From the Forums: Other Windows Phone manufacturers and what keeps you around?

The Windows Phone Central community forums is a top destination for all platform followers and fans to mingle and engage in lengthy discussions and heated debates. This series of roundups are for those who have been absent for the past number of days and will serve as a notification of sorts for all popular threads on the forums.

First up is a thread, created by anodynamic, that asks for input on manufacturers who haven't shared as much of the spotlight as Nokia, Samsung and Nokia. The likes of ZTE, Huawei and LG have been in the shadows when it comes to Windows Phone discussion, so where will they be once Apollo hits?

"Everyone is talking about Samsung, HTC and Nokianokianokia!!! So I think it would be interesting to speculate in what we might see from others, and maybe collect any rumors that haven't been snapped up yet."

We can't rule out companies including ASUS and Acer either, especially with Windows 8 closely resembling the same experience we've enjoyed on the smartphone. If the new Microsoft design language is positively received by consumers once launched, we could well be seeing more interest in Windows Phone from both manufacturers and their targeted audience.

It's difficult Be sure to head on over to the "LG? Huawei? ZTE?" thread and voice your opinion.

What maintains your interest in Windows Phone?

Forum member cckgz4 has asked the question what keeps one interested in Windows Phone to stick around through thick and thin, which has happened numerous times before. It's good to get reasons from a variety of consumer groups to provide a resource for potential buyers to see what's liked about Microsoft's mobile platform.

"For me, it's about what works. My speed at getting things done have been incredibly fast when using Windows Phone. Searching for things with Bing cuts my time down by a lot. And using the qr reader and music listener in Bing is much faster than opening a separate app. Posting tweets and Facebook updates are easier than opening an app. I can follow certain people by creating groups with live tiles and see their updates from there."

There are a number of features that a Windows Phone boasts and it can prove difficult for owners to pinpoint one (or a handful) of their favourite elements of the magic. Whether it's the social network integration or typography interface, there's a number of combinations provided by owners when asked. 

Pop on over to the "So what keeps YOU around?" thread for the discussion surrounding possible reasons.

Miscellaneous: Which colour are you?

It's a difficult choice when it comes to choosing a colour for your next Windows Phone, but which is your favourite? What choices will be available when Windows Phone Apollo is released? XENOPHOS has decided to get feedback on what are the top favourite colours when it comes to smartphone designs.

So which colour do you desire for your Windows Phone 8 handset? Head over to the "Black, White or..." thread and throw in your favourite.

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  • What keeps me around?
    Fhotoroom and Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is way more friendly to navigate with than anything on my Android. I have a Galaxy Note and a Samsung Focus. The SIM card is in my Galaxy Note, but I always find myself using my Focus to browse the web with, on wifi. I only use my Note to download and manipulate files with. Things that WP7's closed ecosystem won't let me do. Hopefully WP8 brings back file management and won't limit me to what type of files I can download and I will drop my Note. Also bring back GIF support and not save as JPEGs.
  • When you say download and manipulate files, what do you mean? I use my Lumia because I constantly download, change, and view my work documents that are automatically in the SkyDrive and office tile. Pdf's, excel, word, etc. I access them from any browser on any computer. It is just so fast and easy.
  • Download movie files instead of just viewing them and any type of movie format I want to download them in, placing them in a download folder of some sort. The ability to watch those movies either through the built in media player or choose an app to watch them with. Download zip files and the ability to unpack them or if not possible by the OS, let me choose an app to unpack them with. Internet Explorer needs to be able to save everything to file, like it was back in Windows Mobile.
  • +1 for file management.
    You wanna get Android users in WP camp, open up the system a little more to allow donwloading misc. files (files the phone doesn't know) and accessing them through a file manager, then being able to send them via Bluetooth or other methods.
    A file explorer is a must.
  • +1
  • I think the word "download" will be obsolente in a couple years from now. All thing go to streaming. Wp7 is a mixed device with download (music thrue zune) and streaming videos on demand. I think the streaming abilities are gonna be better every year so that download will not be used. And with the improvements of mobile internet, a few years ago 3g was not cheap in europe, lte was not in sight. And what brings the future the next year of two... So that you can stream everything that you need. Few people made an concept of streaming the whole os and the apps to the device. microsoft does that now. If i switch my windows 8 pc on, and sync it with my microsoft id i get all the apps available and all my settings...
  • While streaming is indeed important, it will never replace the necessity to download files for latter offline viewing. Or files that simply can't be streamed like photos ( in formats other than jpeg) or a multitude of file types that aren't multimedia. File downloading and management would definitely be very welcome and I hope its included in WP8
  • While streaming is good, we can't neglect the file downloads. Streaming is handled by companies and if they get all the power, they get to control what we view. I'm not sure I like to loose that freedom. It's at least one way to see it. I feel we have given up so much freedom on internet already. Well that's my thoughts on the matter.
  • Everyone thinking streaming is the way to go must not be paying attention to tiered data at the Big 2 ATT & Verizon.  2GB doesn't go very far even if you only stream music, forget movies.  Another thing that is starting to become an issue is eco system.  If you have a bunch of movies in iTunes you can't play them on WP, if you have a bunch of stuff on XBox/Zune you can't play it on iPhone or Android.  Also, a problem that I've been running into lately is a movie I've bought (if I hadn't downloaded a physical copy) is no longer available for download or streaming.  You better keep physical copies of all your content if you want to make sure it stays available.
  • I also like the ability to find phone, ring, lock and erase it from The only problem with that is you need your SIM card in the phone for it to send the signal to through an SMS message. If they can find a way to do this through IMEI over 3g/wifi that would be even better and give you more peace of mind.
  • My wife has a Trophy (Verizon) without a SIM card and Find My Phone, etc. works fine.
  • Highly recommend using Google Chrome on your Gnote. I haven't found a better browser anywhere.
  • Internet explorer
  • Live tiles keep me around, and also the fact that it does so much without the need for Apps. Also love the dedicated camera button and Xbox live and office integration
  • +1
  • +1 to camera button, makes it easier to take pictures with one hand without being a thumb warrior.
  • The new Windows/Live/Xbox aesthetics and content. I'll be here for a long time, and tbh not really worried if we're a crowd or not.
  • I love everything Microsoft so it's not really a question for me
  • +1
  • +unlimited
  • The lack of a need to download an app for everything is great. Calendar, voice notes, open spreadsheet, check what my son is doing on Xbox, ie9, social integration, cloud storage, I could go on, but I am sure you get the picture. Oh yeah, easy pic taking.
  • Good list. +1
  • Just the fact that it works. No force closes. Speedy interface. I find myself using more and more things as time goes on. Bing music is probably the most accurate app I've ever used. Come to think of it voice recognition in general is more accurate on WP than any phone I've used. I even Bing voice searched oksana baiul and it got it. My co-workers gs3 had no clue.
  • "...spotlight in the likes of Nokia, Samsung, and Nokia" Might want to fix that...xD
  • Yea definitely, it's not all about Nokia.
  • What keeps me around is the overal simplicity of the platform. It's functional enough that I can get things done but simple enough that I can get things done quickly and easily. My ideal color is a deep shade of red or blue. Barring those, I'll stick with black or dark gray.
  • I want a Pureview in Red. Especially if they recycle the 808 design. It looks great in red! But so does that now infamous Lumia mock-up. And if they managed to hook in to the (RED) promotion that would be even MORE reason to buy!
  • Xbox Live and the Live Tiles keep me around .
  • What keeps me with Windows Phone is the sleekness of design and overal unification with Windows 8. Not only that, I just really want to see the iphone go away for a VERY long time! :D And what color I'd prefer for a Windows Phone and what kind would have to be a Nokia Lumia PureView in black, maybe red if they make one. I love me red and black.
  • What keeps me around is my htc radar just work with no hassle, and I will be purchasing Windows Phone 8 too. <3 my windows!
  • been to poor to buy an Iphone or SGS3
  • Not trying to start an argument , but why does everyone thinks the iPhone 5's gonna be revolutionary? And why does people like the iPhone? I mean, the only thing I like is the design and apps. That's pretty much it. However, having to download an app for everything, annoys me. lol
  • calm down i only said that to check you guys here respondes :P
    i'm really happy with MY 1st Gen HD7
  • I'm not mad , I'm very calm. lol
    But still, I would like to know why does people like the iPhone so much?
  • obviously jailbreak and free apps or at least thats in my country
  • Yeah, maybe. In America, people have one to show off. No joke.
  • Love the WP OS so what more can I say. I don't hate iOS and Android but I just love WP more. I love the beauty of metro, its simplicity, ease of use, love the fluidity of the OS. It's not perfect but I have come to love it anyway, shortcoming and all!
  • Same here. Not an Android or Apple hater. I want my device to work when I pick it up and I fat finger too much for a 3.5 inch screen.
  • I agree with this statement
  • well said bro
  • I'm a Microsoft fanboy.  'nuff said.
  • Hey Daniel Rubino I been thinking about this for a bit I was wondering your thoughts on this. Since the Nokia phi will be all around bigger do you think they can squeeze a thin 16mp preview cam in there?
  • A 16MP pureview would be a regular camera, like the one in the Titan II. That is, it would take pictures that look like more or less useless when you look at the original resolution image at 100%, but look great when resampled to 2MP or lower and displayed on a PC.
  • Oh ok thanks
  • Live tiles is what keeps me stuck to WP and also the tight integration of various features like posting messgages and search ... It makes life simple and easy.
  • I stick around because it's the most innovative and data centric phone there is. Rarely does the best product prevail because of superior technology, but here's hoping for one that does!
  • What keeps me around is Microsoft. Being a widows developer since the mid 90's many of the tools i developed with then are still relevant now. Microsoft is good to developers and i have enjoyed many free tools from them for years. In my day to day job i use Visual Studio and that is the same environment that is used to write apps for Windows Phone. It is nice if i want some functionality i have the knowledge and tools to write what i want. Apple is a pain in the rump to be a developer for and they go to great lengths to keep API and documentation off the web. I get a magazine from MS every month and it always has an article about windows phone. The company i work for has many developers and there are more windows phones than anything else.
  • The longer it takes for WP8 to come out the harder it is going to be to get customers.  The longer someone is in an ecosystem (Google, iOS, WP) the harder it is to get them to switch.  You get used to the OS, you buy stuff from the store (movies, books, magazines) that won't transfer, you buy apps and games that transparently switch to a new phone if you stay on the same OS.  I believe WP has a tough road gaining customers - I have only met one (out of hundreds) iPhone user that doesn't LOVE their iPhone and Android is getting better every day - look at the GS3 and the Nexus 7 - two great pieces of hardware and very good software (ICS and Jellybean have really upped the ante)
  • I'm afraid I'm so far into the MS ecosystem that I would have a hard time climbing back out. Not that that is a bad thing... I actually like it =). Zune 32, WP, XBOX, Kinect, Zune Pass, Sky Drive... It all works so well. If only people knew how nice this ecosystem is... They would realize that it can be argued that it's better than Android's or Apple's ecosystem in many ways. And lucky for us it's a lot cheaper than Apple's and much less crappified as Android's
  • +1 for you my friend. I do like android but it is full of (lack of better words) "crap" and it doesn't look as good or run as smoothly as WP phones unless you got a higher end android.
  • I love Xbox integration, Office, Skydrive integration, ME feature, people hub, IE, and so many other things people mentioned above. I also like when I show people my phone they go "WOW what is that?" and tell them its a Windows phone and surprise them that it is not an iPhone or android phone lol.