5-7 games that XB1 has crossplay switch/steam aren't FPS. There is no real advantage. Let's be real here, I think we can both figure out why Sony is doing it. Also I believe MS is doing it with a game like minecraft to help boast the XL MAU.
    Sony are doing it because they have the much bigger base. The "protecting players" was in respect to minecraft, because that's mostly played by kids. So I wouldn't comment about that. I think the point is that we shouldn't be hypocrite about this. MS are being portayed to be the good guys but let's be honest they are far from it.
    1) They didn't want to do it last gen when they had the bigger base in the US.
    2) They are probably trying to do it be to negate the "I want to play the game of my friend".
    3) Compared to Sony they have been very close to cross play as they only have an handful of games with non-MS platforms. 
    4) Yes they started XPA but they just started that. The competition started it in 2012. I really can't say PC, PS or XB gamers are more toxic than one another. With my personal experience Ive been insulted a lot more by XB kids than on other platforms. But that's just a personal opinion. There is a point though that not many people want to talk about. 
    The company that sells the most consoles usually get the advantage. Bigger base and a well selling console often lead to an even bigger base and good sales. So the focus was alway let's make our console attractive. Companies will go at each other to try to make the best console and at the end we consumers win.
    Here MS are trying to remove that advantage. We've already seen them with a much smaller effort when it comes to investing in new games and new diverse IPs. But they don't want the disadvantage that goes with it. For me, the fear is that they are rewarded for their attitude. That investing less in games means better success and bigger profits. The fear is that Sony follows their footstep.  Honestly, I can see how it's not good for consumers, but I don't know if everyone wants this. 
    Personally, right now I don't know. I don't mind it but only if it's not forced on to players. Players got to have a choice and need to activate it on their own will. It should not be the default setting. 
  • How about some examples of those PS4 cross-play games? Maybe you forget about Xbox Play Anywhere and FREE Xbox and Xbox 360 compatibility with the Xbox One, troll harder next time!!!!!
  • @neo158 How about you educate yourself before coming with childish accusations.
    Here some few examples:
    Paragon, Street Fighter V, War Thunder, Dragon Quest X... Did you read my comment? I said non-MS platforms. If you want to talk about platforms of same company then PS has a MUCH BIGGER number of games that have cross play? 
    So there you go. 
    And you seem confused. Do you know the difference between XBA, BC and cross play?  Before you come here with baseless accusations, educate yourself. :)
  • Ah, the old can't get my point across so I'll start with the name calling routine. I know plenty about Xbox Play Anywhere and Backwards Compatibility but seeing as you think I know nothing about XPA and BC then why don't you explain it to me?
  • You wanted examples. I brought them.  I educated you. It looks like you don't have any more proper argument left so you're going to resort to name calling and baseless accusations... It often happens. People who don't know what they are talking about ask questions, make unrelated argument and make baseless accusation. When their questions are answered and their points countered they just run away with more baseless accusations... It's so typical... LOL So if you don't want any more gaming argument then good. Goodbye.
  • Nope no education there, I just see name calling!!!
  • Again with the baseless accusation. So tell me what name did I just call you?
  • People on the internet like to make out Sony are this all amazing company. When in reality they are pretty poor to not just gamers but their own gamers. They absolutely won't allow PS gamers to play Xbox gamers. Meaning PS Minecraft players are still not able to have the latest version of that game. And now this rubbish with Fortnite. It's ridiculous. On top of that they charge gamers to play old generation games even if they bought the digital PS3 version. With no way to play the copy on a pS4 except through a monthly payment service. It's even worse that its fans think its normal in this day and age to have to own all the old consoles to play the old games. When its just not practical for everyone to have them all under the telly. For the players Sony. For the players.
  • Exactly and it wouldn't surprise me if the cross-play on PS4 and Android was restricted to Xperia only Android devices.
  • @neo158 What?? Did they ever do this? Or are you just trying to be funny?
  • No they didn't hence the " wouldn't surprise me if....". Maybe you should actually read and comprehend the comment you are replying to BEFORE replying.
  • Well, then why would you think that? Did they do something similar? Restricting to only Xperia users? That's ridiculous. If they or any company have done something similar then maybe you would have a point but here? It just sounds unfounded...
  • What's funny is that PS4 has a lot more games that has cross play with other non-Sony platform than the XB1. Yet you don't come at MS for that. Talk about hypocrisy... Yes, MS got one up on Sony when they did the partial BC. But you know, I would rather see a compony focus on making lots of new games for the players who bought their new gen console, than one that hardly makes any while focusing on ways to make people play old games on the new gen console.  
  • PS4 fanboy alert.
  • LOL so you're only logical and mature response is to throw ubaseless childish insult? So what are you MS/XB "fanboy"? Come on, stop trolling and talk gaming if you actually have a point.
  • You keep talking about these fabled PS4 cross-play games, HOW ABOUT SOME EXAMPLES!!!!!
  • "fabled"? LOL Here some few examples:
    Paragon, Street Fighter V, War Thunder, Dragon Quest X... How about some thanks and some apology for saying I was trolling... lol
  • How about NO as you ARE trolling and even started with the name calling now because no one is listening to you. If you love the PS4 so much then why are you even commenting on an Xbox One article on a Windows fansite, seems like a waste of time to me!!!!
  • Ah So this is a "windows fansite" so people are free to talk nonsense about MS's compeition?  People must praise MS and MS should never be criticised?  Is that it? If I make a statement that isn't trashing MS's competition or praising MS, I'm being called a fanboy and a troll. Even if the statement is true and makes sense. lol So much for freedom of expression and free speech... You wanted examples, I provided them. If you don't have any other gaming point left then cool. Bye
  • The point is that you are trolling on a Windows fansite to provoke a reaction and you got what you wanted!!!!
  • The point is I'm replying to someone's post. If my criticism of MS upsets you because you're a Windows/MS/XB fan than that's your problem. As a consumer, I am well within my rights to criticise any company I wish. I'm not in North Korea or something where I must only praise one entity and trash  it's rival. You have a problem with free speech, freedom of expression and other people's opinion? You are too much of a company fan to accept criticism? Then I would advice you to deal with it, ignore it and move along... 
  • ps4 cross play with vita?
    1. vita builds most likely stay only with vita. Are you telling me ps3/4/vita shares the same API?
    2. support got pulled yeas ago → now it's dead.
    From a programming point of view, not worth mentioning. From a consumer's view, not worth putting down my cash.
    Vita is like WinPhone, worthless effort and strategy. ps: this guy really likes to talk about history / cares about past A LOT... but knows no computing. Don't know how programming works and how software iterates... A typical consumer (who thinks he IS the representative of consumer and knows better than anyone on the internet PCMR symptoms... People who are not with him, are either biased fan of opposite party spreading fake infos. People can choose not to be green or blue you know. In the end, the only thing he can do is denying and trolling.)
  • Non-Can't you read? I said non-Sony platforms. 2? Really Do you have a link of that? LOL talk about irony. You're the one coming with all this so-called inside information and post a lot of stories. I mostly talk with facts.  Now move along, I have no time to deal with your bs...
  • 1.
    non-, sure, my bad. 2. 
    around 2015, "PSVitaってニュースにすらならないけど、いつ製造終了になるの?" start to emerge between gamers.
    around 2016, "最近かなり空気になっている「PSVita」、今後の展開についてソニーの偉い人に聞いてみた". They are not gonna do much about Vita.
    use ctrl+f "ころで,先日のE3ではPlayStation Vitaの話題はとくにありませんでした" and read from there. 2017, 2018... look at the news, lineup and support from Sony... > inside information
    That's not my problem. Even if you are not in the industry, why don't you go read around Japanese gamer sites, esp sites like 2ch or jin115?
    But the only difference between a consumer and someone working in the industry is, a consumer beleieves whatever they WANT to believe. e.g. has a youTube channel that talks about game tech, but they are no programmers. Viewer who's not a programmer, has no way to tell the info's credibility.
    ctrl+f "どのくらい落ちるの?」と聞いたら、「エエッ!?」" and read from there if you wanna know how j-devs think about their (console) market and what stragetic they are taking.
    ctrl+f "日本のコンシューマーでいちばん辛かったこ" and read from there if you wanna know what j-devs think about VITA.
    Not much of an inside news if you are in the industry already, these info are "shallow". And like I said, most ps4 exclusives are low sale, they don't really mattter.
  • btw, it's actually obvious. MS's (Phil's) strategy is simple, open to all. Sony cross-play with selected titles, and def won't play ball when title crossed Xbox. It's just business strategy, and I totally get why Sony doesn't wanna play nice. It's why ps4 sold more consoles (one of important income for Sony), I wouldn't open if I were in their shoes. One's HW company (with many failures), one's SW company (currently on the road to unite their dev resources, has business solution, fingers all over the globe). Nothing is there to talk about, really.
  • Sony have never played nice with others so this comes as no surprise.
  • LOL You must be new to gaming. Don't you remember last gen when MS didn't want to do cross play?  And for your information the PS4 has a lot more games that has cross play with other non-Sony platform than the XB1. LOL
  • U so mad.
  • Another brilliant argument. Saying I'm mad. Seriously how old are you? Can't you have a matured/adult discussion? Insults and name calling is what people use when they don't have arguments. I guess that's your case. LOL
  • And Microsoft has an entire cross-play cross-buy initiative that covers console and PC. What's your point? Your trolling gets a C-.
  • Heh, There's this thing called "Xbox Play Anywhere" I think he forgot about.  That alone brings the amount of cross play titles on par with if not exceedingly over PS4 titles. That and the fact, you know, I only have to pay ONCE for those games.  Some of them even work with game pass...which means I don't have to buy them at all :)
  • Lets not forget Xbox and Xbox 360 compatibility as well, something that PS4 owners have to pay for even if they bought the game on PS3 digitally.
  • There's also Xbox One and 360 cross-play in games like World of Tanks.
  • This is the real issue. Why would anyone buy a PS game digitally? when the next PS comes out, if Sony continue not allowing BC and instead pursue this Streaming service to play old titles people are going to be very pissed off.  There is no confidence and reason to purchase anything on PSN as of now.   
  • Why would anyone buy current gen PS4 games? To play on their current gen console. The answer is kinda obvious. People don't buy current gen games to play on an hypothetical unnannounced future console. As of right now we don't know anything. You're just speculating. You are just using future doubts and speculation to influence the buying of games right now. If you want to go by current policies then you know what, I rather buy the next PS than the next XB as Sony are more interested in making games for their console and less into finding ways of making your customers playing/renting old games. I might upset more MS "fans" when I say this but here goes. BC is just a feature that lets you play around 30% of old games (mostly arcade games) on your new gen console. The difference between you and me is that if I want to play my old gen games, all I need to do more is change the HDMI input on my remote. I personally don't mind pressing a button on my console if it means getting a whole lot more new gen games. More new ips, bigger diversity...
  • @ragingtyga 1) You forgot the part where I said non-Sony or non-MS platforms. The comment was about playing nice with others. Not with one self. 2) There is a difference between cross play and XPA. It's not the same thing. Look it up... :) 3) There is something called cross-buy and cross-play for PS system that existed way before XPA. Look it up. :)
  • 1.) lmao, you speak of "non ms" as a prerequisite because you want to be "cute" and try to limit your argument. Then you proceed to name examples of crossplay games that run on windows which is a.... "MS platform". Let's start with Street Fighter V.  On the PC it runs on windows.  Next is Rocket League... same thing... but it also is cross play on Xbox.  Thr non MS argument is weak, because the vast majority of PC gamers, whom outnumber both Xbox and PS are running WHAT OS?... go ahead I'll wait. 2) I know perfectly well the difference between cross play and xbpa.  The thing is, cross play is a prerequisite for XBPA, that's the point, so in the context of your weak cross play arguments, it's a difference without a distinction.  EVERY xbpa game that has a multiplayer is cross platform, cross play with XBox and Windows.   3) By the way, coming from a former sony fanboy here,  Cross Buy games during the PS3/PSP/Vita Era were and ARE not the same as XBPA.  These titles weren't and ARENT universally coded, so very few of them ALLOWED cross play despite being Cross buy (little big planet is clear example, along with PS All Stars battle royal).  XBPA uses UWP and Windows Core architecture, so ONE single port of a game works universally on all platforms that use it, such as XB and Windows, and in some cases even the phone. 
  • 1) I speak about non-MS for MS and non-Sony for Sony because THE ORIGINAL POSTER SAID THIS:
    "Sony have never played nice with others" 
    NICE WITH OTHERS. Meaning not with oneself!!! smh 2) Let's just put it this way. Not all XPA are cross play.
    And either way it doesn't change the fact that we're talking about "played nice with others" 3) They are still cross-buy. I'm not talking about how they were coded or the architecture used. They are both cross-play and cross-buy to gamers.
  • All XPA games are cross play EXCEPT for ones that don't have multiplayer, for obvious reasons. Also, MS has publicly stated they have no problem with allowing cross play or competing platforms, Microsoft does that as a company out of side of gaming anyway, for things like office, onedrive, cortana, bing, etc.  Minecraft allows cross play with virtually every platform it's availible on except for PS.  Fornite is the latest example of the same thing.  Rocket League is another game where the devs, MS included were willing to bring PS and Xbox on the same plat. Namco Bandai tried to bring cross play between both consoles with the release of Tekken 7, and ran into the same issue. If you look PAST the PS brand, Sony is KNOWN for embracing a proprietary model.  When they tried to release a walkman brand MP3 player to compete with apple, they attempted to push their proprietary atrack format for it (it would only play files in that format).  When the vita came out, they could have used a handful previous availible flash media formats that they created, instead that made one that is ONLY used on the Vita. If you go back to the PSP, the vast majority of updates that came out for it, were meant to break any homebrew software people were making for it.  Out of fairness, it was also to prevent privacy, but it could have embraced the home brew community.  If you were like me when I bought a launch day PS3, I used the Other OS feature, to load linux on it.  I actually used it as a living room computer and for work during IT courses.  That features was yanked out, without any clear reason, which of course led to a law suit.  So yes Sony does have a well known history of "not playing well with others".  Hell, the reason the Playstation even CAME TO EXIST, was out of spite, when Nintendo sought to also partner with Philips on a console for fear that Sony would have too much stake in CD technology if they just let them make the drive completely on their own, that's half the reason Nintendo STUCK with cartridges during the 90s gen.
  • What you have brought out is many points that shows anti-consumer of marketing decisions that could be considered bad by Sony in their history. I'm not going to defend them as I understand Sony can be and make **** up anti consumer decisions.
    But you are also trying to portay MS as the good guys. And that's where I have a problem with you guys.
    MS aren't saints. They have had their share of anti-consumer decisions. They've had their share of **** up decisions, lies and policies.
    I could list a huge list like you have (and recent stuff not things that happened 25 years back) but that's not really the point.  The point is when it comes to cross-play, MS is far from the "good guys".
    There are simple numbers  PS4 has:
    36 games that are cross-play with either Linux/Mac/Steam/WiiU/Switch/IOS/Android/Other PC service (+2 that are now discontinued)
    42 games cross-play with either PS3/Vita
    XB1 has:
    11 games that are cross-play with either Mac/Steam/Switch/IOS/Android/Other PC service 
    26 games cross-play with Windows 10/X360/WP (including XPA games)
    If you want to talk BC, then there'll be the PSNow reply. And PSNow has more games than BC. Do you want to talk about cross play last gen and MS's stand back then?
    I can bring links if you want but at the time Sony wanted it and MS didn't want it. We all know what it's all about. It's about MS trying to take the "I buy the same console as my friend" argument. If it was the other way round they would have probably done the same (seen what they did last year). By sheer numbers, Sony are clearly more into cross-play than MS. It's amazing to see the way some reacted to my comment even though the numbers are clearly there. I'm called troll, fanboy and other bs for bringing numbers and facts about cross play?? 
    The reaction by some of the company "fans" here is rather strange. It almost look like they have an emotional attachement to that one company and any criticism or "negative" numbers is a personal attack... smh
  • No where in my comments do I address MS as the "good guys" as opposed to Sony being the "bad guys". I'm just saying the above comment made earlier above about not playing nice with others is valid, and while there are examples in the past of MS going through the same practices, there's enough evidence to suggest that they are at least evolving as a company and moving away from that. That isn't as apparent with Sony.   Also, there are 43 XBPA titles, with 6 more on the way, 
    It's difficult to check the multiplat titles so I'll take your word for it, so in that vein, as stated above, MS is ether with, or exceeding Sony
  • "No where in my comments do I address MS as the "good guys""
    No you didn't. But you portrayed them as that when you said the following:
    "MS has publicly stated they have no problem with allowing cross play or competing platforms, Microsoft does that as a company out of side of gaming anyway, for things like office, onedrive, cortana, bing, etc. "
    And then trashing Sony.  See, I don't mind you trash Sony. But let's trash everyone and not a one sided opinion. If you think they are "moving away" from anti-consumer policies and Sony aren't, then that's just your opinion. When they keep talking of GaaS, when they don't invest in making games for their consumers, when they continue to invest money to delaying games for gamers of other platforms... I wouldn't call that moving away but still being there. Sure they have taken positive steps but for me they are still fully on the anti-consumer policies. Again, just my opinion. We could discuss about it more but that's not really the subject here. Here, we are specifically talking about crossplay. The numbers posted clearly shows how invested they are compared to MS. If saying that is considered trolling and being a fanboy then so be it... The 26 games already include all the 42 XBPA titles that has crossplay and that's why I kept saying that not all XBPA are crossplay. 
  • Couldn't have put it better.
  • Ah! Finally we agree on something... :) I also don't think that with your current standards, you can write anything better than anyone... :)
  • Trolling? You mean the guy saying one company has never played nice with others? 1) I talked about last generation as an example when said company did play nice and another didn't. 2) The other company has just an handful of games that are cross play with "other systems". The other company just started the cross-play and cross-buy initiative. Sony started it in and around 2012. Oh but Sony are the bad guys not playing nice? It's not that because this is a MS oriented site that we cannot criticise it, is it? So if you want to criticise MS's competition than I guess you got to criticise MS because stats and numbers shows that they have been worse. Now is that trolling, Richard Devine? Is debating with facts and actual numbers considered trolling?
  • I just want examples not, " has a lot more games".
  • Here some few examples:
    Paragon, Street Fighter V, War Thunder, Dragon Quest X, Boundless, Brawlhalla, DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Deformers... With just this it's more than what XB1 has. The examples are over the net and very easy to find, I really hope you guys look it up...
  • Sniping is the biggest disparity between console and pc. I love sniping but would live without it for cross plays sake.
  • What I'm wondering is... when will *Fortnite* be released. Battle Royale was Fortnite spinoff, now it seems this mode *IS* the game and the co-op hordelike mode is the spinoff. For me, it's sad because I was expecting Fortnite with high anticipation to replace GoW4 horde-nights with something fun.