From the Forums: Microsoft YouTube, octo-cores and 2012

We're heading past CES and into 2013 where a lot is planned in the near future. Not just Microsoft either. We've got BlackBerry 10 on the horizon, but also a strong start of the year for Windows Phone marketing and hardware being pushed in multiple markets. The Lumia family of hardware will prove to be valuable assets in the struggle for marketshare, while HTC and Samsung devices compliment Nokia's investment. Let's not forget Huawei too!

With all this action, there must be some hot threads on the forum, right? Correct! We'll be rounding up a handful for you to check out today.

So who do we have featured in this edition of the FTF? Windows Phone Central member 12Danny123 has put forward an interesting question in a new thread that has caught on. Why doesn't Microsoft just create / launch their own YouTube? He asks if it would be feasible for the company to possibly purchase the likes of Hulu or Vimeo.

"Would it be cool if MS launched a brand new Video service and just called it Xbox Videos. like the one in Windows 8. MS should also integrate them into the Xbox Video hub on Xbox 360, Win 8/RT and Wp8. where it can show new uploaded videos, subscriptions, Play videos, Comment them and liking them. you will need a MS account to do this. you can do this one a Web version of Xbox videos. but you can buy videos. like real ones like movies."

Of course, Microsoft would definitely be biting off more than it can chew as it needs to focus on Windows, Windows Phone, Bing and more right now. But looking to the future it could be worth considering whether the company should attempt to combat Google in the video sharing realm.

YouTube is a massively popular destination, but a competitive product could provide Microsoft a useful tool to help push Windows Phone. Then again, it might not be such a great idea. What are your thoughts? Be sure to add them over in the "Should MS launch a Brand new youtube competitor? or buy Vimeo or Hulu" thread. 

Octo-cores are the new thing

Funny Phone

Windows Phone Central reader BIGPADDY has highlighted an interesting product for smartphones in the future - octo-core processors. Now, we're just getting used to 4 and 8 cores for desktops, let alone smartphones. With Windows Phone just getting the dual-core treatment, are we ready for octo-cores?

"I think it incredible what there pushing in CES I was just expecting an improvement performance and graphics shock to me when I read about Samsung Octa 8 processor exynos 5250."

Are quad-cores more than enough power for daily tasks and gaming requirements? Or should we be looking to expand on capabilities of hardware? Be sure to add your opinion over in the "OCTA 8 CORE PROCESSOR in a MOBILE" thread.

Miscellaneous: What do you want to see from Microsoft in 2013?

2012 has been an important year for Microsoft, no matter which way you look at the past 12 months. The company has attempted to go under heavy rebranding, of not only its products but the main image. We've been closely following Windows Phone, Windows, Office, Bing and other products moving forward into grounds of further integration and unity.

So what has been your highlight of 2012 for Microsoft, and would you like to see in 2013? Be sure to add your thoughts in the "2012. What a year for Microsoft!" thread. 

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  • Android will benefit from OcoCores. Anything to speed its bloated mess of an OS. Hard to imagine WinPhone benefitting from much more than quad cores, or just adding a dedicated graphics processor.
  • Bloated is an understatement.
  • LOL I currently use Android. A lot of issues there, definitely!!
  • Then what statement can be un-understatement?
  • Well the only thing it would be benefiting is more customers. Americans have this mindset that they have to have the best of the best, and its almost disgusting. Yes Wp8 smokes ios, and android anyday, but if they see an android phone with octo cores, and hd screens, they will flee to what the salesman says is the fastest hardware vs how fluid the os is.
  • It's not a true octa core. The chip has one high end quad core for gaming etc, and one low end for simple tasks to save battery. These don't run together, only one at a time. Also, Android runs perfectly fine on a dual core.
  • Then why is chrome so slow?
  • Chrome is not slow better than ie or Firefox
  • What you smoking?
  • I go out everyday to fix sluggish computers from xp to to win7 and almost all the ie's from 7-8 suck and i usually end up putting chrome on them. 9 and plus looks promising the are faster than before but for me I am done with IE once I used chrome. For mobile browsing IE is really good and I love it on my 920
  • And everyone always forgets about Opera browser...
  • I may be wrong, but I don't think the discussion was about desktop browsers.
  • What's the average number of threads running on a phone?
  • Neither of that things listed... But, i would like to see more reliable batteries.
  • Microsoft did have their own video service called SoapBox. But it didn't perform well compared to YouTube at that time...
  • Even if they tried they'd be screwed. Best they could do is just make Bing Video official.
  • 8 cores is a fucking JOKE. 2 cores and my Lumia doesn't need anything more for this OS. Its super fast and immediate regardless of what I do.. How dumb can ya be.
  • I think AMD should step up to the plate and make their own mobile chip equivalent to their A10 series. Dedicated memory graphics and a fast processor in one... Just make it mobile, or at least ARM based.
  • I thought everyone knew the only Os that needs more than 2 cores to perform is Android. There you have your answer, Wp doesn't need all those cores, it needs better written and compiled apps no more no less. Any problem Wp8 is suffering today as we know it has all been due to poor software. But i agree that we need better batteries. Another thing that would be cool is if they could get rid of the search, windows and back keys and increase the screen size with thin bezels. Don't worry its not that difficult to just add those keys into the os and make it Windows 8 like so that one can swipe from left to right to reveal them when needed.
  • Yeah, no, I wouldn't get rid of the bottom buttons. They're incredibly useful. In your swiping idea where would they access the app list? Having dedicated buttons is easier and we get to avoid trying to have our favorite OS start looking like our competitors'.
  • Not really. My previous device was the N9; no buttons at all, everything was swipe based. The best user experience I have experienced on a mobile device hands down.
  • Microsoft has proved that their mobile OS is fast and optimized, but hardware isn't only used to run the OS.
  • Haha. There is no way for MS to get competitive against Youtube. Look at googles attempt to compete with Facebook, google+ is a joke, it would end up the same.
  • Unfortunately I think this is true. YouTube is just far too dominant in mindshare to be overtaken or even competed with at this point. I hate that because YouTube now forces me to have a damn Google+ account.
  • They definitely do need to post their videos up on Youtube.
    But there is no reason that they should advertise Youtube for them, and there is no reason for them to not use a rival company and post their videos up there too - if enough people do that then Youtube will find itself getting some competition.
  • They?
  • Some services are just too popular to beat. And YouTube is one of them
  • Well MySpace was big until Facebook came along.. So anything is possible..
  • Did anyone actually READ about the Exynos 5, or just see "EIGHT CORES" and go to town on bashing Android and its bloatware?
    What the Exynos 5 is sin't really an 8-core processor, rather 2 4-core CPUs running together. The bigger CPU is a 1.8 GHz quad core to do the major work. This CPU uses the new Cortex A15 model, also seen on the Tegra 4. The other 4 cores come in the form of a 1.2 GHz quad core running on the Cortex A7 architecture. This lesser CPU will handle the idling/low-power features.
    The intent with this CPU is to improve battery life. When you start gaming, the A15 CPU will kick in. When you're doing light things (likely browsing the web and such), you'll use the A7 cores. That'll allow you to use less power on light-load tasks and improve the device's battery life. I think the biggest concern here is obviously the size--how big will this CPU be, and will it be able to fit in a smartphone? Will it be limited to tablets (not sure that Samsung has a CPU in any tablets as of yet).
    I think that this is a pretty cool move for technology, as it can allow for ultra-low power draw when it wants without sacrificing high-end performance. To sit and bash Samsung or Android over something that has a decent chance of meaningfully improving devices is kind of silly, especially when people aren't even figuring out what the thing is first.
  • Sounds like the new ford Taurus with a v8 but cut back to v4 while driving in the city
  • Android needs speeding up not windows phone.Hell,Windows phone has been proven to run smoothly on just a 512Mhz processor and 124 Mb ram
  • The aggravating thing about YouTube is for some things you have to sign in using a 'G' account. I do not have one and am NOT going to create one. And blocking MS products seems really asinine considering MS has a channel on YouTube. If MS were to block Google*, the regulatory powers would be all over MS charging them with anti competition actions. Like the EU threatening charges against MS based upon an incomplete still in beta Win8 build because there was no pop up page to select the browser of choice.
  • Keith: "not sure that Samsung has a CPU in any tablets as of yet" - uhh, it's called a "Slate" and I've had 2 of them since Xmas 2011. They came with Win7Pro, then I easily upgraded them to Win8Pro (wiping out all the unneeded Android crapware that supposedly gave a better touch screen experience). Win8 runs great on them - quad core & 4gigs. Only downside was they were expensive!
  • I know that Samsung has tablets. What I asked is if they have any tablets with their own Exynos processors in them. You just said you have Windows 8 Pro on those? That's an x86 OS, while the Exynos CPU I asked about is an ARM processor.
    So, back to the actual statement: "not sure that Samsung has a CPU in any tablets as of yet."
  • The grammer in these posts and comments is just absolutely ridiculous...
    Does anyone else read over their stuff before they press submit/post?
  • I think it's a mixture of some people being so excited to join the discussion that they don't take the time to proofread and other people typing the way they text. The former I understand but the latter drives me crazy too. It's like, vowels, do you use them? However, it is the internet, not like it isn't par for the course so I don't worry about it. ;-)
  • I'm typing with one hand on my phone....
  • Im srry u gtta hve errithang spelled out coretly 4 u 2 r3ad it :P
  • It's the Internet, what do you expect?  Btw it's "grammar", not "grammer"...
  • I know for many posters, English is not their first language. And I just don't see it as anything to get your panties in a bunch over. We aren't writing works of fiction here. As long as your point is clear, I could give two sh!ts how you accomplish it.
  • Really? You are calling people out for poor "grammer" and you misspell grammar? This is rich in irony indeed. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!
  • Lol @ "grammer"
  • You evidently don't check your own for "grammer" errors.
  • surely someone has a better name than octo core?? duel quad or anthing. please......any one.... :(
  • That's exactly what it is... A dual quad-core. That term has been around since dual core started to become mass produced and combine them with another to have 2 physical processors on a mainboard.
  • No point in going beyond two. 
  • And what will this do to the battery life. I would imagine 8 cores would suck the battery dry very quickly. Now I could see them in a tablet but then again you will have a lot of added weight from the battery to sustain any amount of time.
    And you all know they will sell the hell out of them only because people don't know any better.
  • Poor Samsung, sounds like they don't know how to "auto-clock" there processors.