From the Forums: Should HTC focus on Windows Phone and which Surface tablet would you buy?

It's that time of the week where we bring you the latest and greatest threads that have been hot on the Windows Phone Central forums the past couple of days. Our community accumulates posts at a steady rate and interesting discussions take place on a daily basis. So what has been happening over the weekend just gone?

kylej1050 has created a new thread asking the question, "Surface Pro vs RT?" Looking to replace a laptop, which Microsoft tablet would cater for his needs?

"I'm looking to replace my convertible laptop with a Surface, and I can't help but think that as nice as the Pro's functionality would be, I don't need the horsepower in my daily life and for the price difference I could program MCUs on a $300 Wal-mart special e-machine with Windows 8 next year. Only thing that's making me think otherwise is that I really really really want the full HD screen."

It's a burning question on many minds who are anticipating Microsoft's Windows 8 hardware. Should you go for more horsepower with the Pro, or sit back and relax with the cheaper RT version? Let us know in the comments what you'll be going for, as well as joining in the debate on our forums. 

What should HTC do?

With the recent news of HTC continuing to drop in profits, one has to ask if there's a stable future with Android. While the company is still making ends meet and is shipping enough handsets for a tidy sum left after expenditure, would it be wise for HTC to start pushing Windows Phone more too? 12Danny123 asks exactly that,

"Do you think that after what happened to HTC. do you think that they should come back and focus more on Wp8 now. because HTC simply can't compete with Samsung in the android space. though Samsung is now putting more into Wp8 as well. So what do you guys think?"

HTC's home is Android for the foreseeable future, and there's no way it could survive with Microsoft alone, but it seems odd that the manufacturer would continue to support a platform with new handsets without promoting and supporting them like Nokia with its Lumia family of Windows Phones. Do you believe HTC should get into bed more with Microsoft? Pop into the "Do you think that HTC should focus more on WP8 now for what happened before" thread for discussion.

Miscellaneous: Why is no one talking TITAN II? 

The HTC TITAN II, a Windows Phone we rate highly for its massive screen and solid camera performance. As we mentioned above, HTC hasn't been pushing its Windows Phone line-up, which has led to the slow decline in sales and exposure. Forum member cp2_4eva wonders why the recently purchased TITAN II isn't being talked about.

"HTC messed up I think by not pushing this and decreasing the price point as well. This phone may not have been as big as the Nokia Lumia, but still probably could have pushed more numbers. Oh, and I guess the sketchy support could be an issue as well. Nokia is being really really good with the support so far. I think I'd still get a Nokia device once WP8 drops. That was part of my reasoning for trying the titan, because I know I'm simply just going to get a WP8 device for Christmas if it's out by then."

This sits in nicely with our question about what HTC should do in the future. Would you like to see the manufacturer push harder, or do you believe it's down to carriers to take the smartphones and sell them? Voice your opinion in the "Why aren't folks talking about the TII?" thread.

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