From the Forums: Lumia 900 looking old and cloud services madness

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Forum member Techblogger has created a thread detailing thoughts about the Lumia 900 appearing to be a bog-standard first generation handset. This is a shared view by a few other members, with irlju agreeing:

"I have to agree. I dearly hope a bunch of these features will be ported back to 7.8. Let's face it - features like a wide range of accent colours will take next to no effort to implement. Bing lockscreen background can just take the image from search, or use the same methodology of search (ping Bing for a new image when the screen is accessed)."

Do you agree that the likes of the Lumia 900 is appearing out of date due to Windows Phone 8 on the horizon? We've previously touched on this topic but it is definitely on the minds of owners. Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to voice your opinion in the "My Lumia 900 is really beginning to look First Gen" thread.

Mail, calendar, contacts and the kitchen sink

Do you like your mail served Hot, or prefer to use the Gmail ManGuzzler3 has asked what everyone's using for cloud-based services, and what everyone would recommend for Windows Phone.

"I've just realized that with W8P you NEED to be cloud based. I had the epiphany when I listened to Windows Weekly podcast #269, and Paul made an emphatic remark that if you want to have your Windows 8 Phone sync with Outlook with a POP account you're SOL. That's old, and you have to migrate to something else. So... with that realization out of the way. What's your favorite provider that integrates the best with W8P? Google, Hotmail, Hosted Exchange? Anyone else?"

If you're up for posting some recommendations then be sure to reply to the "Mail, calendar, notes, etc. Service Provider?" thread. Are you an Exchange fiend, or old school IMAP with extras?

Miscellaneous: Forced to hate iDevices?

It's one thing to be a fanboy and hate products rolled out by competing companies, but it's another to begin hating said products because of a fanboy insulting what you use. Forum member v10type-r started a new thread detailing exactly that.

"I don't get it. I have no hate for Apple products. I think they were great, I have never owned an Apple product tho, but I have use iPhones and iPads of family and friends and the experience was great. But I love my Windows Phone. And that is a problem I guess. My friend is truly an 'Apple Fanboy', and his approach to anything that isn't Apple is crap and nothing can stand with Apple. He's a tech guy, knows a ton about phones and electronics. But his narrow view and opinions about my Windows Phone and other non-Apple products is just plain insulting. I can't talk to him about anything without him saying that 'compared to Apple its garbage'. "

That's pretty extreme stuff right there, and is something that many of us have to deal with when it comes to electronics. People have tastes, favourite brands, designs and experiences, so it's almost impossible to say a product is better simply because. What many make the mistake with is to drive their "fanboyism" on other people, insulting products they use because they don't use something deemed good enough. 

It's a damn good job we have Smoked by Windows Phone and the Dare to Live campaigns painting a strong picture for Windows Phone. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced this with competitor fans? Let us know in the comments and be sure to head on over to the "I don't hate Apple, but my friend is making me hate it." thread to join in the discussion.

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