From the Forums: Samsung's presentation skills and Microsoft Surface mayhem

Welcome to another From the Forums round-up, where we bring you some popular threads from our Windows Phone community forum that you may have missed. The past number of hours have been huge for Microsoft with the unveiling of Windows 8 and its availability, as well as the launch of the Surface RT tablet. So what's being discussed on our bulletin boards?

It seems with all the excitement in the states, everyone else has been forgotten - or it could be just us Brits. Microsoft has yet to ship its latest hardware product in the UK, according to a number of Surface customers, though consumers are able to head out into New York and pick one up at a Microsoft Store. It has left a sour taste to say the least.

Could there have been confusion around the "delivery by 26th" guarantee by Microsoft when pre-ordering? Or are we simply too impatient to get our mucky paws on the latest and greatest toy running Windows 8? Be sure to head over to the "Surface Shipping Details (UK)" thread to discuss your concerns with others, and if you're residing elsewhere, be sure to create a new thread for your market.

Samsung not really paying attention with Windows Phone

ATIV S Specs

Dual entries, eh guys?

Before we enter this I'd like to throw up a disclaimer just in case any heated responses are directed my way. I do not dislike Samsung, and I'm not picking on them for the sake of picking on them, but this is indeed extremely hilarious, and should Microsoft, HTC, Nokia or any other OEM have done this through a presentation, we'd certainly call them for it.

It seems as though Samsung either rushed their Windows Phone presentation slides, or simply failed to proof read, as the feature listing for the size of the battery loaded in the ATIV S Windows Phone is listed twice. As one can see in the above photo (we missed this when watching the presentation), 2300mAh is listed at point number 3 as well as point number 6. AngryNil asks the following question (which we also failed to notice):

"Why are they using mail icons as bullets?"

Now don't get us wrong. We're more than ecstatic that Samsung continue to support Windows Phone by releasing new hardware, but this is fairly humorous. Did you notice anything else odd about the presentation the company held back at IFA 2012? Head on over to the "Did Samsung spend 5 minutes on making the announcement for the ATIV S?" thread to add your $0.02.

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