From the Forums: Samsung's presentation skills and Microsoft Surface mayhem

Welcome to another From the Forums round-up, where we bring you some popular threads from our Windows Phone community forum that you may have missed. The past number of hours have been huge for Microsoft with the unveiling of Windows 8 and its availability, as well as the launch of the Surface RT tablet. So what's being discussed on our bulletin boards?

It seems with all the excitement in the states, everyone else has been forgotten - or it could be just us Brits. Microsoft has yet to ship its latest hardware product in the UK, according to a number of Surface customers, though consumers are able to head out into New York and pick one up at a Microsoft Store. It has left a sour taste to say the least.

Could there have been confusion around the "delivery by 26th" guarantee by Microsoft when pre-ordering? Or are we simply too impatient to get our mucky paws on the latest and greatest toy running Windows 8? Be sure to head over to the "Surface Shipping Details (UK)" thread to discuss your concerns with others, and if you're residing elsewhere, be sure to create a new thread for your market.

Samsung not really paying attention with Windows Phone

ATIV S Specs

Dual entries, eh guys?

Before we enter this I'd like to throw up a disclaimer just in case any heated responses are directed my way. I do not dislike Samsung, and I'm not picking on them for the sake of picking on them, but this is indeed extremely hilarious, and should Microsoft, HTC, Nokia or any other OEM have done this through a presentation, we'd certainly call them for it.

It seems as though Samsung either rushed their Windows Phone presentation slides, or simply failed to proof read, as the feature listing for the size of the battery loaded in the ATIV S Windows Phone is listed twice. As one can see in the above photo (we missed this when watching the presentation), 2300mAh is listed at point number 3 as well as point number 6. AngryNil asks the following question (which we also failed to notice):

"Why are they using mail icons as bullets?"

Now don't get us wrong. We're more than ecstatic that Samsung continue to support Windows Phone by releasing new hardware, but this is fairly humorous. Did you notice anything else odd about the presentation the company held back at IFA 2012? Head on over to the "Did Samsung spend 5 minutes on making the announcement for the ATIV S?" thread to add your $0.02.

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  • Funny how the media I've watched this morning so far have not mentioned surface at all, nor have they shown any of the MS stores to see if people were in line to purchase one. As always though, they're still mentioning the ipad mini. The should be an investigation into this between Apple & various media outlets
  • Been thinking the same.
    Nothing on the newspages in Sweden, but Iphones everywhere in random articles. Loads on Win8 on techsites tho. Maybe they are just late and uninformed, living in the disgusting Apple-bubble.
  • Bloomberg announced:
  • There were plenty of web articles. There was absolutely nothing on TV. When Apple launches, it is mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast and usually within the report is usually within the first 10 minutes of the broadcast with an idiot reporter who knows nothing taking to people in line, who also know very little about the product.
  • Don't you mean at least 4-6mos early its blasted on the news everyday? Fox 26 this morning mentioned window 8, but no mention of surface. She simply stated that if you have an iPad, there's a way to get Win 8 on it; that's what got me, "why would they have mentioned surface instead of the iPad"? And to the gentlemam above who said there's plenty of web articles, I say that's true, but average consumers find out about tech stuff from tv, not the web and 85% of the article you're speaking of are doing everything they can to put a negative light on surface & win rt
  • I totally I agree nothing on the news in LA.
  • Alot of people want to see MD fail, so they can continue to see the world through apple clouded eyes...and feel they have the latest and greatest, but indeed a storm is coming..
    And with MS finally pushing what makes this OS unique and fun "your world..playing live" more of those walls will come down amd they'll finally see what the world looks like through windows ;)
  • I agree with the ads but they don't appear constantly
  • People want to see the US State of Maryland fail? Why? Because of Baltimore or something?
  • The BBC ran bulletins of the Windows 8 & Surface launch all day (25th), albiet in comparison to Apple. But it has been dropped as a news item on the 26th!
  • Same here, a spotlight on holiday technology showcased gear I've never heard of, and they spent a good time on tablets, nothing Microsoft AT ALL, let alone the surface... So lame.
  • Gandhi once said, "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win".
  • Who is this apple of whom you speak so highly?
  • Those aren't the tablets you are looking for.
  • Hahahaha!
  • Same here! No hype around Surface or Windows 8. Gutted!
  • I'd love to get the surface or maybe another tablet, but in reality I have no use for one. Now that I can't tether for free with Verizon, and many locations I go to, have no WiFi, there's no point. I absolutely refuse to pay $30 extra to use the same data on a different machine. That's just insane. Its a rip off imo. Anyway, MS's Surface will probably do well
  • I don't have a real need for Surface either, unfortunately. There are some things that I'm willing to pay for even if i don't use them often, but not $600 (Surface + Touch Cover). So, for example, if a Windows RT tablet comes out for $300 or $350 (even if it's smaller), then I can probably swing that cash.
  • Its an iworld we live in, most media orgs probably all have ipads gifted to them so they don't care about anything else. They don't know the storm us coming....:)
  • Thats why apple launched the new small ipad now, as we all now that the storm takes all the big trees and leaves the small ones to grow!
  • RE: Samsung faux pars..
    the double entry for battery size is bcoz there are two devices shown on the slide.
    and the envelopes as bullets ... bcoz, it's something to write home about?
    hehe... maybe at the last moment the operator asked for the slide stack and the presenter said 'slide stack?' ... it does look as though they threw it together at the very last moment
  • Good job in coming up with those explanations, LOL! 
    Yeah, that definitely didn't get checked before presenting. That sh*t is almost offensive, hahaha!
  • Its amazing how much free press Apple continues to get while MS is ignored in the US media.  I can't wait until this trend is over.
  • It's glaringly obvious that Samsung doesn't care about Windows Phone. Their priority is Android because it's their bread and butter. And people want that ugly Ativ S phone why??? At least Nokia and HTC care to pay attention to detail and market their phones.
  • It's ridiculous. They really don't care.
  • Personally I much prefer the styling of the Samsung Ativ S vs the Nokia Lumia 920.  Currently my Wife and I both own the Samsung Focus and really like it. The rounded edges make it fit better in your pocket compared to the square edges of the Lumia 9xx phones.  I think the Samsung phones look much more classy, while the Nokia phones look more like a colorful brick, so to speak.  
    That said, we are both purchasing the Lumia 920 next month because of the features/tech that's in the Nokia phone.  
    The best phone I ever owned was a candybar style Nokia phone with Verizon (I think it was the Nokia 6682).  There were features in that phone that I still haven't seen in any phone since and I miss it!
  • Hey Rich, I think people were being too impatient on their delivery status. My shipping status said the 29th, still says the 29th but alas, it is now on a truck out for delivery! I think they were holding these shipments to make sure they arrived on the specified date, the 26th. Patience is a virtue that a few people in forums don't apparently have.
  • If I weren't using my funds remodeling my home, I would purchase a surface today, but ill have to charge one for company use
  • Ativ S? "Lets take this current curvy design and make it a little less curvy"...
  • They also called it a Windows 8 phone, and i believe they said the power of the PC in your hands.
  • Ativ S design sucks
  • I'm here at the Microsoft store in Bellevue Sq, and the group of 6 people were in line at past midnight. I got here at 6:58, and I'm number 87 in line.
  • I hope Surface is covered in the evening news.
  • Kind of random question on Windows 8 not WP8- Does anyone know if the app availability is different from Release Preview compared to final release. I haven't purchased it myself and was curious. Where are the paid apps?
  • MiA since announcement.
  • I live in a town near Redmond, WA - Microsft's heardquarters.  The local news here doesn't even have any Microsoft related articles in the news today.  At least not yet.
    Actually, some of the news stations here are very biased against Microsoft, which is very disappointing considering it's a local business that employees tens of thousands in this area alone.
  • I just got an email from MS offering me a £50 voucher to use in the MS UK store. The email said my surface would arrive between the 26th and 30th Oct, and they are sorry for the confusion. That's made me a little happier about the whole shipping fiasco :-)