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Forza Horizon 4 Update 8 bringing important multiplayer changes

The next content update for Forza Horizon 4 has been detailed by its developer, Playground Games, and the big attention point is the multiplayer aspect of the game. Besides an all new game mode to enjoy, there will be fixes to the existing experience which will make a pretty important improvement to everyone's online fun.

Drift Adventure update

Update 8 is being known as the Drift Adventure update, in honor of the new multiplayer game mode being added. Drift Adventure is the first multiplayer mode in Forza Horizon 4 dedicated entirely to the art of going sideways, as you compete against other players in pursuit of the best single lap drift score.

In conjunction with this a new drift camera view is being added — a similar one has recently made it into Forza Motorsport 7 — that angles the camera to better work with the additional sideways motions of drifting.

Beyond Drift Adventure, Playground has also been listening to community feedback and some pretty stellar changes are coming to the existing online adventure experience.

  • S2 Class has been removed from Dirt Racing Championships.
  • B Class has been added to Dirt Racing Championships.
  • Freeroam Rush events have been removed from all Asphalt and Street Race Championships.
  • Collisions are disabled for the first 30 seconds of each race. This change also applies to Horizon Life PvP races.

The collisions being disabled in particular will make a huge difference to online races, and is just part of the anti-griefing work that Playground has been undertaking to try and ensure a fun and fair online experience.

All this is in addition to a new Showcase Remix and a new car pack that will be available free to anyone who owns either the Car Pass or the Ultimate Edition of the game, as well as a slew of fixes and improvements. Check out the full patch notes at the Forza Support Forums.

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  • Bye, Free Roam Rush. You will not be missed.
  • Ain’t that the truth!
  • Be nice if they actually fix the forza motorsport 7 launch issue which is a common problem on PC.
  • Bit much to expect a fix for that from Playground Games since they don’t make FM7.
  • I was hoping for a Battle Royale mode...
  • 100 cars crashing each other till there's only 1 left or reach the goal...
  • Isn't that basically what freeroam rush was?!
  • Now I want someone to make a destruction derby game.
  • There was a really fun one back in the day. I cent seem to remember the system. It might have been PC.
  • Why not do away with the collisions completely?
  • Turn 10 hasn't been listening to the community if they had they would fix how they score ranked playground games adventures to stop the cheating, every grandmaster ranked player is manipulating the scoring system by using two 0 ranked buddies when they play. If they win the ranked player gets a lot of points and the losing team each player looses hundreds of points. If the cheating team looses the player they are trying to rank up will loose very few points, under 10 points, and the winning team gets very few points under 10. These players have been doing this for months, we have been reporting them with no action taken by Turn 10. I have bought and played every Forza game, been playing video games for over 30 years. I have never had a game where the developer allows cheating and does nothing to fix it. This will be my last Forza (Turn 10) game i ever buy.
  • But Turn 10 didn't develop Forza Horizon 4.