From the Forums: BlackBerry conversions and doubts about Windows Phone 8

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Forum user cp2_4eva has created a thread to ask the community if they have doubts about Windows Phone 8. The post goes into detail about how the platform is still not as functional as the likes of Android, the iPhone and BlackBerry.

"Here we are at WP 7.5....and we still don't have fully functional devices. When I say fully functional, I mean by comparison to iPhones, Android, and even Blackberry and Symbian. There are still a number of things those other phone can do what we can't. It's not a matter of how it's done, but what can be done."

Microsoft has Windows 8 and Apollo on the horizon, but we've always asked our readers if it's enough to pull Microsoft's mobile division up to speed with competitors. While its believed that some features are yet to be unveiled, do you have doubts about its release? It's both exciting and terrifying waiting to find out whether or not Microsoft has successfully packed what consumers require into the package.

Be sure to head on over to the "Anyone having doubts about the WP8?" thread to voice your opinion.

More migrating BlackBerry fans

I'mHAL-9000 created a thread posting first thoughts on switching from RIM to a shiny new Lumia 900. So what was it like moving from the BlackBerry nation?

"Have to say that I never thought I would own a WM7 device...well here I am with my new lumia 900. amazing...Walked away from my BB 9930 and will not look back."

Sounds familiar to other customer reviews / stories that we've read on retailer websites. The BlackBerry hardware is praised, but the delay of RIM's version 10 of its mobile operating system has caused issues for die-hard followers. If you have any experience switching from BlackBerry, we urge you to publish such advice in the "Was a BB fan" thread and join in the discussion.

Miscellaneous: Which useful apps do you use?

The Windows Phone Marketplace now boasts over 100,000 apps for consumers to download, but which ones of that figure are actually considered useful? This is exactly what XENOPHOS asked on our forums.

"Today morning I went through the list of apps I have downloaded for the last six-7 months. Wallpapers/soundboards/games and tweaks and mods. That's about it. All of them. Not one useful app. Not one app that I can use in some way that could perhaps bring about a minute change in my life, that could help me in the remotest way possible.Yes there are apps that I absolutely love, Flipboard, Twitter, iReader and that's about it. So, my reason to post this here is actually this question - is a bloated marketplace USP for an OS? Was I wrong in ditching my HTC HD7 for an app store that was just a bait somewhere?"

Which apps would you recommend to those who are new to the platform and require some assistance with downloading content from the Marketplace? Do you believe the ratio of functional to useless apps is positive for Windows Phone? Let us know your thoughts in the "Tons of apps... not one useful" thread.

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