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Do you have a Windows Phone in your hand? Do you think you know everything it can do? Wouldn't it be nice to get some helpful hints, some insight in to what functions are available in Windows Phone?

That is exactly what today's hot thread is all about. In his thread "Not so well known WP7 functionality" (started originally on Reddit), WPCentral Forum member saintforlife has summarized a thread for us that covers a lot of these points. With the help from other forum members contributions his thread is quickly filling up with a lot of helpful Windows Phone functionality tips.

Here are a few that forums member Jet Life added to the list.

 "I've got a couple for the Zune player: 

  • When a song is playing in the Zune app you can tap the artists name and go to their albums list. 
  • If your playing music in shuffle mode and add a song to now playing through a tap and hold, it will be the next song to play. Same thing for an album
  • On the now playing screen in Zune you can tap below the song playing and it will list upcoming songs.
  • If you pin an artist to the home screen, you get the double tile."

Do you listen to the FM Radio in your Windows Phone? Forum member Winterfang added this one to the list.

  • Holding down a blank space while listening to radio on the headphones, gives you the option to use the speakers instead.

Do you have a lot of contacts in your contacts list? Having any trouble keeping them organized? We have some tips to help you with just that  posted by forum member VizagDude.

In the address book view, if a person has multiple iterations of their info from Live, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Linkedin, etc. You can combine them all by using the 'Link' icon from within their profile view. WP actually gives you suggestions on the names from your address book. This way, there is only one iteration of their contact which combines all the different profiles of that person.Within the address book, you can create groups and add add people within those groups. I have Family, Close Friends and Co-Workers. I can view all their social activity at one place. I can also pin these group/s as a home screen tile.

You will find all of these and many more hints in saintforlife's thread  "Not so well known WP7 functionality". This is simply a must read for even the most advanced Windows Phone user. We even learned a thing or two from this as well as just being reminded of a few tips we forgot.

Have a tip to share? Review the list in the original post in saintforlife's thread "Not so well known WP7 functionality"  and if you don't see your tip, post it in his thread and he will add your tip to the list

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  • Does anyone know if you can edit multiple contact accounts at once, i.e. the same persons contact on Google and Windows Live? Having to edit contacts separately is a pain. Or maybe i should just migrate my contacts/calendar etc to Microsoft... Am I missing something?
  • I have not found a way to do this. Leaning further towards the Microsoft ecosystem is a common direction of many Windows Phone users. ;-)
  • There is no need to do that. Maintain them in one place and delete the duplicate from the other source
  • Anyone know a way to change the default email address for a contact? By default, email is going to a contact's email listed on Facebook, which happens to be inactive (doesn't care to change it). I'd like the live contact email to be the default.
  • Nevermind. I figured out that you can set the default email for people in groups by tapping the contact within the group.
  • Buggest issue with groups for me is you cant have more than 20 contacts in a single group
  • This makes me sad. If you click the first link saintforlife posted on his thread, you'll see that I started that thread over at It was the r/windowsphone community that compiled that list.
  • Lemme get this straight: you start a thread at Reddit about tips and tricks for Windows Phone with 4 tips. A thread theme that has been created since time memorable for any sophisticated technology.  Saintforlive links to that thread, compiles and condenses the information into a single post, continues it here and asks for other tips which he the uses to expand the list to 35 tips and you're mad because...? No one owns this information. They're tips. Someone compiled them here and made the info easy to use with a much larger audience. It's not proprietary info. It's not plagiarism.
  • It seems like you are more angry than I am. I'm not asking to be mentioned in this article, but at least some mention can be made that he got the information from elsewhere. The way it is written makes it seem like he did everything. "He went the extra mile"...? What a joke.
  • Reddit be mad lol
  • Simple thumb of rules, long press on the items that you interested, maybe there are a Context menu pop up. I always develop my WP apps with that features in mind. I believe lots of professional WP developer did the same thing too. ;-)
  • And there I was thinking that I knew it all lol. It's great that I don't though :-)
  • Wow, had no idea you could pin an artist. But why is the tile blank?
  • It could be blank because Zune isn't recognizing the artist. Does the artist your pinning have full screen artwork on the lock screen if you enable the show now playing feature under the lock & wallpaper settings?
  • Wilcoholic, if he posted a link to the thread and the 4 tips. You were mentioned and credited. Why so sad or is it mad? Are you saying that you and your thread was the entire source of this new one from saintforlive? As the rest of us read this, it appears you are the one that's really butt hurt... Don't worry though, you just made yourself famous! Enjoy that 15 minutes.
  • I am not mad, its just a matter of principle.
  • I've known about some of the tips mentioned here; all of the contacts tips. Thx for sharing these.
  • Does anyone know if there is a way to mark multiple emails as read at once? Or do you have to go through all of them individually one after the other?
  • Tap on left edge of each message you want to select and that tap on the eclipse (...) and select mark as read. You can also mark as unread it delete. Of you want to move several messages you can select the messages like I just mentioned and then select the move button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Those of us who have been using the Zune HD have used the noted "not-so-well-known" features for some time now.
  • Just learned a few things, thanks
  • Someone, please tell me how to delete multiple pictures from an album or the camera roll
  • I would love to know that too!
  • Not possible as far as I know. I just do it through the Zune software.
  • Can you mark ALL emails 'as read', too, somehow? Sometimes I gave 100+ emails and have to check all of the individually rather than having the option of going "mark all as read" and be done with it...
  • As someone else has already mentioned in this thread, just tap on the left edge of each email. After selecting your mails tap on the 3 dots at the bottom and select 'mark as read'.
  • I know that, but that was not what I meant to ask. The question was if there was a function like in Outlook where you can 'mark all as read' WITHOUT having to tick every mail individually beforehand - which can be quite a chore if you have a hundred+.
  • I think your referring to the message being marked as read once it's viewed in the reading pane. If that's the case then no. Essentially Outlook thinks you read it since it was previewed. As there is no preview pane in Outlook Mobile, no you can't. You'll have to actually open the message.
  • Hello
    Can someone helps me with this problem?
    My fone keep rotating, its hard for me to use it while laying down. Can you show me how to keep portrait as default?
    Thanks aloooot
  • My artist double tile is blank :-( I really wish the Lumia just acts like the Zune player, where it shows the artist on the background
  • If Zune recognise your MP3 tag and you live in at least US it will work (or any nation that have music on Zune you can buy), try edit the songs in property with file explorer, right klick the album in Zune and choose search for information or something and if you get the correct album and track list, or at least same amount of songs, Zune will properly tag the album. Now Zune have weird bugs and don't always do this right. But if you have support for artist info in your country (its like 3 countrys that have that only), and like way many albums, try leaving Zune on (don't close it) for a day so it can settle. Try do this on a famous artist for starters and it will be easier to see how it works. If you live in Sweden like I do, then your stuck with blank, nada pictures exept albumart, which is NOT the same as artist pictures. Artist Gorillaz is really cool with artist info, a tip to all that have Zune support. Hope this clarifies things for you.
    Best regards
  • Is there a way to bulk upload pictures to SkyDrive without having to laboriously click on one, and then navigate back and push the next one etc?
    Same with emails:
    Can I bulk add pictures to an email to send or do I have to laboriously click add attachment, navigate to the pic area and add and then rinse and repeat?
    I believe being able to tick everything you want once and pushing OK once would be much better.
  • Not that I know if. Hopefully with win phone 8 we'll get a more robust pictures feature set.
  • When I pin an artist to the start I have a background those who are not seeing a background try plugging your phone in and sync with Zune. The other nite when my Lumia was syncing I got a couple of hundred new album art pictures moved to my phone. It was way more than normal I think they changed something in Zune. I'm not sure if that is your issue but it might be.
  • I hope this is the case. Up until now, I couldn't display the artist on the lockscreen nor would my phone display the artist in the background of the Zune hub. Somewhere on the internet I figured out that this was because there is no music marketplace in Belgium (you don't need a Zune pass, but it connects to the music marketplace to look up the artist info), even though I have my music properly tagged in the Zune desktop client. I really hope that this got fixed somehow.
  • For non Zune music countrys (that can buy music on Zune), this still don't work. Only album art which is not the same as artist pictures.
  • If you go to settings and go to "ease of access" which is the handicap settings and turn on "speech for phone accessibility" when the phone rings the name of the person that is calling will be repeated while the phone rings letting you know who is calling. It also expands the voice options for texting. A very useful feature that I ignored because it was in the handicap section. It's great to know who is calling without having to look at your screen. You might screen more calls with this feature on
  • Speaking of ringers has anybody else noticed that sometimes there phone will ring a couple times and then stop? This can be really annoying sometimes as I've missed a few calls because of it. The name will pop up, it'll vibrate and start ringing but after a few seconds the ringtone will fade or stop completely. The name and screen are still on with answer or ignore but if my my phone is in my pocket or the other room that doesn't help at all.